The Mummy (2017) – Nostalgia Critic

The Angry Video Game Nerd joins Nostalgia Critic in looking at one of the most botched horror remakes. Monster Madness continues!
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The Mummy is a 2017 American action-adventure film directed by Alex Kurtzman and written by David Koepp, Christopher McQuarrie, and Dylan Kussman, with a story by Kurtzman, Jon Spaihts, and Jenny Lumet. It is a reboot of The Mummy franchise and the first installment in Universal’s Dark Universe.
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Andrew Gosnell says:

No mention of the Tom Cruise scream? Wha?

Mister Fishlips says:

I don’t think the main character in a terrible movie being a asshole while also being a Sargent in the us army means that all Americans suck, it’s like saying that all bond villains are British meaning that all British people are evil.

cifers degth says:


therandomdot says:

The female mummy was the only compelling character in the movie, and instead of turning her into a bad guy turned good, they kept her as a cardboard cutout bad guy and turn cruise into the main character. ugh

LadyArcane says:

“Zombie Knights in London.” Not gonna lie, that sounds it could be a pretty kickass action/horror film. One that doesn’t try to take itself too seriously and is just damn fun because of it.

PubliusAfricanus says:

Still a better Star Wars movie than The Last Jedi.

ForemostCrab7 says:

i was so sure it was going to be Ghost in the Shell.

DjJokerr says:

It was a good movie, I bought it on blu-ray. Fuck all You!

Channel Awesome says:

NEEERRRDDDDD!!!!! Hope everyone enjoyed this years Nostalgia-Ween!
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TheAngelThatCry says:

anybody knows the name of the music at the end of the re iew when james is talking?

Dropkick Queen says:

Why does it matter if ~the troops~ have unfavourable representation? Their actions are bad PR enough.

etherraichu says:

I always knew the nerd was evil. But this? SMH

Kdogg says:

The critic and the nerd in one place? Now this I have to see!

EQOAnostalgia says:

Ok… guys! How did you NOT make a joke about Courtney B. Vance being THE PERFECT actor to play one mean, bad ass MFing sergeant Johnson of Halo fame!? Such a missed opportunity.

TeddieZombieKiller 157 says:

23:20 I thought he was talking about Ghost in The Shell, even though it’s based on an Anime Movie. Because it’s new, but that… I kinda enjoyed watching Dragonball Evolution.

Athena Jaxon says:

Also Set is not the God of Death it’s Anubis

Ben McDonald says:

God, the comedy in this movie is completely dreadful

bloodrunsclear says:

It’s rare you see a film that’s simultaneously insulting AND boring.

Patrick Johnson says:

I feel like the ending should have been the Nerd smiling while the Thriller laugh plays.

SojiroEX says:

Top ten anime betrayals.

Tyler Tenebrae says:

Oh my. I never realized how evil the Nerd actually was.

Diarakostima says:

Are they trying to set up a live action Hotel Transylvania?

charles Receski says:

Anubis is the Egyptian god of death Set is the god of chaos

Andres Napoleon Turcios Diaz says:

Amazing review by two experts. Why the hell did Universal hired Alex Kurtzman to make the Dark Universe? Don’t they know this is the same guy that tried to ruin Spider-Man with spinoffs?

42 Blaze says:

Okay although the many things the mummy can turn you into is confusing, I’m gonna have to say that it’s the only redeeming thing about this movie. The fear of what she’ll do to you is there somewhat ( This movie can’t pull of shit) that fear of the unknown is very much tapped there in that sense, It’s easy to say that she’s inconsistent but at least she has a new fear advantage I actually like the idea your afraid of her because she can pretty much do WHATEVER she wants to you and granted there may be some movies that I haven’t seen that pull this off better but still I do welcome that kind of fear tactic or whatever it’s called HEY AT LEAST ITS BETTER THAN A HUNDRED JUMPSCARES TO YOUR FACE (cough) (cough) IT (cough)

Magni Kristinsson says:

thought the title said “the yummy”

Ben Moore says:

That Brexit joke bought me joy.

boopiloopi says:

spoiler for the mummy. noooo! i don´t belive you. really!? to this video! i could not have guest.

this mummy needed less cgi, action and more horror, drama and some adventure.

shittily dittily shmittily riddledy. and that´s the way we sing it! come on you can do it too! all the ghost of rivet town…….

i ´d like more universal monster movies too. just focus on horror, adventure and drama! with some action… just a little.
the amount a mouse eats in a sitting.

nothing against the actors.

why bury an egyptian in iraq? military armie movie purposes?

isn’t war about thieving minerals, oil, land and drugs? keeping 3rd worls 3rd world?

the inside of the plane crash is the best thing in the movie… cool scene.

well american warewolf was or is going to be in the dark universe so his ghost friend is stolen but makes sense.

great sound effect use on flying tom :).

they could´ve just stayed in the desert…

his power is greater i guess and he drains her so she´s weaker?

he is the mummy because all of the movies were gonna be origin movies i guess.

too much pop corn action.

dracula untold was technically the first… miss step ;)… :(. better than the mummy? so back in the universe? or are they just
going to restart with more HORROR AND DRAMA!..

LOV… oh sorry, love the show.

Maximiliano Sanchez says:

14:50 Was that a PWSMF Gosei moment?
When Jake ask about the Green Key and why isn’t there a super megaforce Black

Benva 83 says:

At least the video game is good

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