31 Movie Review RANT (Rob Zombie, Horror)

Rob Zombie made another Rob Zombie movie because he heard you liked Rob Zombie movies. His latest is 31 where clowns and Malcolm Mcdowell trap dirty people in a warehouse and try to have hicks kill them. It’s got beards cursing and a lot of gross stuff but not fun, cool gross stuff. Like, you left something in the fridge too long gross or had to make out with someone after they ate Burger King from a garbage can. Anyways 31 stars of course Sherri Moon Zombie and stuff. Be sure to subscribe and check out our spoiler reivew up soon! Thanks for watching our 31 Review Rant! Hopefully there are some good horror movies coming soon.

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KXNG Hunter says:

I don’t understand how RZ thinks that loads of gore is required for a movie to be scary. His movies never really scare me, but they do make me uncomfortable. His characters are always white trash that get mutilated in the most brutal ways possible. Not to mention the camera work is like the camera man has Parkinson’s. The only movie he’s ever made that I’ve had been slightly interested in was the Halloween remake in 2007. Without the white trash that movie would have been fine.

Leonard Silva says:

I’m i the only one who loved house of 1000 corpse and devils rejects? Other than those two films , Rob Zombie is trash

Chosen 1 of the nonexistent God says:

1:32 That is not possible

Meg McGuiness says:

As a lover of Rob Zombie I was disappointed! I really liked Doom-Head, but all of the other “bad guys or “Heads” were lame. I thought if anything it’d be a fun gorefest, but it wasn’t even that. I didn’t understand how Malcolm McDowell and co. could be watching them if it’s 1976? I feel lile he cut some important little bits and like you said, there was no real ending! Sheri Moon ZZombie usually has some shining moments in other films, but this film fell flat for me.

Balls873576 says:

At least Rob makes some awesome music.

M P says:

This is an old one, but I agree completely. He relies too much on shock value, and it feels cheap. Because of that, you have a hard time caring about his characters. He makes them too “weird”, real people don’t act like his characters. At least none I want to root for. Not to mention he made Mike grunt and eat in front of me, that was the final straw. Don’t do a remake when you have said you think remakes are stupid, especially when Michael Myers is involved. He’s sacred.

What Did I Just Watch? says:

I hated this the first time I saw it, then I ended up watching it again to review it and for some weird reason, I liked it better the second time.

robert skurlock says:

Man, 31’s the most badass movie I’ve seen in my near 2 decade life! He’s the god of gory Horror films.

Dexter Rosselle says:

I fucking can’t stand any of his movies. Shaky camera out the ass. The dialogue could be written by a 10 year old. Not to mention, the only character his wife can play is an annoying bimbo slut

Andrew Gilliland says:

Agreed. Just finished this shit. I have enjoyed one or two of his flicks, bit this was AWFUL.

Sarah Elizabeth says:

Malcolm McDowell. …HOW do you go from A Clockwork Orange to this garbage? I dont get it. only teens and preteens these days would call this movie “awesome”. smh

Michael Moutsatsos says:

I said the same thing he STOLE The running man  all he knows his trailer trash movies and for God’s sake enough with your no talented wife in the films

Pop Skull says:

Why even review horror films?

Andrew Gennuso says:

I’m such a Rob zombie fan but this movie was trash. he can’t direct. or lost his nitch

Gman718 says:

Awesome Review!! You guys said exactly what I was thinking while watching this horrible movie.

Craig Norrie says:

imagine how good of a director Rob Zombie would be if he directed movies that weren’t written by himself lol. Funnily enough my favorite Rob Zombie movie is The Haunted World Of El Super Beasto, maybe he should try making more animated movies lol.

lachlan 5000 says:

i love this

Jay Dee says:

I love the majority of Zombie films. The main Villain in 31 made the film for me. That character alone is worth a watch. You guys hated on the redneck clowns with chainsaws, but they were my second favorite villains. It’s hard to appreciate Zombie’s constant portrayal of white trash if you didn’t grow up in a white trash community. I think he does a good job exaggerating the white trash theme to give city slickers a taste of what it can be like. There is nothing artistic and tasteful about alcoholic trailer trash, and Zombie hammers that point home in all his films that feature redneck characters.

Cyril says:

Spot. On. Review. I don’t know why RZ can’t get the fact that you have to give the audience someone to root for. Anti-heroes exist, but you have to set them up correctly- that “save the cat” moment that good screenwriters use. I hated all of these people- yes, Doom Head was a great nasty, but that old saying works both ways: your hero is only as good as your antagonist- well it’s hard to think your bad guy is that bad when you are rooting for him to kill all the fuckers!

19buseye71 says:

Rob Zombie is a hell of a musician but his movies go from okay to total crap.
How anybody can say that any of his movies are good really shows that they don’t no the difference between a good movie from a bad one.

SuperNuela says:

holloween 1 and 2 were decent, the devil’s rejects was decent, that’s about it, that salem shit fucking sucks so did 31 and the house of corpses (fucking gross) what about the “sex” girl? wow that was awful and sheri moon is fucking going backwards on her acting…really he’s murdering himself with these movies, I thought this was gonna be his redemption movie but it wasn’t at all and yeah, that fucking camera moves were soooooooooo rude that you don’t even understand what’s happening

jimmy Faust Jr says:

I hated the ending. or lack thereof. lol wtf rob

Leonel Castañarez says:

Rob Zombie’s filmmaker carrer is kinda weird….like i really like THE DEVIL’S REJECTS and THE LORDS OF SALEM was a really unique experience in the teathers! and i see HOUSE OF THE 1000 CORPSES…to me it’s a cult horror movie (in my personal opinion) but….i fucking hate his HALLOWEEN remake’s…the’re awful!

Garrett Rudd says:

I liked this movie, Richard Brake was the best part of the movie though.

Michael Moutsatsos says:

YOU GUYS ARE SO SPOT ON  the actor is not jamaican he’s form Welcome back Kotter  he plays boom boom Washington  I would love to be a third critic on your show 🙂

Eric Graff says:

You guys nailed it. TCM ripoff stupid ending.

Han Solo says:

You guys remind me of a Golden Age of Schmoes Know. You guys make good shit. Just earned a subscriber!

G -Watch says:

When you did the goth ” everyone fuckin sucks” impression , I was literally in tears laughing

Leove 619 says:

It’s like The hunger games got butt fucked by House of 1000 corpses…. The only good part was Richard Brake…

Damien Alexis Hammons says:

The music was good.I live in Tulsa and I know people that talk like Rob Zombie’s characters.I bought this movie at Wal-mart.

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