August Underground’s Mordum (2003) – Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the movie August Underground’s Mordum from Toe Tag Pictures starring Cristie Whiles, Fred Vogel, and Michael Todd Schneider.
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Two friends bring along a newcomer to go on a killing spree.


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keep taking the b8 lol says:

I might check this out

Mr Blaktastik says:

I’m fairly sure that Maggot is Krusty’s brother, making the opening scene pretty fucked up.

mister roboto says:

Jay you need a IFC show horror, hip hop, and etc.

Love DicedTomatoes says:

I wish a member of the Bloodbath and Beyond posse was into slashers and would do a series like this on slashers cause your vids are always quality but I’m not the audience for ultra low budget movies that are extreme/disturbing.

Sam says:

Do The Poughkeepsie Tapes!

Joseph Charlesworth says:

I’m not a fan of this series at all tbh. I am however a fan of Fred Vogel’s other film Sella Turcica. That’s the only thing from Toe Tag that I’ve genuinely liked so far. Don’t know if you guys have reviewed that one yet but hope you do someday.

Jen LuvsHorror says:

Your tshirt is gorgeous! Thanks for this review. Never watched this movie

The Boogeyman says:

I’ve noticed a trend that it is very rare for really transgressive films to have good story. While I appreciate the pushing of boundaries, I gotta say I am a bit of a snob in that I just don’t really enjoy transgression for the sake of transgression.

You mention A Serbian Film and one of the things I find interesting about that one is that they attempted a traditional story in nontraditional ways. The story still had a beginning, middle and end, still mixed literal and metaphoric meaning, and still had a lot of depth amidst its depravity.

The best I can give a transgressive film with zero interest in telling a story is that it becomes an interesting demo reel for practical effects. But I quickly lose my patience for the experimental stuff.

Curious, have you seen the Lucifer Valentine stuff? I felt a lot of it was an experiment that didn’t work with a few exceptions in terms of the daring visuals that still haunts me.

SuperHDJ says:

I just dont get why these movies count as movies, there like if backyard wrestling was a horror movie

Tom Noddle says:

I’ll pass your a brave man

DeathMonsterMunchie25000 FuckALastName says:

Fred is a great dude, really soft and well spoken. I wonder how he convinced the actors to be in these movies lol

Darth Zenian says:

I love gory stuff. Thanks for the recommendation!

SE Beller says:

hard pass…thanks for the warning – lol

ferox965 says:

Do Headless. Insane flick.

Ash jones says:

Yikes…I’m into absolutely everything fucked up..but this damn august underground be killers yo..ive seen em all smfh

Horror Fan93 says:

Was looking foward to this!, awesome review like always

Michelle Hernandez says:

I can only assume Slaughtered Vomit Dolls are or The Vomit Gore Trilogy is next

Castiel Baby says:

I love you guys and this channel. I love horror movies but I hate gore. I my opinion a good disturbing horror movie can be very disturbing without the gore and torture.

XXDoubleHHXX says:

I like horror but this, this is wrong

Chayce says:

I am literally never going to watch these types of movies but I do love watching reviews of them.

Tim Webb says:

The guy who runs Mckamey Manor faps to the August underground series…

Racer X says:

Man sounds gorey and should checked it out? Will you ever review Pink Flamingos?

Aaron Shouting says:

Great review!
I watched this movie once and never again. I don’t know if it was the shaky camera quality or what I was watching before my eyes, that made me feel nauseous, but the film definitely did its job! You should review Ichi the Killer next

Jay Shupp says:

I’ve never understood the appeal of these movies. No plot, no storyline, just perverse cruelty and torture. I don’t get it?

Raven House Mystery says:

Great job on these reviews, Jay. While I may not be a fan of this horror sub-genre, it’s nice to hear from someone who has a passion for it and knows what he likes.

ferox965 says:

This is the most brutal of the three. This and Headless are probably the most violent movies I’ve ever seen

jason callan says:

This movie was so cute. 🙂

Tim Webb says:

Have you lost weight dude?!? Lookin good my man. Great review of a relatively well made pseudo-snuff movie.

bazzx says:

Nice review ! Michael Todd Schneider does a lot of awesome work. Maggot Films rprznt !! grtz from Belgium !

Nellie Price says:

I feel this one was the more extreme and disgusting than the others. It was the first one gyped up. Probably the best one of the three for what ever thats worth.

Vadi4ka says:

Review Atroz!!!

Death Central says:

Damn, i don’t wonder why i never saw these anywhere!

pjmcray101 says:

Jay more power to you man. I don’t think i can handle watching any of the August Underground films. Btw good review

Ryan Cheek says:

Great vid Jay

Bourbon Ernie says:

This one was my grandma’s favorite before she passed. I think the biggest downside of this movie is it’s annoying as hell. Everyone’s always screaming at each other.

Ryan Frieman says:

Love this series!!!

JarrouaniFan says:

Honestly, never seen a movie by Lucifer Valentine. Do you have an opinion on his works? Is it horror or more disturbing-experimental filmmaking?

Mario riestra vila says:

The self harm scenes were actually real. I heard the guts were possibly pig guts but I don’t know. Vogel and Maggot were pretty fine acting for a good part of the film but for some reason there are some scenes were they seem to overact too much their lines of dialogue, but when you think about it some of the scenes run for too long and repeating them over and over until the acting was flawless would have been a living hell especially since it was so humilliating for the actors who play the victims. I actually loved Christie While’s performance, she was the one who felt more natural. Also Maggot is actually Crusty’s brother and his character is supposed to have some type of mental disability or severe psychosis, hence the strange and erratic way he talks and moves. As a normal movie supposed to be well shot and have a very deep story I give it half an overdose out of 5, but as a found footage simulated snuff movie I give it 3,5 out of 5. It actually has a little bit of story but very few and if you pay attention to it it actually makes a lot of sense, although you have to guess some things.

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