THE LEGO MOVIE 2 THE SECOND PART TRAILER REACTION – Playing with gender roles? – The Double Toasted podcast gives their trailer reaction to The Lego Movie 2 The Second Part Official Trailer. Following up on the huge success of the original movie along with The Lego Batman movie, Warner Brothers hopes this new Lego movie can top both of them movies while also playing with gender roles. The crew discuss if the trailer is funny, can it live up to the first one and also discuss how they feel some fans might feel about how gender roles could possibly be played with in this movie. Let us know your thoughts on the trailer in the comments down below.

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Nick Doe says:

Ok, this is starting to feel like click bait. Progressive or not. Is the movie funny? Shouldent the quality of the movie take priority over representation or lack there of? Its both sides making issues out of nothing.

Yan D'nat says:

That’s what kids want in there movie gender issues. I remember when i was 7 having long discussions with my friends about lack of representation in Thundercats. That was sarcasm by the way.

darkironyoshi says:

Gotta say the ONE problem I have with the trailer is the bit about Lucy having a point. To an extent I get it but MY GOD I’M SICK AND TIRED OF THIS SHIT. I’ve seen this cliche shit so many times I’ve lost patience with it (“Oh the man got the credit” over and over again). Covering those topics is fine but that always feels like the laziest way to do it because everyone does it! That being said I thoroughly enjoyed the trailer with the exception of that bit. And even then I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt but if we just get the same shit I’ve seen a million times before my opinion may turn very sour (not to the point I’ll hate the film but my enjoyment will be greatly limited).

Greedy Reader says:

The gender joke made me roll my eyes more than anything. One of the things that I loved about the first Lego Movie was that the female character was really the one leading the pack. She was the smartest and strongest of the bunch. To me, that was a true feminist message. Show, don’t tell. This one, on the other hand, is trying to beat us over the head with the message as if people are too stupid to figure it out.

Growing up, the X-Men cartoon was my favourite show because we had Storm as leader of one of the X-Men teams. As a little girl, it was so inspiring to see a strong women in a leader role. I didn’t need the show telling me that she’s a woman and she’s awesome – I knew she was awesome because they showed her being awesome. The joke in the Lego Movie Part 2 just dumbs it down by assuming that people don’t see the strength of the female character without being told about it.

Also, it takes away from the message of the first movie which was that Emmett was The Special because he was so ordinary and a nobody. It’s a nice message for kids (without beating them over the head with it) that they’re important even if they don’t feel like they’re anything special. Anyone with half a brain also figured out that the real hero was the female character. I want to see her continue to kick ass in Part 2, I just don’t need to be told while she’s kicking ass, that she’s kicking ass.

Army1601 says:

Time to stop using the term SJW. Its not a real thing. God forbid, the women or anyone of color have some stuff in there catered to them…

The Ponderer says:

Oooh Beth Elderkin? She’s great

Tagxo platnumberg says:

Fucking what? rose sucks as a character and that’s why the majority of people didn’t like her not because she’s an asian, her sister was popular mantis is popular we could boil it down to people not liking her because she’s ugly

twogeekgirls says:

The blinker joke got me. I’ll check it out …. reserved expectations.

poison pen says:

Well what does it say that the “feminists” are being built up as the villians.
Thats probably why people aren’t “complaining”
Hell the movie might pull a ‘back panther’

Christopher Young says:

Sewer babies was funny

Emerson Herndon says:

Njagu was cool. Not trash. Not great won’t watch it again. But my son and I had fun.
Lego Batman is amazing. Behind get out it was second favorite movie of last year.

Boss Umbra says:

I truly believe Kathleen Kennedy killed the two of them because of Soylo.

Vylizio says:

The feminist joke pist me off because in the last film they both worked hard so what the fuck

kioinde cox says:

Just gonna say that while Lucy did most of the fighting, in the beginning, he was the on that saved them in the end hence him being the leader

Stephanie Medina says:

I work at a Lego center, and the color divide between the ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ sets is something that always catches my eye when I walk past the store to clock in. So I can see why this movie would want to explore this considering how toys for children tend to have that obvious line between genders.

Miss Kobe Yoshi says:

12:38 pleeeease if she were any race other than asian, white, there would be a massive uproar. Asians don’t get the same level as other races apparently.

Crurned says:

The brutal ending of the duplo blocks talking like a lil girl in the last film warmed my heart. It reminded me when I used to play with my baby sister.

RoseByChoice says:

It would be brilliant if they did a legit Lego DC Universe with as a jumping point. That way they make it less dark, more wacky funny(like these movies), and basically restart their universe but better.

Infernoman64 says:

I don’t mind female main characters or whatever…just write them well and don’t pander to anyone…it insults BOTH men and women.

Bo Xue says:

I get where that the joke, same as the Ralph breaks the internet one, is playing on a cliche movie trope. But that wasn’t how Wyldstyle and Rapunzel’s story played out. Both Emmet and Flynn didn’t fall in that category so the joke felt like a hammer to the head.

Dante Barcenas says:

Why you hatting on sewer babys Martin?

Philip Anderson says:

Who attacked Tran for being an Asian in starwars?

bigvirgotube says:

Duplo is a property of LEGO. No money exchange needed.

Alexis Steinman says:

Yaaaaaaay new video! Cue the laughs!

Sarah Ryan says:

Martin knows how wind up Korey so easily. “Really”?

wotaj says:

Duplo are made by Lego.

Hectorferjr2 says:

From the director of Alvin and the Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked and The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water…………..


The joke of pointing out the trope while doing it yourself was funny in deadpool 1 but it gets old real quick…deadpool 2 already suffers from it. Winking to the audience is not necessary funny or smart…and they are doing it again with the feminist joke

Star ofElyon says:

Y’all shilled hard on this one. Lord and Miller didn’t mess up Star Wars. They made a movie, Kennedy didn’t like it and demanded that it be remade. They could have made a good movie. We won’t know now.

Also, there’s proof that Tran was chased away from Instagram by Star Wars fans? She never said anything about why she left. This is people SPECULATING on why she deleted her pictures and talking like they know why when they don’t.

Grow some balls. I see y’all afraid to admit that the feminist propaganda is shoved in these movies constantly and hamfistedly. We loved Lucy in the first Lego movie and now we have to be taught a lesson about girl power? Get the hell out of here with that bs. Smurfs did it a year or two ago, Wreck It Ralph 2 is doing it, Star Wars is doing it, and now Lego Movie 2. Come on!!! Get the fuck off our backs with this shit.

Fawfulator says:

Alright, if no one else is gonna say it, I guess I will…

Duplo are Lego. Same company. It’s just their line for younger kids.

Aroreiel says:

I’m pretty sure Miller and Lord are writing and producing this.

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