Top 10 Ways To Fix Sea of Thieves

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Top 10 Ways To Fix Sea of Thieves
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“Sea of Thieves” has a lot of potential, but we can’t help but think of how great the pirate life would be if they just fixed these 10 things.

#10: Show the Damn Kraken!
#9: Catch the Hackers!
#8: Different Loadouts & Player Roles
#7: Add Some Narrative
#6: Offer More for Solo Players
#5: Fix the Brig
#4: More Enemies
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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Robert Arnold says:

I just saw an ad for Sea of Thieves before watching this video.

Zero J says:

You can’t add gear that have different stats. This game is really balanced around Pvp and if you try to detract from that by adding stats you discourage people who don’t have the time to put in an essentially create a hostile environment for new players.

James Sabins says:

Not gonna happen

Ademous says:

More Ships Please! says:

Check out our full review of Sea of Thieves on MojoPlays:

Leo Norman - Elev Törnströmska Gymnasiet ESESTS3B says:

I would like to customize my character more specific like body type and face features.

ZTO says:

Everyone keeps complaining that you can’t level up stats on characters and get better items but that would ruin this. It would turn into every other game where the max level basement dwellers would destroy everyone else who can’t play the game every waking moment of the day. Here it’s all about skill, a sloop can take down a gallion if they know what they are doing, and that’s what make it great. Don’t punish players that can’t put in massive amounts of hours to get the good stuff

GHOST says:

why not fighting the navy?

itachi65ful says:

Don’t play it. Problem solved

Соболев Дмитрий says:

Top 1 tip: Do not buy it.

MrLopsd says:

Make it f2p no p2w, learn from lol, dota or fortnite. Period

Azuma G says:

Cheaters in pointless progression system games…OMEGALUL…these people must by so sad…

Gnarwhal says:

At least Rare’s a step up from making Kinect games

Narean Mano says:

I hope they hear tis

Phillip Thomas says:

How about opening the fucking chests you find and getting loot that way? You know, like a REAL PIRATE would!

withintemp31 says:

#2 Will kill the game even more, a new player would have no change then.
#11 coach co-op

houdic2 says:


Snidebark says:

So, be honest; who was unwise enough to buy the game before or at launch, before they could have found out whether or not it’s as good as they thought it would be? Never pr-order or buy at launch.

Gui Champ says:

Dead game is already dead. Just let it sink and accept the fact you paid for nothing yet again.

Sir Gamessin says:

What about more ships

We only have two

Maybe 5 ships will be cool

1• gun boat
The quick but weak ship
1 gun 4 swivel guns

2• scooner
2nd fastest ship and stronger than gunboat
3 guns and 2 swivel guns

3• brig
Big and fast ish
Battlery ram
10 guns
4 on sides and 2 facing the rear

4• Frigget
Powerful and slow
Double deck guns
20 guns
10 on each side

5• Man Ô Wars
Monsters of the seas
40 guns
Double deck guns
20 on each side

But lack in move ability

Fast going in one direction but lacks in turning and anchor drift

Give your ideas too

RJnator says:

Just had a sea of thieves

Septimor says:

I think that this game is the best possible Habbo Hotel there can ever be ! Drink some beers and play with your friends while trying to talk with ppl.. I do not feel that this is so much of a GAME.. It is only a world where you can escape that stupid boss of yours or something like that…

Kage Tsukino says:

So they made a massive multiplayer RPG that lets you be a pirate… and screwed it up in the execution. What else is new?

Joseph Gold says:

kiddies asking for more ship variety when 90% don’t even sail the ones they have correctly- lol

cameron mendez says:

From what they have said i know these things are already confirmed, more in depth ship cosmetics, ship weapon/cannon ball customization, more cosmetics, more weapons, new ai enemies every update, events, more rewards for exploration, more factions and quest variety, and many more distractions around the world to keep you busy.

Curlyfries 925 says:

Wait, so is this a good or a bad game?

Crab Protection says:

Out of ideas ll

Jason Purdy says:

I tried to tell everyone for the past couple of years when this cartoony kiddie shit show was announced that this was going to be a terrible game. Hell, the developers couldnt even explain wth type of game it was every time they released one of their dumb videos. MS Fails again.

Septimor says:

Add to that 3th one. : Different KIND of ships. For example some ships went much faster when sailed with crosswind , while bigger ships usually needed tailwind straight to the sails. And in this it seems that you go as fast as you can, as long you have the wind in your sails. That big ship would not go so fast with crosswind, compared to the smaller one… DETAILS they are important…

Vampire Girl says:

I love this game!

Benjamin Robinson says:

Are you listening Microsoft?

jordanjordanjordana says:

I didn’t know this game was broken? I think I would know since I play it everyday. Shit Video.

Muu Ao says:

i can guarantee they will not listen even tho these are great ideas

eobo1 says:

Just make it more like pirates of the Caribbean online

Sir Gamessin says:

Solo players get faster ship but less durability

3 cannons But the third is at the front so you can take accurate shots over more shots

Or have a puckle gun
A small but long barrel cannon that shoots far but less dams

Or swivel guns next to the ship wheel for quick defense

Rusty Therapist says:

#1 add a real visible anchor

Benjamin Robinson says:

And xbox fans try justifying xbox lol

Boris Gucovski says:

Too much in-game currency? Assassin’s Creed 2 comes to mind.

Sinraiser says:

Do one about Warframe!

Tiger1 Tiger lover says:

Plz add a tutorial I’m lost

Daidax_238 says:

I feel like RARE kinda pulled a Bethesda here. Except this time there isn’t a very large modding community to help with the issues.

kevo23630 says:

the next update in may sounds really cool with some sort of ancient evil in the deep.

Mew Zombie says:

Honourable mention= Add Trading/merchant ships so you can do what real pirates does, add npc enemy like black beard ect or royal navy or Spanish army to fight.

Hood Raven Entertainment says:

I’ll wait for the “One Piece” mod

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