The Snowman Official Trailer #1 (2017) Michael Fassbender Thriller Movie HD

The Snowman Trailer 1 (2017) Michael Fassbender Thriller Movie HD [Official Trailer]


Carla Denise says:

Only 15 mins into this movie and I think its wack.

The Meme Kitchen says:

its a shame the movie was so terrible, because this trailer is incredible.

Patricia Andreea says:

I don’t understand the movie it’s just me?

Minas Tsartsalis says:

Why scenes of the trailer missed on the movie?

Laura Gevorkyan says:

all you need to see is in the trailer! I liked the movie but Trailer is by far a better piece!

Taylor Leonard says:

just don’t leave the women alone or shine light on him. your making us scared of winter

Nour Eldin says:

Wtf!.. There’s alot of scenes here not in the movie!.. Tricky trailer.

Pat McDonnell says:

Half of the content on this trailer is not in the movie.. Went into it thinking it would be some sort of demon snowman but it turns out to be a regular man with daddy issues. Complete waste of my time, wouldn’t recommend it

Katy Cat says:

“do you wanna build a SNOWMAAN?”

Srbin Srbijanovic says:

mowie is shit !!!

zerocool says:

This piece of rancid dog turd is one of the worst films of the year. No, one of the worst films ever made. What a fucking mess.

Majid Hussain says:

Just watch this, rubbish film

Yellow Waffle says:

The trailer misleads you and the movie isn’t that great ,the detective is the only reason this movie was worth watching..the killer is obvious when they both get in the train.

MrAnticocalari says:

Waste of time . Trust me , the movie sucks..bad acting..just shitty . If you want a really good movie,i recommand Prisoners 2013 .

Zuraini Abdul Ghani says:

WoW…. Norway juz amazing.

shex king says:


MooneEntertainment says:

it had potential but itss trash

Nate Saldutti says:

Let me take a wild guess on who wrote the book this was based on.. hmmmm…stephen!?

Stephen Whitehead says:

Leave the front door open

Astronomicql says:

I had a fucking heart attack when she got hit with the snowball at the beginning..

Jimy Cary says:

good film

Marianne A says:

let it go~

comer pickles says:

What if someone pee’s on the snowman??

The Official Cracker Man says:


Pervaiz Malla says:

When r they going to make SHIT MAN?

toni kliman says:

i think we can all agree this movie was predictable as fck..

Malik Lio says:

the most stupid movie i ever seen . sooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid i dont understand this director he dont watch movies or what . very cheap movie

-AngelGr- says:

whats the song?

Carol Sorola says:

These comments are hilarious lol

Yung Cain says:

Shit looks cold

Romanian Conservative says:

Women are so stupid and selfish. There is a scene where a woman gets her head chop off. Before this scene, she gets interogated by Micheal s character and asked if she has a child. She replies no. Than in the next scene we see her talking on the phone with the father and saying: It was my child not yours. Later we find out from her twin sister that she aborted the child. Ladies, when you get pregnant, is not the right way to say this is your child, but ours. That s one, and two, abortion is murder. You are killing a human being with every abortion you make.

Little Mermaid says:

at first I was like wtf then I saw Michael and I literally gonna watch this movie

Rusfer says:

What is the theme called that says keep the front door open

yea02 says:

I thought the main character was played by Liam Neeson…..

no comment says:

This movie is an insult to the 1982 film (hosted by David Bowie)
Oh well

Ldshadowladyvlogs says:

So you know the things moving around in the snow? Well in a horror movie why would people be making a snow angel?

Aleena Asf says:

Wow, if I died by this thing then no one would go to my funeral.

bawk naw says:

mush mellow’s brother LOL

comer pickles says:

Soon to come *Elsa* Rated R, in theaters July 1st.

THE BOSS says:

Sooo scary it’s what we all fear the most a SNOWMAN, its not a clown or a mummy vampire ITS A SNOWMAN how scary and its nothing compared to the remake of IT, or rings, what was a snowman done to be in a horror movie. LOL 😀

narmi 11 says:

the docter is the killer

BK21 says:

Movie was shite

Janek Podniesiński says:

How thats music called?Its very fun and nice.Actually the trailer is VERY nice! I must come to the cinema to see it! #DontMixMyLastWordWithPennywiseBeacuseItSuck

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