Sonic Mania Adventures – All Episodes

The full series, back-to-back! Join Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty and Ray as they take on the villainous Dr. Eggman, and one of his most powerful creations!

This free animated series was produced specially as a thank-you to all of our fans, and we hope you like it! We can’t thank you all enough for your support on Sonic Mania and Sonic Mania Plus, and we’re so thrilled to see your reactions to each and every animated short.

If you liked the shorts and want to rep them irl with cool merch, check out for all the latest! (Available in the Americas and Australia!)

Finally, a huge THANK YOU to Tyson Hesse, Neko Productions, and the remarkably talented team of animators that brought this to life. To Tee Lopes for his great work on the music, Jameson Sutton for his work on sound effects, to Jasmin and the TV Team at SEGA for guiding this every step of the way, and to Sonic Team for being the constant force helping shape each episode into what they are now, as well as everyone who helped these shorts become possible.

It’s been an amazing journey, from start to finish. Thanks for joining us for the ride.


SomeDude WhoDraws93 says:

Wonder how sega themselves would react to this im sure they luved it no doubt cuz i sure did 🙂

商標どーも says:

For those asking “Why does Tails cough?”

In all the episodes, no character makes a single sound using a voice actor but tails with that cough at the end.

green monster 9 says:


Jose Dominguez says:

Nicole said you do not know the way

Muftah Elmehdawi says:

Better than sonic boom

cake powers says:

Liek if u cri evry tim

Sonic Transformer says:

Let’s all thank sera for macking sonic a real thing that we all know know

Dodo Jr Dodo Jr says:

Sonic forces remade

Răzvănel Răzvănel says:

Well, 10/10.
Tottaly not influenced by Tails Choking at the end.

Kacper Kochanowicz says:

Didn’t knew how the mini-series would end, but I knew one thing that everyone enjoyed it! And I have learned something:

Don’t toucha the Master Emerald.

Oswaldo Sanchez says:

Tails chokes at the end

stevie green says:

This is the cartoon I would have loved as a kid. Not what we got though 🙁

crazy gaming says:

i love knuckles his like GIVE ME MY DIAMOND ALREADY and i take this thank you

Carole Jean francois says:

This was halairus and tells you to work with friends

Doguinho Sonolento #Toddyn says:

I love sooo sonic thx sega

Puppet Fan says:

hot dogs are made out of pigs

Shinora says:

I want more I love this so much my beautiful baby boy tails is so fucking talented and KNUCKLES WAS AMAZING- god i just, frickin- jesus christ i felt like a twelve year old watching this ya know? Just- catching up with myself and really enjoying these goofballs.

Lisandro yt Games on says:

Make sonic mania anventures part 6

Simião In *FLORAL FURY* says:

I Love This Mini-Series because i’m eleven years old idk.

Xalybion ChaotiX says:

Holy crap these are great!

Karate Joe says:

Tails in the end: *HIC*

ImmortalZXV R says:

Tails at the end tho

Mikey Omoruyi says:


Lil' Meme man says:

Glad that you can just buy the additional content as DLC for players, like me, whom have already bought the game

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