THE MESSENGERS Season 1 | First Look TRAILER | New The CW Series | HD

The Messengers Season 1 | First Look Trailer | New The CW Series | HD

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Handlung von The Messengers:

The Messengers ist eine US-amerikaischen Science-Fiction-Serie aus dem Hause The CW. Die Handlung erzählt von einem geheimnisvollen Objekt, dass auf der Erde einschlägt. Menschen, die sich nicht kennen, sterben aufgrund des Energiepulses, der aus dem Einschlag resultiert. Doch dann stellt sich heraus, dass sie die Menschheit vor ihrem eigenen Untergang bewahren sollen.


Kevin says:

If anyone is looking for a really fun horror show to watch, give Ash VS Evil Dead a shot. The first two seasons are up on Netflix and season 3 is currently airing on Starz. It’s one of the goriest and most original horror/comedy shows I’ve ever seen! It has Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Lee Majors, etc.

abhi sharma says:

supernatural is best Constantine ia also better…just njoy it..



Cristian Eria sima says:

Es una mierda

Clive Muchato says:

hope thy wont ban it like thy did to others

MarchRosewater Alyss says:

How seasons it has?

R In the house says:

I’m intrigued, but still not sold

Aaliyah Williams says:

I found ut funny how they failed at every step

Chris Walker says:

the thumbnails of this video looks like its a gay tv show LOL

AkVanner says:


Helle Fyre says:

“I couldn’t find your pulse. I groped and groped and it wasn’t there.”

-Yeshua OSAS- says:

This series was amazing I really don’t understand why it was cancelled

Ican FeeLIt says:

worth a watch?

MartiniGasolini says:

The characters were so dumb, especially at the end. The one liner by Vera at the end to death was weak too.

çhù čkÿ says:


FairyTail Fan says:

That kid is from the kissing booth lee

MadTyna says:

Where I can watch this?

I Louwerse says:

This looks so dumb

rajendran 7889 says:

Tamil dubbed updates

Thrift Service says:

This is what make Mercedes AMG E63 S 2018 different from another Sedan

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Cat 52 says:

Yea, no thanks CW. I am not into the religious crap..

bhagyashree devi says:

When will be the part 2 come

Scarlet Honey says:

I’m still confused about the plot can someone explain? And why do people hate this?

Sarrha Bayani says:

I just start watching this and search it up about it and realized it’s canceled??. Why cancel it?

iam Luwany says:

One of the best TV series I ever watched

MOD ERN says:

:23 nothing is random. nothing is coincidence. Looks like a cool flick

shekhar Raj says:

Good shekhar

Better call SAUL says:

sense 8

Adwitiya Das says:

A supernatural sense8

mustang88490 says:

Cw ruin shows with great potential that’s why lucifer is doing so great it’s smashing the ratings right now

Pawe Mhlana says:

the black guy is gonna die soon.

Aceng Ferry says:


DariusHazano says:

If Netflix took this they might make it into something really great.

shawnte Pitts says:


Gene Nolen says:

I was upset when they cancelled it. The twist at the end was nice.

sk Samiul says:

Hello friends

Tamnao tomnao says:

Pz full movie upload

The Gamer King says:

If you like this watch Lucifer

It’s a great show

صـــررووح الأهرامات says:

still waiting season 2

Jennifer Murphy says:

This is the same premise as the OA

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