THE MONKEY KING 3 Official Trailer (2018) Action Adventure Movie HD

THE MONKEY KING 3 Official Trailer (2018) Action Adventure Movie HD
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Rahul Das says:


Dragoner Productions says:

I enjoy this series

Mark Matias says:


Me Goke says:

when will it be on netflix like the rest

Master Rahul says:

Give me site download movie in hindi dubbet

Pakistaniyo k Jija Ji says:

Nice movie

elmohead says:


kai atherton says:

just saw this pop up on netflix and was like.. “Monkey Magic” one of my favs shows ever. trailer looks awesome. can’t wait to watch it this weekend.

Hs Chhangte Sialhawk says:

the only thing i dont like about all the monkey king movies are the tone….i wish they were a bit more dark

HUMAN MENTALITY with vishal says:

What a trailer

Silence Prem says:

Release date plz


long time 9 month

Spark Play says:

One of the worst /cringiest /things i have ever seen. Chinese films like this depends so much on the special effects Which Arent even GOOD! horrible never watching a chinese film again lol

shannon berry says:

will this be in the us NEED TO KNOW THIS MOVIE ROCKS plz dont be china japan only

晓武陈 says:

The weird thing is Goku translate to chinese is sunwukong

Crack Software says:

where is movie?

Valerie Kambugu says:

Can someone please tell me the beginning music of the trailer??

Conor Darcy says:

Will there be a forth?

Demoth says:

Kinda weak. They need to make a film w a more challenging villain.

Rici Kumar says:

Monkey king3 hindi dubbing tell me what is heppend

DaredevilX90 says:

This shit looks amazing

game and fun india says:

Jald relize karo m k3

Jon Startop says:

*SPOILERS:* There’s one whole quarter of the film that doesn’t really connect to the rest. Everyone but the Monkey King fall into a magic pond that makes them so pregnant they’re about to give birth, and I was laughing at first since I thought it was a gag, but then they actually delve into the ethics of abortion, ultimately deciding to raise the children. The Monkey King retrieves an abortion potion, uses his power to freeze time, and forces the potion down their throats, killing the babies. If they’re trying to send message, it’s an archaic one. This film is definitely more ambitious than the previous ones. but this is just fucking weird. Nonetheless, I encourage the same director to make another sequel. Believe it or not, this series has had the same director for all its films, including the terrible first one. This is one of the few directors in Chinese blockbuster franchises who tries to push his limits further each time, and filmmakers like that should be supported, even with the occasional weird slip-up.

Ajit Pai says:

Good to see some movies that aren’t western.


long time 7 month

Movies Ka Bap says:

Realease Date in Hindi

Moon Jane says:

Could I ask the name of trailer music?

Charles Temple says:

OK that looks FANTASTIC!


I’m looking forward Thai-sub

BOI says:

After the first movie it seems like he lost his funny personality

Krishna Kunwar says:

hind waiting move

Subba Magar says:

when to come in hindi dubbed full movie monkey king 3

Mayank Mekala says:

Gorilla Grodd goes to Thymescira

Jimmy Jones says:

Monkey king 1 & 2 was a minb blowing movie..lets see what they have for us in 3..gotta watch it.

Christopher Law says:

I was a big fan of the journey to the west epic since I was a child.

Gerry Shom says:

These are the guys who should have made The Last Air Bender….honestly

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