THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING Official Trailer (2019) Teen Adventure Movie HD

THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING Official Trailer (2019) Rebecca Ferguson, Joe Cornish Teen Adventure Movie HD
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Leo Sheetz says:

Uh yeah makes sense even for a fantasy….a overweight 12 yr old kid battles a army of evil grown men knights….sure.

Jeremy Zabel says:

“And I’m supposed to stop her… that’s ridiculous, I’m twelve.”

hesham mohmmed says:

agggh no words can explaine the bored i got from the trailer i can tell this movie going to be huge of waste of every 1 time and its going to get propley in the imbd rating 4 out of 10 the 4 bcz the kids will say they like it so its kids movie that try to copy harry potter with out magic just magical beasts and a lot of swords its 21centry were is the guns bombs goosh even no arrows

T T T T Target says:

How chessy

Mark Johnston says:

Looks like it’s going to deliver on the fantasy adventure front while having a good dose of self-deprecating humour… based on the trailer, I’m in.

fuse shin says:

This what I dreamed when I was a kid.

Rogue _O says:

no blood no decapitations really

ioana ilea says:

Omg, I haven’t seen a trailer promosing so much fun and adventure in years!

christantyna ashley says:

you have to see what i found, a sword!


Bradink 29 says:


Privati Rizkiana says:

Okay… you give too much about the story than it should have on a trailer.

T T T T Target says:

I wanna go to that school and use a sword

michela derry says:

mi pare una cagata pazzesca per mocciosi

TrueInnovator159 says:

Lol. No. At least they have their Minorities for this film, cause you know, SJWism and PC culture.

Split Rock Coffee says:

It’s a nice movie to watch together with my grandchild. I know they will like it.

Black Vintage says:


marvelmerlin says:

we just want season 6 of merlin

Amanda Burnett says:

“Where did you learn to drive?” “Mario cart.” Well we know one sponsor…lol

Paulo Rego says:

Mario Kart ^^

Many Name says:

Haha looks awesome!!!

RiffleBros says:

Pretty sure their outfits were made by Hogwarts Griffindor themselves…

FireOccator says:

Is this supposed to be funny?

Mahelet Eskeziyaw says:

I want to watch the whole movie.

Flora Paredes says:

Did Jodie Foster create a male clone of herself

Happy compsognathus says:

Cheesy Kids movie

John Doe says:

The indian kid , such a poor actor, why ? spoils the whole movie . Is it because you had to appease the Indians to sell them your iphones or laptops. Fck why cannot the arts industry be practical in this regard ! Fcking cow piss drinkers infiltrating the sane world !

L P says:

any younger and it would be hard to believe.

Luis tío Phil Villanueva says:

I can watching sorcery and satanism culture for the children in this scenes. Greetings

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