Beneath (2013) – Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the horror movie Beneath directed by Larry Fessenden and starring Daniel Zovatto, Bonnie Dennison, Chris Conroy, and Mackenzie Rosman.
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Six high school seniors celebrating with day’s excursion find themselves on rowboat attacked by man-eating fish and must decide who must be sacrificed as they fight their way back to shore.


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Ciera Marshall says:

Can u react to smiley plz

Jeremy Jenkins says:

Great Review. Lol at Ruthie Booties that was hilarious.

Romans Tactical says:


Lucifers Apprentice says:

Review Prince of Darkness.

R.J. Macasa says:

you should do “Cold Prey” and “Cold Prey 2” those were some good ass Norwegian slasher flick.

CZsWorld says:

Weren’t there two movies named Beneath that year?

Justthatboychris - says:

I like the movie and kinda not because everyone dies in the end I want the nerd to live but nope

Harry Parsons says:

Jeremy Wade should be in one of these monster fish movies. That would be awesome.

Dean Greasley says:

Review Big Bad Wolf.

I'm Batman27 says:

This movie looks pretty interesting; from the clips you guys showed the fish looks awesome; good thing it’s practicle, b cause usually CG monsters look exactly that-CG, so I always appreciate a good practicle monster, especially when they look good. I may have to check this one out some time.

Stephen Mondelli says:

This is easily my favorite YouTube channel hands down. If you haven’t subscribed, do yourself a favor and subscribe!

shark boy Freddy says:

Reivew shark swarm

Deadman 42 says:




The Rebel One says:

It was pretty good…I saw it on Chiller!

Thomas Shelton says:

The fish itself does look kinda goofy, but the way it moves, goddamn, it just looks so natural, so real. Props to whoever pulled that off because that was amazing.

Rafael Trivino says:

That fish was a scary son of a bitch. I thought it was a giant catfish the last time I saw it.

Dead Tide Hero says:

Review “A Serbian Film” you might like it.

Anthony Kulik says:

maybe not having a reason why the fish is there is what makes this particular horror movie good. although I am sick of movies like these jumping on the JAWS bandwagon

Janice Ward says:

I love this movie,it is just a fun movie. You guys are so very right,it is a shout at the screen film. I mean really,you vote to throw people off the boat,before even checking bags and backpacks for items to use. Lol

Tajh Steer says:

Please please please review Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark and Planet Of the Sharks

Insanity jack says:

can you review animal

Jennifer Brewer says:

A lot of viewers missed the point of this film.

Josh Link says:

What does his arm tattoo say?! I can’t figure it out?! Where Woodward?

TheJericho1123 says:

the fish was a goofy looking bastard, he`s the Minya of killer fish.

Michael Haase says:

Coming soon! Beneath 2: History of the Fish! (Fishtory?) Heheheh!

ItsTheHaos says:

You guys should review the movie “Frankenfish” or the “Snakehead” series!

silja lin says:

Hehehe lol…. Deek…. I got that joke


so basically.. its creepshow the raft meets open water on a lake

Omar Shoqar says:

insane quality

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