The Poseidon Adventure | 2005 | PART 1

A cruise ship succumbs to a terrorist act and capsizes on New Year’s eve. A rag-tag group of survivors, spearheaded by a priest and a homeland security agent, must journey through the upside down vessel and attempt an escape.


Lyhung Tran says:

Do you like poseidon 2006

Davin Izdihar says:


Annette Mayer says:


The gurl who go OOF says:

And those movies are why I don’t go on ships

Nick Tessin says:

At 1:00:00 the action starts

Yupin Wihlborg says:

Thank you

Mette Skogeng says:

Hey, is captain gallico, what the hell is going on

Benjamin Spracklen says:

Epic storyline better than the new one by far

Dencil Dean says:

I would insist on my cabin being a LIFE BOAT because I am very afraid of being eaten by a GREAT WHITE SHARK when she capsized

Dencil Dean says:

I tell you I was smart I would have been on deck instead of ( in the ship )

Gale Andrews says:

Yes, this one is good, but I still like the original! One of my favs next to the Titantic!

Evs Naparato says:

GrAbE Ang gAndA ng pilikUlAng tO..sARap ulit UlitiN..

David Hayward says:

They named the captain after the author who wrote the book

Grumpy Cat says:

the cgi in this movie is very bad..
as if done by first year university student ..

Jitendar Khanda says:


black and games lets plays says:

1 :0 9 jump ing from down there look fun

Firemarioflower says:

40:17 the scum of the earth….. terrorism should be taken more serious

Bernard ntsong ella says:


Emir Almaty Kazakhstan says:

Нет перевода .

Savannah Jules says:

Ugh I hate terrorists

Dencil Dean says:

It goes like this when those kegs explode against the inside of the ship bom bom bom bom bom lights go out and she capsize faster than you can blink your eye how the hell you will get out me remember my cabin is the LIFE BOAT

K. oj says:


Anny Oliveira says:

Algum BR vendo ?

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