The Untold Truth Of Ghost Adventures

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Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, you have to admit that Ghost Adventures is pretty darn entertaining. Yet, there’s more to this series than just investigating creepy, abandoned areas with extensive paranormal histories. So let’s investigate the untold truths behind the guys of Ghost Adventures.

The EMF incident | 0:19
Zak Bagans’ spooky collectible | 1:06
The macabre extends to their real lives | 1:43
Too scary, even for them | 2:09

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ClassyWolfie says:

These guys are honestly some of the most credible bastards I’ve seen in a ghost show.

I cannot say for sure whether some of it is fake or not, but the fact that they will debunk their own evidence makes me think they are being honest.

SOS SaVAGE says:

what the fuck was this shit

Jean-Claude Dancing says:

“In our professional opinion”? There is no such thing as a professional ghost hunter. You don’t go to college to learn how to become a ghost hunter. You just become some idiot who has cameras follow you around in some random run down building. But I do love watching these guys. They remind me of how silly people can be. Oh, and by the way..ghosts aren’t real. For everyone who “has seen real ghosts”..that is just your mind playing tricks on you. It happens to all of us, but most of us are smart enough to distinguish real from fake.

smokey 3616 says:

The first story if fucking amazing lol

Carmen K says:

I love ghost adventures. I’ve been watching since the first season

Rita LaFleur says:

Good if He felt that it should have been demolished then he made the right choice. But you still need to purify the area.

That guy over there says:

You mean they killed each other? I had no idea

Christy Ann says:

I believe that Zac used to be the real deal, back when it was just Nick, him and Aaron, but, now he is all “HOLLYWOOD” , and that’s just sad!

ThatOneGuy 18 says:

I’m creating my own show called Goat Adventures.


That suck’s, he had the house demolished! that could have been the connection and proof that they have been searching for! Lost rare opportunity lost, what a shame…………..

Happee Birthdae says:

Zak bagans is such a fuckin tool

Mikhail Tukhachevsky says:

I’m so STARTLED!!!

paul starr says:

Master of spirits I can’t Believe-anyone would dealt Zack I’ve been clearing site s for over 34 years I can spot a fake a mile away. Zack is as hardcore as they come and that also goes for Arron as well ,I know what they are feeling and it takes everything one has just to stand still after negative energy comes around Your body says run run run but your mind says no stand firm and show no fear. They feed off of fear. Demons are real. One thing I would like to add is that it’s maybe not so wise to provoke verbally , may I Suggest using trigger objects instead. Thankyou

Conclave Cabal says:

“ermergawd! There appears to be a warm liquid running down my leg,”

Betta Keeper says:

I believe in it

Yet1moreUtuber says:

Can’t say if ghost exist or if hauntings are real, not for me to say, but absolutely dislike that Zak guy.

Marry Christ says:

Lemme guess….mark finally found out his wife was born make and panicked and killed her and himself before fans could spread the word he was a tranny chaser lol nice that is no lady. Frank and beans can be cut off but a sloping forehead and eyebrow ridge along with a Adams apple that big and ring finger bigger than the pointer….that was a man sry to be the bearer of the brutal truth that’s probably why he hit her like a man when he found out no joke look into it

Corion T says:

I do believe there’s another plane of existence out there. Please do not try to tell there’s not unless you have concrete evidence of there not being so.

Everyone probably will say something about reality and shut. But tell me this, what is reality and what makes up reality ?

Mackie K says:

The VW van… Did he get it from Les and Hard Core Pawn? I swear there was an episode where the van appeared there. Unless I’m confusing it with another?

teresa sparks says:

wait, how is this the “untold truth”????? these are already known facts. I thought it would be more of facts about the reason Nick isn’t involved anymore, or that Zak is a total moron when it comes to paranormal truth. You don’t go opening a “museum” and have demonic possessed items all open and available to the masses to fondle. He spends more time getting pretty than he does actually doing the right way of investigating. When he kills himself, or someone then himself, we’ll all know it is because of not having the proper respect, knowledge, prep, or tools in his investigations. Who the fuck would have witches of contrary beliefs show off in a building where there are KNOWN objects with supernatural affiliations???? He would, and he will pay the price for being so stupid about it all. You people who are all hating me right now because I think Zak is a schmuck, remember—–we all have the right to our opinions, and they don’t all have to agree, it isn’t personal to you…

E. S. McDaniel says:

Zak is a coward and a fool for demolishing that house. First and foremost, if it is indeed a portal, it’s the LAND that the portal emits from, not the property on it. Secondly, just because HE was too afraid to face and document whatever was in there, it doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t go check it out. Thirdly, at the very least, he could have made it somewhat of a museum/attraction for the particularly brave to come and check out.

That being said, I love the show Ghost Adventures and understanding that they have to be a little theatrical to draw in the casual fans, sometimes Zac’s antics are just a bit much to sit through. If he could tone that down and maybe find other words to use that don’t trigger the censor button every 1.5 seconds, the show could be a longtime great.

Life long Maggot says:

this gave me aids

Steven Merrick says:

I know someone who gave a ghost a bologna sandwich and she went back to the kitchen to get him a soda pop and when she got to the front door he vanished honest.

Maximus hett says:

You forgot to mention that all the ghost adventure shows are on The travel channel. Meaning, people pay them to come check out their claimed spooky areas for advertisement purposes to attract tourists, why do you think the ghosts adventurers visit gifts shops before so many episodes. Ghost stories can easily be made up. Don’t be a sheep

Uchiba Uki says:

Just by watching ghosts hunter maybe we are already possessed!

Debra webb says:

PLEASE HELP ME I’M SERIOUS MY HOUSE IS SO HAUNTED WATCH MY VIDEOS I welcome any advice investigations 100 percent real

june smith says:

i watch this program and believe ghost adventures is the best paranormal one on tv.what ya c is wot ya get…i was some what confused when i found nick was no longer part of the team but still watch it daily in united kingdom.

James Doyle says:

Ghost adventures are great better then most haunted

JUNGO says:

you see – assholes like you guys destroys the reality of believes for others and especially thosewho claimed to see and hear real actual events…..I wish these idiotic tv shows were banned dishelved or not made….makes people who really encounter ghosts and others look not only bad but they probably rather die because of your idiotic shit show…nice try lao che……..(Indiana jones quote)

Kylee Brooks says:

After watching one of the episodes with my mom, we started experiencing things such as, lights flickering. Since I was a kid I have saw static t.v., shadows, lights turning on in rooms at night and much more. My family on my mom’s side have been experiencing these kind of things since the 1900’s…they live on the reservation and my grandpa was a pastor.

Margaret Williams says:

Been watching these guys since the start is it just me or has any one else noticed the change in zac it’s not a good change it’s in the way he talks it’s like when someone had a stroke or something he just seems dulled down

Hastur Dagon says:

I used to believe in ghosts, demons, devils, inhuman spirits, shadow people, dark energy, dark entities, black magic, voodoo curses, satanic witchcraft, and demonic possessions. I started watching Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, Paranormal Witness, A Haunting just to name my favorites which I believed were all real and legit but over the past year Zak Bagans and Ghost Adventures and other “reality” shows and docudramas actually started to change my mind proving to me that ghosts don’t exist and I was just a superstitious person who watched too many horror movies and read way too many H.P. Lovecraft works and Stephen King, Clive Barker novels and wanted it to be real… so I was duped and played myself.

Juliett 1313 says:

Zak is also the proud owner of One of Ed Gein’s kettles. He has a museum of curiosities where he keeps the kettle among other items..

MsJoshisfat says:

I love watching ghost adventures. Even if you don’t believe in ghost or think the show is fake. You still get to know the local history of the area they go too.

Joey Taplin says:

Why would that guy throw that EMF detector? Just by doing that one thing he completely ruined his career and reputation…

Wasabi Pizza says:

BELEIVE it or not I’ve been watching ghost adventures since I was 3 I MISS NICK

Saunsiaray Broussard says:

I love Ghost Adventures! They are very much the real deal!

IrminsulMusic says:

I was never impressed with this team. The head dude with the cock-a-doodle-do hair style is just macking for the camera trying to be a sex symbol. Clear as spring rain to see.

alya says:

why does the guy in thumbnail looks so much like brian kinney lmao

Retr0Beau says:

Those guys are a bunch of wusses. They are yelling at the ghost saying they weren’t scared of it and it throws a stone then they all run away screaming.

Wildman Samurai says:


Ethan says:

fake or real, will always love this show.

Alex R says:

Why not just burn the debris from the house?

wenderella59 says:

Very entertaining, and I love the way they edit the show. It is done very well. Lately, the shows are not as good. Too much speculation and silly acting. Why is he obsession with demons all of a sudden? Do ghost exist. I do not think so. So hard to prove, either way. I have had my own experiences, but still do not believe in ghosts. I think there it is more complicated than that, and I think we play a roll in what we experience. Look up the Philip Experiment. Very interesting.

Bailey Dennis says:

The one about Zak not wanting to do a show in that one house and having it demolished was sort of out of character for him.

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