A Serbian Film — Horror Movie Review

Watching A Serbian Film was such a harrowing experience that I almost didn’t want to video a review for it… but I suppose people should know what they’re in for. I allude to some of the terrible things that happen in the film, but overall this review is spoiler-free.


Cvija says:

There’s a much better serbian horror movie with a similar story called “Life and Death of a Porno Gang” and it came out one year before the Serbian Film. Life and Death actually makes you feel very horrified by the violence happening, while Serbian Film goes so over the top you become numb and bored by it. As someone from Serbia I think the Serbian film is pretty bad.

Devin says:

Come back!!!!!!!!!!


Just watch this and wish i never did it’s fucking disgusting

Pichounator says:

Newborn porn!

I would agree regarding the level of characterization compared to most shock torture films. Another suggestion: Martyrs – not the remake. It’s scary because the characterization is there, but the film spoon feeds you the choice to not feel bad for the second victim: religion makes people choose evil, including you, audience member! Overall a sometime-poetic film that may be consumed as entertainment, yet offers plenty of depth.


Great review. Short, sweet, and very fair.

Jonathan says:

I can see why this film was banned in some countries now >_<

Iamthedeception says:

Salo was worse for me. I think Salo is the only movie that actually made me throw up during it.

beetzNgroovz says:

soviet politics?? apart from that, I liked your review.
if nothing else, this movie would maybe make people find serbia on a map, and it is NOT a part of the (ex) soviet union 😀 😀

iT BANDiT says:

Watch Antichrist. It’s another good flick along the same genre as this.

David York says:

I gave your vid a thumbs down just because you must have your dog with you…so insecure.

Hookie Doo says:

Are there any movies of kids fighting back against their attackers? Now that’s what I want to see. Children fighting back and sticking knives in the rapists throat, twisting and pulling. Hmm, might be a good shocker. But this time children go vigilante and all out against child rapists.

jason callan says:

that was a great movie but i could never post a review video of it. The same goes with Salo- 120 days of sodom (Cradle Of Filth used that movie for imspiration for their Babylon A.D. video). 😀

Dean Kakalowsky says:

I love your posh upper-class accent a lot!

FranBiz says:

Great review

rob Jackson says:

Great film

George Metesky says:

I also never want to see this Serbian film again. I would pay not to see it. I am not in favor of censorship, but I feel like the public should be protected from this filmmaker ever making another film, and every copy of A Serbian Film should be destroyed, voluntarily of course. If you really like such horribleness, it is your right but you may not come over to my house. Ever.

marko mitrovic says:

u have rly beauty eyes 😉 but u are like all the time talkinh chickeeen

Marko says:

Its many years after the movie, just by accident saw your video (yes, you, if you read)… Previously, even years ago watched many reviews on this film (cos I am Serbian ofc) and what surprised me about your unique review is – You are not Serbian and you GOT IT! You are actually only person out of hundreds who did review that got the point, which is not movie itself but wider picture of social, political and economic issues in Serbia, blockade by government, censorship, violence, fake ethics, etc, etc.
Film is absolutely sick but as main actor Sergej Trifunovic (character of insane director) described, its first movie in his career that he called mom to describe offered role and ask for advice, cos he thought it is absolutely sick and ruthless, on another hand could be geniusly… his mom said: yes, but you know… we live in sick world, this things are happening. Thanks for review, I liked it. Not a dog, review! 🙂

Miranda Smith says:

you’re so pretty!!

BileMonkey says:

Bambi took it too far. Killing Bambi’s mom. It’s all about context and the context is Bambi is a film aimed at young children. Not cool, Disney. Not cool.

Cvija says:

If for some reason any of you enjoyed the Serbian Film, there is another movie from this part of the world that’s basically the same plot, except told much better with much more impact when the violence actually happens. Check out “Life and Death of a Porno Gang” or “Život i smrt porno bande”. As I said, much better movie, screw the Serbian Film, it’s way too trashy.

Leah Katherine says:

i wasn’t surprised or really grossed out by the movie because it was so overrated and all of my friends warned me about it :p human centipede grossed me out more tbh but this movie was better quality and everything

Juan Valdez says:

Her accent changes from vid to vid…..hmm, she is one of those people…Well, ok then…yeah.

Kaylie Glenn says:

august undergrounds penance, im obsessed with sick fucked up films but penance was so fucked up it was hard to sit through.

Unknown User says:

I thought she is a ghost

marissa bens says:

At first youre like oh this movie isnt too bad smhh

bobmarley1ify says:

spoiler free? you tell what happens in the end after 90 seconds… not smart.

midnight15086 says:

A Serbian Film was sooo much more offensive in content than it was gory.  Which is refreshing for a disturbing type of movie. 

Travis Yanez says:

I know it sounds weird. But so many people are mortified, Terrified and supremely disturbed by this movie. But I’m not, I mean I watched most of this movie and non of it really disturbed me, or affected me, (just made me go yuck a little bit). And no Not because I’m sick just because I’m a strong minded person who can realise that its not real, (its fiction). Other than that thou I think this film is a really clever and an artistic movie in its own right of way. So I did like it yes. But I can understand W’y some would not enjoy this.

mobman47 says:

the movie that saw and can’t bring myself to watch again is August Underground Mordum and its sequel August Underground Penance

The Prisoner says:

A serbian film is the best disney movie is seen.

tetsuyanamamura says:

Jill Killington which movie is grosser? A Serbian Film or Nekromantik?

Mario Vlatkovic says:

I am from Serbia, and I’ve never heard of this movie! How did so many americans get to watch it, You tube is filled with reviews. It sounds like a well done garbage.

Cocoon Bloom says:

Great Review!

Jordy Faye says:

Nice review! You guys should check out my review of this film as well, I kinda have a different perspective from everyone else..,

J.J. Decay says:

A film can never go too far. For me anyway. But Marian Dora’s films are the most extreme films I have ever seen. Those and Subconscious Cruelty.

KandyKainePowdah says:

This movie got the ideas from real snuff videos that are online … I didn’t get the politics in it lol

Griffithdidnothingwrong says:

im surprised this fools got this movie to go out there’s a thing in horror and doing things but this whole movie is just disgusting trash this movie should never been allowed to even been released

zachary939 says:

Good review.
A Serbian Film was the hardest movie to finish that I’ve ever experienced.

DonDraperism says:

Jill I know this was awhile back and one of the reasons I chose to post is that I was in Starbucks and talking with one of the guys who works there and his roommate (a female) and I asked him if he’d ever heard of you because he likes classic horror films i.e. The Wolfman, Dracula (Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff) and he told me that he was familiar with your channel. We began talking about A Serbian Film and his roommate Nicole was totally offended and disgusted. She was so upset that either would watch a film like this that she got up and walked away. Either way I agree with you the movie is totally revolting and my personal opinion is that this has nothing to do with Serbian politics or war as much as it had to do with shocking people and making lots of money. The movie was utterly disgusting. I’ll never watch it again.

awooga07 says:

I liked this movie a lot. It just didn’t gross me out or make me feel uncomfortable I found it was a good story, good acting, great production values. 

Megan Foulkes-Williams says:

The entire film serves as an analogy to Serbia and its people, you touched on the politics slightly in the video, but the entire film revolves around the analogy. The ‘newborn porn’ and SPOILER*** the necrophilia at the end serves to show that the Serbian people feel as if they are f*cked by their government from when they’re born and it doesn’t even end after they die. It is a horrific film however i do like the analogy and the shocking way of getting their point across. Knowing that the film is about how the Serbian people feel made it slightly easier to watch.

Ant Devamp says:

The Director said ASF was about Government Force.  That frankly sounds like bullshit, but I’m not Serbian, and many Serbians I’ve spoken to (okay Serbian Americans) regard ASF as an art house classic.  The Director says a lot about politics actually…

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