Black Christmas (1974) – Blood Splattered Cinema (Horror Movie Review)

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This week it’s the fourth BLOOD SPLATTERED CHRISTMAS SPECIAL as The Horror Guru tackles Bob Clark’s sorority slaying slashterpiece BLACK CHRISTMAS.


Caine7ify says:

Thank you, Jon Snow.

John Hintergardt says:

I like the remake better than the original.

Rayn Wolfsbane says:

Dude you should totally do a review of The Prowler. It’s an underrated gem.

Justin Williams says:

14:55 geez man, for a second I actually thought that was a part of the film. That was nicely done.

Sean Bateman says:

Gory Christmans, Horror Guru! We need more of these

Joe says:

I see what you did there

James Coppolino says:

Black Christmas>Halloween

Brandon Lightning says:

DESTIEL Oh my god lmfao

sparkle_goat says:

still hard to believe this was done by the director of a Christmas Story.

Mark Smith says:

Let me get this straight. Every time the psycho kills someone he makes a phone call. If that’s true, then he killed the girl at the end because the phone rings during the closing credits.

GrimlyFiendish says:

If anyone thinks this is the first “Slasher” movie then they haven’t seen many older movies. Plenty of movies before this one had the same elements. Look at Blood and Black Lace from 1964 a full decade before this.

StCerberusEngel says:

Just re-watched this video for probably the 20th time. This is a movie that I’ve made it my personal mission to get people to see. I absolutely love it, and I know there are far too many people that haven’t seen it. Honestly, it kind of gets on my nerves when people give Halloween sole credit for kicking off slashers. While it deserves a lot of credit for popularizing it, there are other movies that paved the way for the 80s genre boom that don’t get their due. And from a personal perspective, this movie is far more effective at creating tension and creeping the ever-loving fuck out of me than Carpenter’s masterpiece was. And that’s saying a lot considering how good and how important Halloween was. But you can’t talk about Black Christmas without comparing the two, and to me, this was one step above its spiritual successor in terms of tone, camera work, and direction.

It kind of feels like comparing Humphrey Bogart’s performance in Casablanca to Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Both films are fantastic, historically significant masterworks with a great cast and fantastic writing and directing. But while Casablanca is the better known film that gets all the attention, Treasure of the Sierra Madre is in my opinion, an underrated, under-watched masterwork that showcases Bogart’s acting ability far better and has a much more entertaining, memorable cast of characters. The story has been homaged and parodied several times over. Not to mention, giving us one of the most quoted and parodied lines in movie history about the necessity of possessing badges.

I guess I have an affinity for popularly overlooked films, but damn if they aren’t usually some of the best things out there.

sarah98917 says:

The boyfriend is an asshole

Cm Mosher says:

So…. guru doesn’t think Psycho and Texas Chain saw Massacre are equally important.

Chaos Bearded Gaming and more says:

Your channel is dead

nicky bareau says:

fucking brilliant sub’d of course this channel is gonna be big! great work!!!!

Lone Wolf says:

Great review! I still can’t decide which horror film is my all-time fave between Halloween and Black Christmas. Halloween was simple but very effective. Black Christmas was scarier and had an ending on par with Halloween. I’ll have to watch them both later.

NothingExotic says:

narutoball z

resmediamarketing says:

A great review… loved it. You put so much work/detail in to your videos and it shows! Another amazing vid!@

Maggie Koch says:

Would you consider reviewing Wes Craven’s “Scream”? I have heard mixed reviews, and would like to hear your personal views. Also, I’m a Matthew Lillard fan, despite his cornball roles.

You Equipped Socks says:

Just found your channel, you deserve a lot more subs dude!

RazorFriendly says:

I love your commentary! You should do a review of Tourist Trap

Lesa Jackson says:

I love watching slasher movie I start watching horror movie at the age 6 I am 35 now I be 36 July 16

gyayblin says:

the sequel for black Christmas should be called purple arbor day

fawkes2013 says:

wtf opening wtf

TheBurning1981 says:

Great review and very funny as always! This is one if the few films that actually scared me.

Steve Merlo says:

My 2nd favourite horror film! My indie short film Unseen was heavily inspired by Black Christmas. Check out the trailer 🙂

87CHUD says:

…No recognition of “My Bloody Valentine” being a Canadian classic, nor this game changer?! Hopefully this will be rectified with future reviews (e.g. Death Dream, Prom Night etc.).
Also, I was at a Q&A with Carpenter a few years ago around All’s Hallows Eve, and someone beat me to the punch about asking him about the influence about Clark’s masterpiece. John shat all over “Black Christmas”, which kind of made me loose a little bit of respect for the chap.


talk about speed dial

Joey Eckley says:

How do you feel about the remake? I saw it when I was a kid and remembering it scaring me and then making me laugh because Billy’s skin glows yellow in it

NothingExotic says:

narutoball z

Gregory House says:

5:55 Goodbye Honey, I’m on my way to date Samantha Eggar!

Norton Mcd says:

Unbelievable slasher film. That part where Jess runs down the stair to unlock the door and the psychopath killer grabs her hair scared the bejesus out of me. Definitely one of the most scariest slasher films I’ve ever seen and it deserves more commendation.

Star Child says:

“Oh Mr. Kringle…” (oh boy)

Joanne Nelson says:

“You gotta put you pecker back in your pants!” Best Statement ever said! XD

Andrew Shuster says:

I don’t get the ending, so did the killer Billie survive and peter wasn’t the killer?

55bueller says:

Nothing like a good fluffy pussy!!

Kneel Aurmstrang says:

I disagree, I believe it is an equal decision if it is with your partner

Daniel Ross says:

I never seen this movie before I have to seek it out for my collection!

Warren Moore says:

I remember the poster terrified me as a child. It was playing at a duplex moviehouse next to “The Christmas that Almost Wasn’t.” (A “”G” rated children’s film.) I always remembered the poster and I would think about it….then about 10 years ago, people started talking about it again. It seemed to had gone into oblivion.

mikedawgx01 says:

To be fair, that’s less minstrel show black face and more inverted juggalo paint.

Jeffrey314159 says:

Let’s not overcredit this film! The very first slasher of them all was PSYCHO from 1960!
Personally I think BLOODSHACK from 1971 was the first modern slasher.

Anonymous Person says:

I watched this film for the first time recently after hearing comparisons to Halloween. I absolutely loved it and it is now one of my favourite films of all time.

Troy Schulz says:

My favorite Christmas movie of all time.

Cathal hendron says:

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NothingExotic says:

narutoball z

Laine Maes says:

This guy has no chill

Warren Moore says:

…and don’t forget, it also has an unknown Andrea Martin!

Brandon Lightning says:

I wish you’d add a lisp to that voice you like to do lmfao

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