April Fool’s Day – Horror Movie Review

April Fool’s Day is a 1986 American mystery horror film directed by Fred Walton and starring Deborah Foreman, Amy Steel, and Ken Olandt. The plot details a group of college students’ weekend getaway at the island estate of their wealthy classmate, which is infiltrated by a killer. The original music score was composed by Charles Bernstein.

It was filmed in British Columbia, Canada and has a largely American cast.

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Tim Harris says:

I pretty much share your feelings on this one, and you make some good points. Never really thought about how dumb that hospital scene is until you brought it up lol.

Joe Delly says:

hand full of cack lol

Timelord 007 says:

Excellent review mate you nailed the tone of this movie perfectly.

The ending would have benefited from the novels ending or had everyone killed so it would be a twist on a twist ending.

I was pissed off after watching this to find it was all a practical joke any drama built up was diluted away by the ending.

Strange how Biff Tannens in this film & George McFly is in Friday 13th Final Chapter, can’t believe Amy Steel turned down Friday 3 but agreed to star in this turkey.

Scott Gibbs says:

I think you missed the point of this movie. It’s a tongue-in-cheek satire of the slasher flick, made during the slasher flick’s heyday. I thought that was pretty ballsy. It’s a comedy. This is meant to be a true slasher flick in the same way Hot Fuzz was meant to be a true buddy cop movie. Good point about the sheriff calling from the hospital, though. That didn’t make any sense.

Amauri Litardi says:

good review dude ! greetings from Brazil

Movie Mayhem says:

Review the “Final destination”” franchise

Kyle Luckinbill says:

oh yea

collector1970 says:

I thought that this movie was very “original” in the way it ended,compared to most horror films. I think that they “purposely” compared the movie to Friday the 13th,to throw you off as a spectator,to have you thinking that this was just another “typical” slasher film. Because of this,I was very surprised at the ending,and wind up liking it a lot better then I thought I would. I loved it! And it made the title match the movie. I don’t think they spoiled the movie at all. There was no way to tell that that movie and all the murders were not real until the end. They could have just as easily played murder pranks on each other all through the movie,and then find out,that one of them really did die at the end. So there was no way you could have known that,unless you already seen it. You maybe could have suspected it,but not have known it for a fact until the end.

Grimm's Gaming and Horror says:

Man, I remember actually being kinda pissed when I first saw this back in the day, I was expecting a straight up slasher flick. But, that’s the joke. Now, I enjoy it for being an entertaining satire of the genre, that has some pretty damn funny moments.

But, for the love of whatever God you choose, STAY THE HELL AWAY from the dumpster fire that is the 2008 remake!!!

Also, the dog in F13th Part 2 was Muffin, Eric.

trexguy says:

I am proudly a part of this movie’s small fan base! A great spoof of slashers but yet still scary.
Fun review though.

HomewreckerHaHa says:

You people are clueless and don’t get it. This is a horror movie SATIRE of all the horror movie in the 80’s. This is an underrated movie and deserves all the recognition it can get for being so clever.

Volksfest Checker says:

Good review! Normally, I don’t like “spoilers”, but this time it’s ok! I haven’t seen this movie yet and now I know that I won’t…! X)

Brian Russell says:

I remember seeing this with a friend of mine over opening weekend, and coming out of so PISSED OFF!! Just a waste of time and money – was almost as bad as “Problem Child”!

HorrorGal says:

Oh…and I’m still here :D…my computer crashed and rebooted and updated and all that crap and ate my other comment on your Sleepaway Camp video LOL I’ll have to go put it back 😉

hfxmusicman says:

I love this movie. Own it on DVD. Great twist on the slasher film ending.

Heebert Geddies says:

this film parodied the slasher genre before scream did

The Late Late Horror Show says:

Great vid…Lovin the outake at the end…lol.

Kent Clark says:

Biff and George?

The Late Late Horror Show says:

Not that there anything wrong with that……lol. Also love when you walked in on the trailer. Great stuff.

HorrorGal says:

Heck yes…this is exactly what I needed after a loooong day and night of working 🙂 Excellent!


The day in the title has no bearing at all upon the entertainment value of Friday The 13th movies, so why was that so important to all these slasher movie makers?

Also, the fact that Ginny was late at the beginning of F13 2 is the real reason Paul made sure no one could find him at the end.

Peter Parker / Spider-Man says:

Hey Eric can you do the ghostbusters Franschise on your channel

weirdhorrordude says:

please, joke boy, watch the fucking movie. Please wright a script b4 u do a youtube video.

Dumb Bitch Karen says:

Really liked the movie.

The Book Fox says:

Hahaha!! I’m definitely in the minority when it comes to this film (although tbf, I’ve only seen it once and alcohol was involved) but I didn’t mind it! I personally thought it was a spoof which probably helped. Great review 😀

Lucas Ferreira says:

I love this movie!!!! When I was 12 I recorded it on VHS and I watched it to exhaustion. I love the atmosphere of the island and the 80s colors and feelings 🙂

Here in Brazil it is called something like “the night of the mortal jokes” hahahaha

I loved your review!!!!!!

videoj81 says:

If you only knew how much we all look forward to your videos. Sorry to be so selfish .

SRT8Driver says:

the most ridiculous movie ever filmed is an understatement, a ‘slasher/horror’ flick with no slashing/killing/murder? oh please! waste of time! you had to sit thru the worst acting on the planet on top of that! ugh!

Starr Smith says:

I should have known it was going to be a joke just by the title…..but hell the remake is worst!!!!

weirdhorrordude says:

bro dat mustash… u either got to FILL it out, or shave it.

The Interstellar Cast says:

Dude, is it just me…. or are you fucking baked? XD Maybe it’s just me… toasted… Lmfao

videoj81 says:

Welcome back !!! Stop taking so long , and thanks for the videos

TheGingerburger says:

When i first watched this i thought it was going to to people really killed but nobody believes people are dying because it’s April fool day which i think would have been a better way to go,i don’t know

BigLee1901 says:

One thing I always knew about that had no explanation was Skip, in the end when it’s revealed that Skip was Muffy’s twin and it turns out that he was in on the pranks, What’s the point of him being fooled/”killed” Unless I misunderstood what they were saying

Charles Smith says:

the new Eminem

weirdhorrordude says:

great mooovie

Joseph Martinez says:

actualy black cristmas started the holiday slasher craze

Shawn Bliss says:

Great movie and great review as always grasshopper lol

Justin Spector says:

I actually love this movie. I think it was almost a jab at the precense of the slasher film genre at the time. It is original kind of like Cabin in the woods in the present day.

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