Bird Box (2018) Spoiler Free NETFLIX HORROR FILM review

Have you guys seen Netflix’s Bird Box (2018)?!

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Steph GD says:

The book is amazing but the film was just okay.

Ryan Frieman says:

A Quiet Mist!! Love Sandra Bullock!!!

smileysammi says:

YAY! You watched it! 😀 so glad you liked it, I found it quite disturbing in the element that what they see they instantly result in killing themselves. Man it has to be some messed up stuff they see!

horror ghoul says:

Loved this one too! Better than A Quiet Place for me.

boomshanker7 says:

Haven’t seen it yet but now I’m gonna!

Craig Johnson says:

Watched it this afternoon and really enjoyed it. Great performances all round. Very well done.

Fenrir says:

I hated A Quiet Place sooo much! It was hyped a lot and called “a revolution for horror movies”. What it actually was was a movie mainstream cinema thinks horror fans like. It was pretentious, boring, and had a ridiculous CGI monster.
Bird Box does look a lot more promising, I gotta admit, but if it’s anything like AQP other than the fact that you can’t use one of your senses, then I’ll simply have to pass. We’ll see…

Raven House Mystery says:

Thanks for the review, Emma. I will definitely check Bird Box out as soon as I can

Jasper Fen says:

I have been meaning to read the book forever but never have. I think I will die them as soon as I get back from Christmas vacation and go ahead and give this a watch, since I have Netflix. Your review make it sound like it is right up my alley. Thanks again!

MauricioMR04 says:

Well, it’s more like A Quiet Place and The Happening, there’s no creatures so The Mist doesn’t fit, and all the crazy things that some of the characters do to survive that’s the only thing of the mist that fits here, but that also happened in the happening

Ben Eales says:

Personally didn’t like this movie, but I’m glad everyone else is enjoying this film so much.

Krutonium Swimwamly says:

I liked it. It made me think of the Stephen King novel Cell partly in the threat but mainly in the collapse of civilization.

Daniel Kings says:

These movie waa a dumb and dull no wonder it didnt make it to theaters

Random Horror says:

Oh why I’m seeing this love Sandra Bullock and the look of the supporting cast.

Roll Credits says:

I was actually going to skip this one but you’ve definitely convinced me Emma. I’m thinking I’ll watch it tonight.

Cat Nigger says:

I saw this movie on netflix

sean erschen says:

Great review! I really enjoyed the film. Yes it did have A Quiet Place elements but it stands on its own. The first 20 minutes is thrilling and scary.

theONLYsunwolf says:

Dude. When I put up my review of this for Letterboxd yesterday, I said it was a cross between ‘A Quiet Place’ and ‘The Mist’ with a lot of M Night Shyamalan’s ‘The Happening’ sprinkled in. How’s that for great minds thinking alike? Nice work, Emma. 🙂

silja lin says:

I watched this one on the train yesterday. I really liked it and got a bit embarrassed that I almost started crying in a train car stuffed with people xD I was so surprised to see Susanne Bier’s name in the credits! I mean I’m surprised everytime I spot one of my countrymen in American movies. Susanne has made a lot of really cool and interesting movies so I’m happy to see that she’s still around and getting recognized. She was a big shot director in Denmark in the 90s and 2000s.
Also, Tom was best boy. T.T<3

Jaymie Conkle says:

Man, this movie. I had double eye surgery over the summer, so I definitely had a visceral reaction to this film. I was terrified for the characters and was biting my knuckles the whole time. Amazing movie, great cast with great chemistry.

Rachel Robert Davies says:

I watched this last night with some friends. I really enjoyed it. My friends wanted something ‘more’ to happen.. Great that you covered it Emma!

Solomon Dow says:

I was greatly anticipating this film & i loved everything except the ending. The happy ending seemed tacked on, especially since the last scenes were implying a much sadder ending.

The Late Late Horror Show says:

This one sounds good. Loved a quiet place.

texasofmyheart says:

Being stuck in a house with Machine Gun Kelly – the horror!!!

stoner piglet says:

and also merry christmas

chboskyy says:

I’ve been meaning to watch this one, I read the book a few years ago. I didn’t love it as much as other people, but I feel like it’ll translate really well to a film!

Scot L says:

I was going to watch but I wasted too much time on the internet. Glad you liked it. Maybe I’ll watch tonight with my daughter. They released it here in South Carolina on Netflix and in ‘selected theaters’ . Marketing experiment?

midnightmosesuk says:

I fell asleep….

hayon hayon says:

I saw this last night, firstly I’m a big fan of the book, it’s a tight, claustrophobic read they really draws you in. So I was really stoked when I heard it was being made into a film
The film although very well made and beautifully shot was a bit of a disappointment to me. The acting was superb, Sandra Bullock was at the top of her game here but I don’t think it fully conveyed the sheer horror of what was happening outside.
I might have to watch it again to give it another go though.
Oh I did rate Tom Hollander in it, very creepy and do used to seeing him as a lovely vicar in UK show Rev.
Great review as usual.

Ginger Rogers says:

After your review I watched birdbox and loved it ,yes there was loads of tension keeping me hooked .

Mike DeGroot says:

Decent but really overrated. I mean the “rules” didn’t make any sense. You can’t look at…whatever it is, which is everywhere except inside? Somehow see-through blankets and blindfolds stop them. And by them I mean the blowing leaves and voices? Not to mention that there is absolutely no resolution or explanation at all. It just ends. It looks nice and the acting is okay, but it’s just The Happening mixed with The Quiet Place.

Quantum Paradox says:

The ending of this film is beyond horrible and everything that precedes it isn’t much better. Good performances by most of the cast cant lift the absolute borefest that this movie is.

stoner piglet says:

i dont understand the ending of bird box do they blind themselves or just get warned by birds when the demon comes

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