American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock (2015) – Extreme Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the horror movie American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock directed by Marcus Koch and starring Norm J. Castellano, Dan Ellis, and Lillian McKinney
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The Horror Miser Monty G says:

I’ve heard about this film, this is supposed to be just as bad, style wise, as A Siberian Film. Have you seen The Faces of Death series Jay?

8675309Vicky says:

Good review for a bad movie. It bored me. I usually love extreme films (Martyrs, A Serbian Film, Atroz, etc…) but not this movie.

It didn’t have a plot (excepts for the loose plot one may gleam from the credits). The lack of plot, horrible dialogue, bad acting, boringness and such fake gore (couldn’t they have consulted an anatomy book?). Why did the guy act all hysterical with the spur on his back (back isn’t that sensitive) yet barely any reaction to the bone cutting.

Also they would have died of sepsis rather quickly (the use of “alcohol” doesn’t negate the need for antibiotics & sterile gloves much less the licking, lol, of the wounds). Maybe it’s because I have a background in medicine but it just seemed so fake….it’s been a long time since I was in human anatomy class but even a non-medically trained person should be able to see how unrealistic the “gore” was that was shown. The heart isn’t in the center of the chest and doesn’t even look like what they showed. Plus where was the fat, heck, even the muscle didn’t look right. I won’t even get started on the suturing (seriously you don’t use your fingers….hello, forceps, etc).

So much bad in this movie….I could forgive a lot if it at least had a plot (or a better “plot”).

Regardless of me disliking this movie, thank you for your review. I liked your review 🙂 despite immensely disliking this movie.

Thane Krios says:

This is awesome. I was waiting for a series like this on youtube for a while. It’s really interesting to see these underground movies being reviewed.

BootleggedPanda Gaming says:

I’m surprised you guys only have 2x,xxx subs. I thought you guys would have more than that.

The Horror Pit says:

Damn man you came into the video all gangster like. Felt like it was goin to bust into a rap video for a minute haha in all seriousness awesome content as always


YouTube Hero here.

Just thought I’d let you know that I went ahead and…

liked this video and want to see more.

dodson43 says:

Yeah this isn’t for causal viewers, this shit gets deep down in you for at least for a couple days or by your 4th glass of whiskey

The Rebel One says:

Extreme Underground it’s finally here…great start…I can’t wait for more!

Dave Means says:

wouldn’t bad acting aid to the film’s cause? these are supposed to be snuff films so ideally there should be no one acting just mindless violence portrayed as if it’s actually happened and you are watching something nobody was meant to see

bernieBrains says:

Poor Marcus Koch. I have heard his last name said like 10 different ways lol I still dont know the correct way. It probably would have taken forever but they should have had the B&W filter and have the blood and gore the only color. That would have really stood out. You should do Atroz from Unearthed Films.


now do the japanese ones

TheTonyahawk says:

Loved the review, but not really my type of film. I watch you reviews to find hidden gems that you find to be good, you always give a stellar review and they lets me base on weather to view or not. That shirt was wicked by the way.

Iliana Gonzalez says:

Great review, sounds much more interesting than the first installment. I’ll definitely check it out when I can

Carnelust says:

I think this review was a tad extra insightful than what we may be used to, perhaps because it was sans Crown Royal? 😉

Regarding the film itself I also find it a bit interesting they chose the black and white palate. It might be an attempt at being more “avant-garde” but I recall some of the original Frankenstein sequels from universal were shot in black and white because Jack Pierce felt the make-up on the monster didn’t quite look right in color and I think Tom Six said something similar about the The Human Centipede sequel as well.

Tim Webb says:

Extreme underground may be my new favourite segment on your channel 🙂 great work dude.

Ryan Oliveira says:

Hey Jay I’m not sure if it’s just me but at around a minute and a half Mark the audio and the and the video were off a couple seconds not sure if it’s just me or not but either way great video

Nathan Mcgee says:

Great review man! Really liking these series of reviews. I have never seen any of these movies because I ain’t the biggest extreme fan but I’m kinda curious especially with the Japanese one’s.

Aaron Wyeth says:

think I might check this out

evilzander1 says:

Helllll yeah!!! Thanks for the love for extreme indie horror.. can you guys review AGP’s Songs of Solomon!!!!

Ryan Oliveira says:


Coral Stirman says:

could you do a review of Gutterballs? its bad but i think its a good bad.

Dangitdan says:

Thanks so much for the kind words!

Roy Q says:

I’ve seen it all. From faces of death to a Serbian film and everything in between. After too many decapitation videos from the Middle East to Mexico. I find myself wanting more. Extreme cinema while I do enjoy it just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. I find myself wanting to watch what goes beyond extreme. Even more beyond those beheadings.

Ryan Oliveira says:

Hey jay is the audio video delay happening only occurring to me

sowwy says:

The ending was so bad (no spoilers)

James Schroeder says:

Will there be a way to get ahold of the guinea pig box set for a reasonable price in the future?

MiseryMagic says:

It was a cool movie, I prefer the japanese ones though.

TheGodOfPez says:

Sweet didn’t know this was out! Great review.

Hector Salazar says:

Will you take a look at the August underground trilogy I heard its messed up

TheMorefew says:

I got a couple for ya, they’re foreign, if that means anything

Salo, 120 days of sodom


Irreversible is kinda cool, I liked that one

Jonathan Altherr says:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a review of Phil Stevens’s Flowers….or Lung II !!!!!

Sunshine says:

do you think you could make a playlist of the extreme underground videos? I’m having a little trouble fishing for them

Kris Pavlov says:

perfect review as always
why so serious tho?

matei vaduva says:

I heard Marcus Koch is working at part 2 from 100 tears

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