Black Roses – Horror Movie Review

Black Roses is a 1988 Metalsploitation film,and American horror film directed by John Fasano. The film has become an underground cult classic with heavy metal fans for the all star soundtrack which has become increasingly difficult to find.


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Colin Cayvz says:

Bad ass! Looks like a must see to me.

harleymax01 says:

Glad you are back! Have you ever reviewed Demon Wind?

Ardeth Blood says:

I love this movie. This along with the 1986 Trick or Treat and Shock Em Dead, are my heavy metal Hallowe’en trilogy. I remember when this first came out, and the heavy metal magazines promoting it as the thumb to the nose of the whole parents against rock issue that was going on at the time.

Doktor Focks says:

What? How do I not know about this movie? I gotta watch this asap. Thanks for your great channel and movie reviews.

The Late Late Horror Show says:

Love this eric. Love the so bad they are good movies….This looks like one of them. Welcome back

steve klarke says:

Loved black roses….. i rented it alot in 88/89 amazing soundtrack also esp the first track “me against the world” yesssss

Antony Olivier says:

Do the Saw Franchise!
Have you heard of this Franchise?

Antony Olivier says:

Welcome Back!

Chris Risdal says:

Welcome back sir, love the movie choice.

The Wrong Channel says:

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Like you, I’ve never heard of it before, but have seen Trick or Treat. I actually kinda dig the way the masks and practical effects look. I’ll have to check it out!

Philo Beto says:

I seen a speaker eat pussy. LoL!

Brown sugar Dumpling says:

It’s good to see you Eric doing what you do so well.

Tom Himself says:

now i wanna see this shit! LOL
luv ur channel, glad 2c ur back!
#420brasil #80sGlamRules

Alease A. says:

I so enjoyed this review. Thank you for doing it. Awesome graphics too!

drew davis says:


Seanical Reviews says:


Billy Ray Cyree Forbes says:

welcome back! Loved this movie as a child. I use to own the VHS

D-Nyce Smoove says:


darthdevious says:

Welcome back buddy! I have never even heard of this film, but now, I feel compelled to give it a watch, just for the cheese factor!

horror ghoul says:

Never heard of this one.. and the 80s cheese is my shit. I gotta seek it out, for that crazy hair and music alone lol.

Phil Escobedo says:

This movie is a Heavy Metal masterpiece. Had the soundtrack on TAPE back in the day! Lizzy Borden, Hallows Eve, King Kobra, Tempest.

Lucas Ferreira says:

I’m so glad to see you today!!!!

Confused Reviews says:

Welcome back Eric! Great Vid!

Horror Show Entertainment says:

Love this review Eric…. I heard about this movie a while ago but didn’t get around to trying to track down a copy

DylPickle Brah says:

nice video! how are you going man

April Cost says:

Just picked it up on Amazon. I’ll be drinking and watching this Saturday night.

Lucas Ferreira says:

I will watch it soon!

The Media Store says:

thanks for the new video, you rule


I would never have imagined while watching the trailer that they were trying to pass that guy off as a teenager.

Spooky-Guy says:

yes I’m so happy your back dude awesome review, are you going to review troll 2

Philo Beto says:

Trick or treat was my joint tho’ E. as for this movie i guess it was okay!

Matt Crowhurst says:

I love this film. Blaaaaccckkk Rooooossses!

The Joe Sankovich says:

Loved this movie growing up. The pop out cover ALWAYS interested me as a kid. GREAT WORK brotha

HorrorGal says:

This review was so metal m/

MCDexX says:

I’m old enough that I saw this on VHS back when I was a teenager. Must have been… I dunno, 1991? 1992? In my circle of friends were a few metalheads, including one guy who worshipped Ozzie. We’d already seen Trick or Treat, which was goofy fun, but one night we were perusing our local video rental place, and here’s Black Roses. Heavy metal horror? Fuck yes! Jesus, what an astonishingly terrible pile of shit this film is. We laughed our drunken teenaged arses off. In the intervening quarter of a century or so, I will always breathlessly gush about it to friends when discussing entertainingly terrible films. Almost nobody has seen it, which is a fucking crime, because as you’ve seen, it is a masterpiece of hilarious incompetence. I have a local comedy duo here in Melbourne, Australia who do a kind of “live MST3K” in a beautiful old art deco cinema. I’ve been nagging them to track down a copy of this film for years. Great review, mate. Thanks for the fun memories. The guy being sucked into a rubber speaker by a glove puppet is still the funniest thing I have ever seen in a film not intended to be funny.

XSpawn says:

You made me have to watch this movie again after all these years.. Love those fucking puppets and the creatures and all that crazy shit…

The Rave Music Archive says:

Who’s the classic deep voice on all horror trailers? Always wondered who it was.

Fox Mulder says:

looks odd.

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