A Quiet Place (2018) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Horror Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru reviews A QUIET PLACE!

A QUIET PLACE (2018) written & directed by John Krasinski, co-written by Bryan Woods & Scott Beck, produced by Michael Bay, Andrew Form & Brad Fuller and stars Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe & Cade Woodard.

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scream queen shaw says:

I was really scared this was going to be just like it comes at night. However it had an actual Boogeyman in a sort of way where it comes at night did not!

Rita Toussaint says:

SO JEALOUS that you’re going to Monsterpalooza!!! Thanks for covering this film, I was super-curious about it <3

Phillip Marlowe says:

Oh man, I was hoping to catch you on Twitch to go in depth into this movie. I’ve been waiting for your review. I really enjoyed the movie, but there were some serious plot holes. My main grievance is that the one thing that hurts the monsters is so prevalent in society, that they would have all died out before humans even knew they were under attack. I felt the creatures were kind of plain looking, but I do like how thier heads are essentially artichokes with each leaf having mobility.

Erszabet says:

Yes! I’ve been waiting for this review!

derek evan says:

I wonder if it’s worth slowly chewing my popcorn the whole time. listening to everyone clear their breath and shit. thanks for the video, thats the final straw to see this now.

Jay Jeckel says:

I’m going to watch it eventually, but I already don’t buy the monsters and know I’ll spend the entire movie trying to figure out how these monsters took out the entire planet’s multiple military forces. Did anyone ever try to nuke these monsters? What are they made of that we can destroy bunkers buried hundreds of feet below solid rock, but we can’t blow these invaders up? We have bullets that can pierce stainless-steal-wrapped depleted-uranium tank armor and drones carrying hellfire missiles, but somehow these monsters destroyed civilization? I don’t think so.

I’m sure it is a decent enough movie, but, much like the premise of Looper, I’m just not buying it and that will keep me from enjoying any of the good stuff the movie has to offer.

wstine79 says:

One of the few “Written, Directed, and Starring…” movies that’s actually good. Nice review, Guru.

tonymuyo says:

I certainly hope I run into you and Jack at monsterpalooza this weekend!

Bilbo Baggins says:

Man you’re the man !!
It was pure coincidence that I ended up watching one of your videos and I’m damn glad I subscribed !!

Deacon SYNN says:

One correction she did not give him the batteries he took the batteries off the counter himself

Shark Wayne Presents says:

I was going to ask you or Jack about this movie since my bro brought up the movie… You haven’t let me down so far buddy so I’m gonna check it out. Thanks man! 😀

Platypus Laxative says:

Keep the lights the way they are. I feel like I’m going to heaven everytime I see your forehead.

Steve says:

1990 Tremors and 2016 Don’t Breathe were two better movies if you like the genre like A Quiet Place.

And they both had a storyline.

Maya Zulf says:

Yes, I can’t wait to see this. I’m going with my parents. I’m craving the never-ending tension of seeing it in a theatre.

Jon Stewart says:

The monsters look awesome and so creepy. The teeth on them are so big.

cgro2767 says:

Solid review, Guru! Saw the movie last night and really enjoyed it. Nice, fresh perspective on the monster genre. I’m glad some of these newer directors (Jordan Peele, John Krasinski, Mike Flanagan, etc.) are breathing some life into the horror genre these past few years. Anyway, enjoyed the video as always!

Satria Kurniawann Djaenal says:

Aw, man…I’d really love to meet you guys…too bad I’m halfway across the globe.

Anyway, that was way too bright, Guru.

Jordan Graham says:

Hell yeah, another awesome movie review by my favorite guru! Love the vids man 😉

55bueller says:

I’m so happy to have you review this film bro. I fucking adored it. Man you’re so fucking good at reviews!!

Jeff Demas says:

Had no idea you were part of CA, either way, meh.

Malefizia says:

Great review as always ^^ but i have to say that the mother giving birth that fast IS possible, especially after having already birthed three children before that one.
When i had my scond child, my roommate in the hospital had her son in less than five minutes! It was also her second child.
Same goes for my sister in law, also under ten minutes for her second babygirl.
So it IS possible. Just saying 🙂

MovieWizardReviews says:

When it comes to horror movies I have just started to watch you and Jackula’s reviews because we have similar tastes and I wanna know if the movie is worth my time/money. So glad to hear this movie is as awesome as it looks.

Al Hoyt says:

Everyone needs to go to a new website or make a new website for review critics. But I am idiot I have no idea how hard that will be. Well I can always hope.

Sebastian Diaconu says:

Roadtrip vlog?

scream queen shaw says:

I love the characters and without using very many words they still kept your attention. Sound was the main character in this movie and I loved how they used it. Too bad they couldn’t have figured out the whole sound thing a little sooner! Still a pretty good watch not really horror for me more of a sci-fi thriller

Jacob Matthew Crawford says:

The praise this movie is getting make me interested in checking it out. Not making any promises, but if I’m not too busy and my anxiety isn’t too bad, I might go see it…

Have a great time at Monsterpalooza dude!

I was sorry to hear about you leaving Channel Awesome. You do whatever you think is best. That whole situation is just a mess. I don’t know what the fuck’s gonna happen. Like you said, I hope things can work out for both sides. As it was sung in Mel Brooks’ The Twelve Chairs (1970)… “Hope for the best… Expect the worst!”

If it means anything; I love your content, you’re a very funny, likable, and talented guy, and I’m very happy to be one of your Gorehounds/Patrons. I’ll continue to support you as long as I can afford to. Good luck with everything and as usual, I look forward to your next video!

Dougs World says:


Daniel Giles says:

Thank you for uploading today. I needed something positive.

Cyndee Ro says:

Tears. I think all the hype surrounding this movie is misleading. Not a horror, not scary. Its a drama. Take out the monsters (such obvious CGI) its a chick flick. I was so excited from all the reviews and couldn’t wait to see it. And then I waited for it to be this amazing movie that everyone said it was….and then the credits were rolling. Sighs. Maybe I watched the wrong version or something

nicole3359 says:

Is there some sort of generic amazon link you can post to get a kickback from purchases? I buy a decent amount of shit from amazon but I rarely buy movies. I’d totally support your channel with all the other crap I buy though.

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