What is The Lich’s Purpose? Adventure Time Theory

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Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AdventureTheory/comments/2zt8v6/a_theory_on_the_lichs_purpose/

What if, before the adventure time universe, there was another? A universe before the monsters. We know that the lich is an ancient being. He has knowledge from before the universe so we can infer that he is older than the universe itself. What if he isn’t, or at least wasn’t always a being? What if the the lich is a fundamental force? The lich’s single goal, or purpose, is the destruction of all life. But what is life? Life is a phenomenon that promotes organization and by extension a decrease in randomness. Life is the struggle against entropy. Life opposes entropy. What opposes life? The lich. If we look at the universe as a cycle, with the end of one universe being the beginning of another. The lich exists to keep the cycle going.

Before there was time, before there was anything, there was nothing. And before there was nothing, there were monsters.”

I’ve always enjoyed this message from the Lich. it’s a horrifyingly bleak representation of existence. A lovecraft-Ian take on the universe and it’s formation. But, it does raise some questions doesn’t it? If the Lich is correct, that means before earth and humanity existed, before even ancient man and dinosaurs roamed the earth, before time itself, monsters were there in the nothingness. But we only know of the existence of the lich within Ooo, not before the great mushroom war, and most people believe that the Lich was actually a result of the mushroom bomb. Why is there no evidence of the Lich predating the Land of Ooo?

I wanted to include another theory from that awesome commenter Darth Goku:

I have a theory of my own that the Well of Power itself seen in the Lich’s Lair might actually be the Lich’s true form, while the original Lich we see in Mortal Folly is simply a vessel to contain its evil essence. I believe the creation of the Lich was likely the result of a complex chain of events. First there was the green Catalyst Comet, which was then somehow used in the creation of the Mushroom Bomb. After the Mushroom Bomb was detonated, the toxic waste that came out of it led to the creation of the Well of Power, which was the evil of the Catalyst Comet being released. Then, some poor soul who was likely trapped in that subway that would become the Lich Lair when the Mushroom bomb went off, and afterwards they possessed by the evil essense of the Well of Power, making them the vessel for the Well of Power’s evil, which manifested itself as the Lich.

So in a nutshell, the Mushroom Bomb created the Lich, but the evil essense from the bomb that created him has existed long before the Lich himself. The Well of Power bestows the Lich with all of his powers, and with that it perhaps also bestows him ancient knowledge as well, such as the knowledge of what the original state of the universe was. The Lich himself wasn’t there to see all that, but he is aware of it, likely because of his magic powers. Like with many people who use, it often involves learning about ancient knowledge and knowing about the secret history of the world that most normal people aren’t privy to, an example being how the Ice Crown whispered into Simon’s mind all the ancient secrets of how to control snow and ice, something which non-magic users would be unable to discover on their own.

If I were to use an example from another series, I’d say that the Lich is probably like Mumm-Ra from the ThunderCats. Mumm-Ra is an undead sorcerer, somewhat akin to the Lich, and he gets all of his power from the Ancient Spirits of Evil, who pretty much dominate his destiny by exerting their control over him, making it so that he cannot survive without them, granting him immortality in exchange for his eternal servitude to them. The Ancient Spirits of Evil are basically to Mumm-Ra what the Well of Power is to the Lich. If that’s the case, then could it be possible that the Lich is actually a servant to the Well of Power? Could it be that it is actually the will of the Well of Power for all life to be destroyed and not the Lich’s own, and that the Lich is simply a means for it to act out that desire, fulfilling the bidding of his master? What if the Lich was a originally human sorcerer or necromancer who gave up his soul to the Well of Power to gain immortality, but in exchange he had to become the Lich and serve the Well of Power forever?



I agree with you, but there is something i don’t understand. If this is how The Lich is the green comet, then how is Finn the blue comet? His existence isn’t alligned by the comet.
Is The Lich just the purest state of the comet while Finn only has some of it’s energy inside him?

Banana Cart says:

4:33 this could have happened

phillip lee says:

before their was anything their was nothing and before their was nothing their were monsters and before their were monsters their was horrors and before their were horrors their was death

kenzo keon gaming says:

HP lovecraft vibes

bear adams says:

Before there was time there was nothing and before there was nothing there were monsters….doesnt that mean that all the monsters died because then there was nothing meaning no monsters no anything?

Josh Rodriguez says:

“ow you are hurtin my belly” poor kid

Apophis says:

Preposterous! The Lich’s purpose is obviously to pass butter!

Peacuch says:

That ending was so cute xD I can’t even

wtfwasthat16 says:

I think the lich has to exist for balance in the world (s). Kind of like a ying yang thing. While Finn is a reincarnation if good and the comet, the lich is his opposite, being a comet of pure evil and death. This can be seen in crossover while the lich still finds a way to exist,our Finn (not farmworlds) has to travel to defeat him even in different dimensions. But that’s just my take.

TheOddBallMaster says:

9:33 wtf

Brandon Hawkins says:

Is there more islands more then the land of oo on the earth?



Adam Eason says:

6:01 that’s a screenshot from the show right?
looks like someone on the background team is a zelda fan!

Xavier Wendt says:

Ahhh using bloodbornes music huh

Myles W says:

I always loved that phrase, It seemed soothing.

Pero Korni says:

I have my own theory on the

We start with his speech in “Gold Stars”

“Before there was time, before there was anything,
There was nothing,
And before there was nothing, there were monsters ”

I belive the Lich was one of these monsters that pre-date everything.
GOLB was also one of these monsters, in fact, he was their ruler.
Or at least the strongest one since he can remove things from existence
Then something happened :
The multiverse came Into existence
This was the new cosmic order.
It’s most likely Primo’s boss was responsible for this.
All the monsters rebelled against this so they were dealt with.
The Lich was integrated into the cosmic order as the catalyst comet.

Evergreen(Evergreen) :
“this is no ordinary comet, it urges for our destruction”

This comet was definitely The Lich.
When it hit the ground it wiped out all the dinosaurs. He brought an end to an ere.
However his essence wasn’t released. Instead it was kept hidden in the remnants of the comet buried benith the crater
Where it was found by humans millions of years later.

Finn(Mortal Recoil) :
“Bleach, amoniak, gasoline, lighter fluid, I donno lady stuff, plutonium… ”

From this we get a good idea of what the MB was made out of since when the Lich poers all this into a bath tub it makes a tiny mushroom cloud and that green toxic waste.
This is what humans did once they found what is left of the green comet.
They used it to make a nuclear warhead.
But not just any nuclear weapon. This was the mushroom bomb.
When this bomb hit the ground the GMV ended.
With the destruction of probably someone’s capital city, most of Earth radiated and uninhabitable, and with The Lich being relised.
He brought an end to yet another era.

Marceline(Finn the Human) :
“1000 years ago my dear friend Simon Petrikov sacrificed himself to save this foolish and unworthy world of annihilation, the bomb would have bathed the land in mutagenic horror ”

The mushroom bomb not only gave birth to The Lich as we know him it also mutated the land creating all the wonderful and crazy things we see in the land of ooo.
Of course there are still dangerous areas like the badlands from” James” where the toxic zombies first seen in “Simon and Marcy” still live

Billy’s theme song(His Hero) :
“… And cast the Lich King down!.. ”

After the GMV The Lich was faced with an obstacles.
The here named Billy.
Billy was able to kick the Lich into a pool of amber in the Candy kingdom tree where it hardened and the Lich was defeated…. For now…
Also at this point the responsibility falls on PB to keep The Lich safe.

PB(Mortal Folly) :
“Beyond Iceberg Lake lies the Lich’s tower where he was wielding dark forces to destroy all of ooo, thankfully the hero Billy knocked him into the resedance of this tree where he was kept safe for hundreds of year- what the nuts! ”

Leave it to Finn and Jake to screw it all up.
The snail relised the Lich from his amber jail.
Here the Lich turns into shadows and into smoke. Here he could also fly… And shoot green flames from his hands,and rise the dead in the subway.
I belive the Lich’s powers depend on the vessel he is currently in. In farmworld that ended up being Jake.
Here it was just a human, possibly a necromancer.
The Lich gains power from his well wich is just a toxic pool.
It makes sense though considering the nuclear waste I where his councesnes lies
He was in the Mushroom bomb, and now the mushroom bomb is in every toxic puddle
This doesn’t mean there can be two Liches but it does mean the MB is the root of his strength now when he has a body.
So after this whole debacle The Lich spent a few seasons as a snail, killed Billy and got stuck in Prismo’s time room.

Prismo(Wake Up) :
“The Lich’s sole purpose is to couse massive death and destruction. And since he can’t do that in my time room he’s stuck. Like a machine with a purpose ”

All the Lich wants is to end life. His wish to Prismo was to destroy all life.
Everything he ever did was to destroy all life.
As the show went on it became more obvious what his purpose was. In Crossover he tried to destroy all dimensions. The Lich is single minded and that is his greatest weakness.

The Lich(Escape from the Citadel) :
You are alone child…
There’s only darkness for you and only death for your people
These ancients are just the beginning.
I will command a great and terrible army, and we will sail to a billion worlds.
We will sail until every light has been extinguish.
You are strong child but I am beyond strength.
I am the end…. And I have come for you, Finn”

The Lich calls the citadel prisoners ancients.
This I because they were the monsters that existed before existence. This is also why he has chosen the for his terrible army.
At this point Finn splashes the Lich with that citadel guardian blood and he turns into a baby.
The Lich’s vessel at that point was Billy. You can notice his skeleton is much taller than usual. Re-growing his flesh in this state would make Sweet P a baby version of Billy with the Lich still inside him.
The Lich now roams his dreams and nightmares and can take over like in “Gold Stars” when Sweet P was under extreme stress & fear.

The Lich(Whispers) :
“Yes, and while a mortal world doubts and questions, I know exactly what I am.
I am the ceaseless wheel, the last scholar of GOLB, I am your doom. ”

The Lich is the last scholar of GOLB.
The Lich is the ceaseless wheel.
This brings me back to the beginning of my theory. GOLB was the king of the ancient monster.
When the multiverse came into existence the beings who were in charge of it didn’t know what to do with these primordial gods.
GOLB was way to powerful to handle so they trapped him in between dimensions.
My guess is that all of these monsters cravedeath and destruction, The Lich simply wanted it the most. That’s why he was assign a purpose unlike everyone else.
As for the rest they were probably killed(somehow)
There were also the ones that escaped like Orgalorg.
Orgalorg was lucky though cause most of the ones that escaped were captured and put into a special prison made just for them – The Crystal Citadel.

Finn(Whispers) :
“Woah Sweet P you are a natural at this! ”

It’s unlikely Sweet P will turn evil again. The shadows on his face when he kills Jake Lich hand mach Billy’s headgear.
Since Sweet P came from Billy’s possessed skeleton it would seem he’ll be going in Billy’s own footsteps.

And that’s it really, that was my take on the Lich.
Whoever managed to get this far-thank you.

phillip lee says:

after their was everything their was nothing after their was nothing their was monsters and after their was monsters their were nothing and after their was nothing their was everything

Water Blaze says:

Does that mean Lich was a giant Boy (as he is now) but got transformed by this Power Well?

Amazing Red Lion says:

That was some nice deep and dark ASMR at the beginning of the video

Zobz says:

I prefer to think that massive death and extinction is what brought about the lich. We don’t know how exactly the lich came around in ooo, but in farm world, Big D and his gang for Wrecking up the village as well as Finn dropping the mushroom bomb on the area that Marceline was at which I’m certain killed a lot of people.

-Lol Gabe- says:

But he was possessing Billy’s bod when on the citadel so if that’s true, logically he’d restore his body Instead of the original victim. But I also think that since he’s still in Billy’s body, that also makes Sweet P have more Heroism.

Gleb Strelets says:

Life don’t oppose entropy. Life oppose disorganization. Organization isn’t opposite to entropy. Universe began “simple”, in one dot or singularity. It started to increase complexity and organization, but it’ll probably become very simple again. Life is just another reaction that make entropy go faster.

Ty Yang says:

U pass butter

Zack says:

Wtf was the my little pony part for?

Katherine Beckmann says:

4:32 where’s that from???

FunnyVash says:

Can someone give me like a 4 or less sentence summary

D4N OctEmber says:


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