A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann and John Flickinger review A Nightmare on Elm Street, starring Heather Langenkamp, Johnny Depp, Robert Englund. Directed by Wes Craven.


Ian Scott says:

Can you review Last House on the Left?

Filip Orvik says:

You two together talking about anything if my favorite movie on Youtube.

Lycanvenom says:

No one respects candy corn and it makes me so sad.

Katarina Wychor says:

Think of how beneficial meth would have been in this movie…one of the only times it could have saved lives. Lol

Elijah Ford says:


Annatar says:

Review Scream, my favourite horror flick

Capucine N says:

Weeeeeeeeeeeelp, watched the first original (hate the remake) Nightmare on Elm Street and 3am… I have no basement sadly. I wasn’t scared per se, just widely amused at the movie.

KG says:

Those Die Hard edits were atrocious

JD says:

The ending was pushed by the film studio against wes cravens protest. He was made to film that ending.

SheyD78 says:

what, no review of 2, 3 and 4? Awwwww

Alex Wright says:

Dream Warriors is by far my favorite Nightmare On Elm Street movie. Has a great backstory, character development, and balance of horror and comedy.

Colechamdiceman says:

Flick looks like he’s losing muscle mass which makes him look a little sick. You ok, man?

tleeg74 says:

Chris stuckmann grew up in the boiler room with Freddy.

Trey says:

Seeing this at the MoPop museum in Seattle tonight!

BMV The Movie Fanatic says:

So this like Nightmare Man from Sarah Jane Adventures, like Day of the Clown is IT? Damn, SJA ballsy.

Barry Ward says:

The rubber doll of the mom being pulled through the door at the end is hilarious!

shadowlink793 says:

hey chris cool shirt man love shenron in the mortal kombat icon.

FountainFox Studios says:

Where’s the next hilariocity??? Still entertaining reviews though! Keep up the great work!

Tom Lazorik says:

Nightmare 2 is truly one of those movies where I cannot understand the hate. In my opinion it has one of the most terrifying scenes in the franchise: When Freddy busts his way out of Jessie and kills Grady. Overall, that movie still had the creepy music and atmosphere that you’d want from a Nightmare on Elm Street movie. Unlike everything that came after 3. That’s where the series started to plummet in my opinion, but New Nightmare was pretty good. 1, 2, 3 and New Nightmare each have something special to bring to the genre. PS Dream Warriors is one of my favorite horror movies of all time.

Jamie Laszlo says:

The two longest theater lines I was ever in were for Star Wars Episode II and Nightmare on Elm Street 2. Weird, huh?

SaltyPanda says:

12:48 when your mom catches you trying to sneak out.

Jane Terri says:

1984 sweep the leg, i like that shirt.

Jason Douglas says:

That’s exactly how I remember seeing Shocker.
I’d always see the box at video store in 80s & early 90s but never rented it.

Abhishek Mondal says:

Once you watch the film objectively, you realise how bad it is. Without the nostalgia goggles, this film doesn’t hold up at all. It holds up as a comedy, but not as a horror film.

Earl Chatterton says:

I like the original Elm Street but never thought it was that good. It was a fascinating concept and plenty of great ideas, but I don’t know why it never quite clicked for me. But it’s great to see Freddy actually played for real scares instead of the punchline machine he quickly became. That said, I think Dream Warriors is the best of the Nightmare films. I think Wes Craven did get better as a director the longer he went (as opposed to John Carpenter, who got worse). Elm Street was probably his best pre-90s movie, and after that he was more constantly good with Scream, Scream 2, New Nightmare, Red Eye, and, yes, Music Of The Heart. His segment in Paris, I Love You was great too. Shame about My Soul To Take and Vampire In Brooklyn!

Ostro1980 says:

SHOCKER should a Hilariocity

fun ghoul says:

Review Jacob’s Ladder

Pablo Mora says:

I’m only here for Chris Stuckmann’s dopeass Mortal Kombat x DBZ shirt

David Harris says:

Y’all are the best duo!

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