Better Watch Out (2017) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Horror Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru & Count Jackula review BETTER WATCH OUT!

BETTER WATCH OUT (2017) was written/directed by Chris Peckover, co-written by Zack Kahn and stars Olivia DeJonge, Levi Miller, Ed Oxenbould, Dacre Montgomery, Aleks Mikic, Patrick Warburton & Virginia Madsen.

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Retro Ray says:

Love the channel happy holidays boys!

Tyler Eschberger says:

I could’t fucking stand this film. I have a high tolerance for despicable characters…but Levi Millers character was so hateable I couldn’t enjoy the film. I just wanted him to die slowly and painfully. Its well made, but this fucking kid single-handedly ruined it for me.

Daniel Giles says:


Wrightgrlgnebd says:

Another great review. So glad to see Jackula and Horror Guru back again. I was wondering about this movie.

hahajackson says:

This movie owns

Michael Dunn says:

Love that we have another great Christmas horror film.

HorrorFanaticx25 says:

Great Review! Definetly One Of My Favorite Christmas Horror Films!

Ronda Collins says:

Not that it really matters, but the actor who played the douchebag ex in this was also the douchebag stepbrother in Stranger Things (season) 2.

License Plate Jacket Radio says:

Hey guys are you gonna watch end of the f***ing world on Netflix if not you should it’s super good

Nas says:


I loved the whole clean up sequence after he kills that girl, it reminded me of what this movie is parodying, Home Alone. It was really goofy and silly slapstick humor, but he’s like framing a murder. Especially that whole scene where he’s trying to get into his room through the roof, and he drops the candy cane decoration, and picks it up again. It was hilarious. They could totally make a sequel. It could be like Halloween 2. A cat and mouse game in the hospital between the kid and the babysitter.

TOMBZ23 says:

Good film. Glad you’re doing more vlogs. I love your taste.

Cherzo says:

Great review again. Merry Christmas to you both

Jonathan Betancourt says:

i want to sugest that you explained these movies, not only reviewing them and telling part of the plot and not telling the ending, explain the ending and shit, and also put some images of the movies on some part of the videos. ps,I really like your videos

robiu013 says:

oh look, jackula is still alive

Manuel Fong says:

The needle drop is movie reviewer now!

San Qiang Li says:

Ay! The Count’s back!


i watched this whole movie and never once suspected Australian film making. cool info. loved the movie.


I totally thought he was going to rape her the hills have eyes style I was like please no the girl was so sweet and nice.

megan b says:

i wish it was out in Australia

John O ́neil says:

And a Bloody Christmas to all!

Zachary Haith says:

The babysitter and best friend were the kids in The Visit.

Starr Clarke says:

I haven’t seen this yet. But I very much doubt it has an “agenda” as obnoxious as Red Christmas. Dee Wallace did nothing to help that movie

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