Super Smash Bros Ultimate – True Final Boss + All Endings

This video shows all final boss fights vs Galeem and Dharkon as well as all obtainable endings including the bad endings and the true final boss in Super Smash Bros Ultimate Story Mode World of Light for Nintendo Switch.

►No Commentary Gameplay by ProsafiaGaming (2018)◄


Captain Batman says:

I went full Thanos mode and left everything with perfect balance

two three says:

you can make three musketeers in the true ending, omg

*triple meta knight
sorry but im an mk fan

Nathan Hurd says:

Fights Galeem with fox and dharkon with wolf
Me: I see what you did there

RogueTNT says:

How did you get this video posted the day before the game came out?

John says:

I mean that last falcon punch was epic.

Luca Bortolotti says:

32:25 the chills I got at this moment, it’s just crazy

The divine light in your eyes says:

So… the God of Darkness is C’Thun from WoW.

Gabriela Díaz says:

Marx was creepy as hell

GiG Wraith says:

When you put 6 ads

drag0nsku77 says:

Thanks for uploading. I don’t own the. This way I can watch. ^^

Veemo says:

What’s this?! A ProfisasaGaming video that doesn’t have the final boss in the thumbnail?! Eh, still not forgiven.

The Wild Plush Show says:

In the true ending: Everyone dies after the fight and all the spirits, now free, go to heaven.

NE0GE081 says:

so basically the true end is releasing a huge wave of Jizz? 🙂
a Climax 😉

Ewry Manuel says:

me sacaste una lágrimas de felicidad :,)

Justyn Montes Cesena says:

Everyone is here!

BlacKingler says:

Laaaaaaame game

Ocarinaot 4 says:

You are the reason Smash 4 had smash tour trash


well…. Tabuu is still the hardest boss from Smash

Sleepy TM says:

What a gay game

Dwayne Knight says:

Galeem looks like an Angel from Evangelion.

Noaahh says:

Do I have to pick which spirit thingies I fight in the final end. I mean like pick em in the same order as this dude did

mujibshakir says:

What happens when you get a wrong ending

TooManyApples says:


WasteableNinja says:

The story mode is ridiculous who thinks they over did it

jonae eanoj says:

looks boring meh.

TheSecondDiamondMinecart/ /CalebT2DM says:

You can get Galeem and Dharkon to attack each other. Remember this.

Ben ._. says:

I personally fuckin hate the person singing the intro, it’s so annoying and ughhh

SusMemer10 says:

They should also make the grinch playable

SusMemer10 says:

Nintendo should make sand udertale a playable character

the Iceberg says:

*Mario differs a heart attack and fucking dies*

Alex Martinez says:

What would happen if I choose ONE of the 2 before I choose both of them in the middle path?

Ryu Fuzen says:

Can anyone tell me what the hell happened in the final ending? Did everyone die because both bosses exploded?

Nightmare_edge says:

Its me or this bosses seem relly easy?

ZOMBIES7RIKER57 derps says:

Final smash game ???


If Doomguy was in the roster, the campaign would have ended in 6 seconds.

Colt 45 says:

Man this is lame, Brawls still best campaign.

Chickensaurus says:

True ending: Perfecly balanced, as all things should be.

Дункер says:

Solaris? Is that you?

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