The RuneScape Documentary – 15 Years of Adventure

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Find out how one of the most successful MMORPGs of all time came to being – from humble beginnings in the Gower Brothers’ family home to reaching our 250 millionth account in 2016, and all the thrills and spills in between. We give you ’15 Years of Adventure’ – a History of RuneScape.

Featuring interviews with some of the most famous RuneScape players of all time (including the legendary Zezima), as well as Jagex staff past and present, it’s essential viewing for gaming fans the world over. We hope you enjoy!

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Seether1742 says:

Been playing on and off since 2005. When I was a kid they told me I could only be a member if I did my chores..they had me by the balls with that one 🙁

Dennis Holm says:

You guys killed so many players accounts, with no way of getting the account back, after getting wildy back. Damn that was the real thing killing the game

Shannon Herb says:

Makes me want to log back on and play, but my internet is to slow. I’ll do it to keep my name. It’s my birthday.

Spigety Boggie says:

EOC is why I came back

Joshua Morse says:

I miss my old account… Maybe I should start playing again

Andrew Lincoln says:

bring back runescape classic

Stoneage Productions says:

literally is, good bye life.

Edgy Kid says:

10/10 OSRS is the GOAT always

donz899 says:

I worked very long and hard to get ten 99’s on my main… all to be wasted when eoc is launched because its a totally bogus system when it comes to bossing comparing legacy to eoc. pking took a huge hit… last time they introduced rs2 they gave you the option to stay at rsc or come to rs2. well they sure didn’t do that with the EOC. i think introducing 07scape and making you start totally over is another way. Why couldn’t they have made eoc into its own game entirely and let me keep going how i was pre eoc… if they took eoc away it would improve the game.

RuneScape says:

If you enjoyed this, you may enjoy these unofficial RuneScape History videos as well!

Need even more of a RuneScape history fix? July (the RS History Guy) has also written an unofficial PDF documentary of 422 pages that can be accessed on the channel!

Archie Cornwall says:

trash game, uninstalling.. jks


lol 17:34 look at the chat POST MEMES

Milan Teerink says:

26:27 Can’t believe I forgot about this! This is why I started playing it!

Vincent A says:

“240 million accounts created” like they proud but what they dont say is about 200 million of them are bots… rip

Kandi Klover says:

You had to bring back oldschool because eoc was shit and empty all the time. Don’t lie.

CraigSteps says:

Dank version of Sea Shanty 2 @11:58

Grizzed says:


Hi I'm Marlow says:


jordan couturier says:

Look, Runscape is good. But why are you all talking about it like it’s the only Fantasy MMORPG?

Taxi2lumby says:

Just imagine if he never went back to finish devious mud we’d never have had all experiences we had on Runescape. It’s amazing how much 1 small decision could have affected millions upon millions of people. Thanks so much for taking that risk and carrying on and doing what you wanted to do rather than the “safe” option.

Mythic says:

this made me cry.

Lalleballe 2k says:

Zezimas voice is extremely annoying to listen to

HoldupnWatch says:

The best game I’ve ever played.

Sama MKS says:

omgggg removing pvp was the most aggravating thing jagex did, that was the beginning of the end right there

Seany Delight says:

Great video. I started runescape back in 05 and found it on mini clips.

L.D 50 says:

Neon Genesis RuneScape: You Can (Not) Quit.

Like if you get the reference.

Luke Robertson says:

anyone else afking whilst watching this?

TagEmAnBagEm says:

Quit when the wilderness was removed. Quit again with Eoc. Play osrs every day ty jagex tyvm!!!!!

Technologic says:

majority of the players play old school now, it’s sad what they did to the original game

Michiel De Maere says:

the asian botters were playing lineage 2 xD


You portray yourseleves as ridding the world of the evil Chinese men in a ”sweatshop” doing many criminal deeds. But actually you just want more profit.

evan brown says:

God so many memories. This is the game you played after coming home from the hell on earth they call school and just have the greatest time. I haven’t played in at least 10 years but man oh man I miss the friends I made. They got me through so much.

Prodigy WarsXII says:

So this is why they implimented the trade limit…. gotta admit thats what made me quit

Slow Ping says:

Very well Done – Gives my main childhood of even 5 years old playing with my brother a touch. Thank you for all you’ve done.

Jesse Toom says:

Runescape is my home and it always will be, been playing 17 years and proud of it 😛

Skye Dawg says:

@28:17 imagine RS mod staff coming into a strip club LOL

Muhammad Raiyan says:

never played it before but im gonna try it now

donz899 says:

Eoc ruined the game.

Jordan Reynolds says:

Removing free trade set the gMe back and it never truly recovered

Scott Richardson says:

claire looks dead inside

Turbo says:

Sounds like Zezima pk’d a few people in real life.

ThornySnailPictures says:

was ranked 500 overall at one point. RS3 is not the same game anymore and no way i’m wasting years leveling in OS all over again.

silver tammsoo says:

Thanks, this helped me get back to learning to code and get better at it!

Solace says:

“If we update the game, we might lose a lot of players.”
*installs EOC*

Savage OG says:

Half of those accounts are bots

Doctor Blunt says:

This was amazing. Fantastic scores, amazing quality – 11/10 nostalgia.

I especially loved the commentary from Mod Ash regarding The Falador Massacre.

“So, uhm… I know you’re on-call basically, but are you doing anything right now?”

Never knew he was the J-Mod that responded at 3AM or so in the morning. I heard stories about “a J-Mod” waking up to a call, but didn’t know it was God Ash himself.

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