Trap Adventure 2



redluc14n says:

Game: “Super Mario Bros. 2 – 1988”

Krystal Myth says:

You should play Tecmo’s Deception.

Isaac Behar says:

Youtuber games like this suck man. They are just so boring uwu

Laser Potato says:

I love this game

Augusto Butter says:

soy el unico que habla español?

Zippy says:

A game this hard shouldn’t even have “lives”.

Caner Anims says:


Ekrem Aykal says:


Berkin Temelli says:


SeroGrave says:

I felt your pain just watching, youtube gotta stop detrapatizing videos.

Levi says:

I love you!

kuroko akashi says:

Best minute and a half i’ve spend in my life

RUN ER says:

Splunky 2 babyyyyyy

Albynn Yutha says:

THIS is a game that want you to die :’D

dragonhold4 says:

It’s fun to watch.
But I would never buy this game. Unfair game design.

Cortex Vortex Studios says:

That’s a Dinosaur.

Filth Mop says:

why is the game super mario bros 2?

【 T.N CHANNEL 】 says:

Is there a way to download on android?

Jeremy Nowhere says:

Come on Dunkey you know this one needed to be longer


I almost fucking died I f laughter

Zant says:

This game is fucking genius, they took Super Mario Frustration and made it better

AdinDaPandaFanda says:

i think they mean gay adventure 2

TheNokturnalTimes says:

This game is pure hell

Lilly Garcia says:

your a new meme

Delta Gem says:

Are traps gay tho?

Walter Lansing says:

Bad rats:Revenge (dunkview) make it happen for the bat rats meme my guy

AU Gamer says:

Tbh, this is much more harder than “getting over it”

DEM TV says:

I try to search it but i don’t found it

Mr. CEO says:

TRAPS are awesome… especially those big, long and juicy ones.

Pow3rh0use says:

There’s too many of these games nowadays

Shirokuro Max says:

Bowser should take note. This is how you build your dungeons

ExoF says:

This was actually really funny. Would love to see another

Sam Pooley says:

Came here for traps. I was sorely disappointed.

Caden Sheeran says:

I’m quitting Trap Adventure 2

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