Basket Case (1982) – Blood Splattered Cinema (Horror Movie Review)

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This week on The Horror Guru reviews Frank Henenlotter’s BASKET CASE!

BASKET CASE (1982) was written/directed by Frank Henenlotter and stars Kevin Van Hentenryck, Terri Susan Smith, Beverly Bonner, Robert Vogel, Diana Browne, Lloyd Pace, Bill Freeman, Joe Clarke, Richard Pierce, Kerry Ruff & Tom Robinson. Music by Gus Russo.

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Jeremy Jenkins says:

About the new Tool album, they’re working on it. They might have it done and should be released sometime this year.

Nikolas Mace says:

Can you look at Godzilla Planet of the Monsters???????????

Mike Neu says:

I remember renting this movie at a Blockbuster for the first time as a teenager exploring cult films in the early 2000s. It’s unique blend of cheese comedy and crafty horror effects always struck a chord with me. Love it for all the reasons you pointed out. Great video!

Otter Paw Studios says:

You just HAD to bring up that Tool album! Also, if you haven’t picked up Arrow Video’s 2-disc ‘Brain Damage’ blu-ray, it’s glorious.

Kim Persson says:

PLEASE do Head Case! Maybe even the whole series!!!

Chasformer says:

Do you have the time to listen to me whine
About nothing and everything all at once

Ivivion says:


MiscellaneousSoup says:

Woot woot!

KrazyKarl says:

Unholy shit I forgot Masked slasher got a new mask

Father Gaspard says:

That’s playing next month at our local Grindhouse

Daniel Giles says:

Fuck yeah cuddle guru in my ass!

Brett The best says:

Wait 2 months since the last blood splattered cinema
Fuck Christmas, this is what I want to celebrate

Ryan Downey says:

Glad to have you back making reviews!

Word Unheard says:

Blood Splattered Cinema is back? Fuck yeah. Way to kick off the new year!

Jami JoAnne Russell says:

Can I just say I love that BSC is back? I love all your videos, of course. You could do a vlog on reviewing the alphabet and I’d watch it and give a thumbs up. But I’ve missed seeing you and Jack do skits. I’ve missed the Masked Slasher so very much – though I will admit I miss Uncle Varney more. (What can I say? I’m a sucker for vampires, even dead ones. I really wish Jack would come out with a “Uncle Varney Fangirl” t-shirt for me to buy with Uncle Varney in the middle of a big old anatomically correct bleeding heart.) In fact, I loved this video so much I just added Basket Case 1 & 2 to my Netflix queue. Sadly, Netflix doesn’t have Basket Case 3, but maybe if enough people ask…..

CAGoodiegoodie says:

This was so good

Joe Jackman says:

Be proud of the lack of green day references.

Cassy Black says:

You always do have such fantastic choices for the films you highlight, and is always so informative. I knew some of the trivia here but not always the reasons, so this was fun to find out ^_^

justin denney-hall says:

The Horror Guru How is your existence lonely ? You’ve got Count Jackula, the masked slasher, and that weird brony jester LOL !!!!

Andrew R. says:

Good to have you back, Josh.

Morte Renatus says:

These jokes shit too funny man love you vids can’t wait to see more I hope you plan on doing vids on 2 and 3

Kyle Brown says:

Yes! New blood splattered cinema has officially made this mundane morning of mine soooooooo much better. You and Jack are my favorite horror reviewers.

Colin Jenson says:

great review ! love it

Apostolos Christou says:

Quality content once again !

John O ́neil says:

I dunno why but that Manson gibberish clip always makes me laugh

Jester productions says:

That intro was wonderful

Judson Joist says:

8:11 He looks less like a *flesh* and more like a shrunken *pseudogiant.* (Keep it cheeki breeki.)
12:54 * *insert Freudian interpretation involving Eros and Thanatos* *
13:58 How were they able to use the name “Hellfire Club?” There was a Hellfire Club in England hundreds of years earlier.
14:20 “Siamese twins” is not the preferred nomenclature.
17:32 Thought I had all those back in the ’80s. Guess I only had most of them. Remember “Rocks and Bugs and Things?”

Otaking Mikohani says:

4:39 Mario? Hotel? There’s a CDi joke here somewhere…

Drakkar Tyrannis says:

First off….Guru please never stop making these..I seriously cherish them. Secondly, BASKET CASE! FUCK YEAH. I remember seeing the third one first as a kid and it was everything I loved about B movies. PLEASE tell me you’ll do the other 2. Oh yeah..and “I have no dick, so I must scream” is literally the best thing ever and it’s my new Facebook status.

shawmere mercer says:

Hell yeah !!!! Epic as always

Architect of Gods says:

Praise the old ones, he’s back!

Brian Barnes says:

What did we do to deserve such riches? Two great episodes, the return continues! Henelotter actually has another import bit outside his films, in that he’s done a lot to help push other exploitation and low budget filming.

charles cherris says:

Good to see you and Jack doing videos again. Although, I really wish Count Jackula would start doing his own reviews as well. I’m not trying to be a pain, I just really miss his crazy style of reviewing.

Anthony Kulik says:

Not bad buddy, I really enjoyed your review

Satria Kurniawan Djaenal says:

So this is what you have been doing, Guru…I was wondering where all the vlogs went. I thought you’d at least review Bird Box.

BTW, you’re gonna do the sequels, right?

Sean Bateman says:

Masked Slasher is a genius. Now, you need to do Basket Case 2 and 3!

Ariella Kahan-Harth says:

Mr. Guru, if you’re mind-melding with Charles Manson, you might want to keep your guard up against a certain blue-haired man from Michigan. I’ve heard he’ll put all sorts of terrible ideas in your head, and if he finds out about mind-melding, it might be over for all of us.

Helen McLaughlan says:

Simply magnificent Horror Guru.

RedDeadEd says:

I totally forgot that you hadn’t reviewed this yet. Glad to see it up!!

Jacob Matthew Crawford says:

Great review! Really funny and I loved all the trivia. My favorite gags were the stalking plant, “You’re so dam cute Q!”, and of course, Belial’s music…

For both the review and the movie I say, “Fucking hilarious!”

Can’t wait to see what the next film you pick to review will be!

Dominic Dirtbag says:

I remember catching this at a horror night in a club in Berlin with Mothangel. We both enjoyed it for pretty much the same reasons, that it was schlocky, but endearing.

KrazyKarl says:

that had to be the best ad revenue joke i’ve seen

Emily MacIsaac says:

My cat is named belial, so this is essential viewing!!!

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