Top 10 Medieval-Themed TV Shows

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Alejandro says:

I just finished watching Vikings and I can confirm it’s really good, I dare to say is better than GOT in many ways

Christophe Lauzon says:

Spartacus !!

Harambe says:

why did they even make this list… First spot is easy to make out, look at the thumbnail!

Du Over says:

How the fuck is Merlin only 7th

Baktash B says:

Vikings is best

KFC Gamers says:

merlin was my childhood TV show. I always watched it. Cant believe it’s over 🙁

Caelithar says:

loosely between the 5th and 15th centuries – Xena warrior princess gets a mention , set in ancient greece between 800 and 500 BC 😛

Anirban Maitra says:

I started watching Merlin, and really like it so far. In IMDB, I saw people complaining that the episode has a sad ending and season 6 should have bee made.

Abdel Amadeus says:

Vikings the best

Brenda. says:

Mongolian beef smell like Lionel Ritchie asshole

Muhammad Ahmed says:

where is ROME? it should be on Number 1 or 2

_iTzRiazPvP ツ says:

GoTs amazing
Vikings amazing.

- Jayden - says:

how is merlin not higher? Should be 3. Merlin 2. Vikings and 1. GoT. I dont watch GoT but because of how popular it is, of course it will be No. 1

P VB says:

Wolf hall is better than all of these

Tshego Rambau says:

And Damon Vincis demons.. Gosh, I think I like all the series in the list

ItzElfie! AJ says:

Kinda annoyed they placed BBC robin hood with the rest the fandom is so quite now days it feels like…

blugeagua says:

You also didn’t get a lot of history right. Blackadder was about if Richard III won, NOT Henry III. Henry was long dead by then.

ejaz farooq says:

Where is SPARTACUS ?

Alice Santina says:

OMFG THEY PUT KAAMELOT ! Français, êtes-vous heureux ? *o*

Tshego Rambau says:

REIGN is my favourite. Wish it never ended. And yes MERLIN!!!!

Gabriel Riveros says:

Where is Spartacus?? Should be an honorable mention at least!!

MajestueuseLouisa says:

I f you like Viking then you people need to watch Last Kingdom it’s based on historical events between the danois and saxon war, the show is awesome and the acting is on point.

Gautam SaiTeja says:

Vikings is better than Got

LeBron James says:

The last kingdom should be number 1

Jessica Louisse Nonato says:

8:38 isn’t that meant to be king Richard III?

Anne Prapatsorn says:

game of thrones

Wolfia Discord says:

Yeah! GoT my love❤❤

M.Ahmed Bhinder says:

The last kingdom shouldve been here

james minor says:

Plus they’re going to end it too soon

Andrew Field says:

I don’t remeber a henry the 3rd at the battle of bosworth

Monkey JUMP says:

Robin of Sherwood is great…..It beats everything on this list for me. Check it out if you haven’t!!

parth shankhdhar says:

Got chutiya h Vikings bhi chutiya h bc Sb walking dead dekho

Guts says:

Where is Spartacus!!??

EarthlyJewels says:

8:40. Henry III? Are you sure you don’t mean Richard III? they were, literally, centuries apart. #doyourresearch

CaLiB3r says:

in case of acting Ragnar > jon 100% true

vinod kamble says:

This is shit….where is Spartacus, Rome and definitely Game of thrones has to be at top….

Amer Abdulstar says:

Vikings >>>>>>> game of thrones

Gabriel Rocha says:

GoT sucks. And it’s fanbase is the worst scum living on the earth. George should’ve finished the saga before throwing the plot into disrespectful media.

heiam naimat says:

I think they game of throns is a sexual program ,,I don’t love it

Tigger says:

The show “Vikings” was one of the best shows i have ever watched along with game of thrones. Sad it didnt get as much publicity because it is really good

Vlad Baghdasaryan says:


james minor says:

Game of thrones is good but very disjointed in numerous points but never reaches it’s full potential

Edinícyus Naciir says:

Well, my favorite TV show is not in the list, but I like Spartacus.

blugeagua says:

Um, some of these shows are renaissance based. Not medieval. The 1500’s was not the medieval era! That ended in the 1400’s!

BrickTrooper says:

Cough cough last kingdom cough cough man I should get that checked out but honestly and honorable mention would be nice but nah we get a fucked up anime. I mean shit game of thrones is on here but God don’t slay me for that. Damn internet comment etiquette is good

Robin Berlusconi says:

Where’s Mystic Knights?

St Dope says:

think we all knew what no 1 was gonna be ..

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