Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (2012) – Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the horror film Bloody Bloody Bible Camp directed by Vito Trabucco and starring Reggie Bannister, Tim Sullivan, Ron Jeremy, and Elissa Dowling.
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In 1977 a group of young, horny, out of control Christians are spending a fun filled weekend at the Happy Day Bible Camp. Their impure antics rile up a sadistic crazy nun known as, “Sister Mary Chopper”. One by one these youthful sinners pay a BLOODY penance for their sinful acts. 7 years later, another group of Bible totin’ Christian wannabes return to the Happy Day Bible Camp. All ignore the warnings from the local folk of the grizzly murders that took place 7 years prior. Is Sister Mary Chopper dead or is she just waiting for backsliding Christians to commit sins of the unholy?

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T D says:

adam sandler in black face?

Josh Delagrange says:

I haven’t seen the film.Looks like a load of fun.If they made a sequel to it.What I would do if I was a character in the film provably die because my character instead of running away.I go oh look a sister with an ax she doesn’t look dangerous.

Christopher Harris says:

Tim Sullivan was great as Sister Mary Chopper and great producer and Ron Jeremy a porn star legend was great as Jesus I just love this funny movie

Christopher Harris says:

I love horror comedy and this movie. the kills were extremely awesome and I love Porn star legend Ron Jeremy and I also love Reggie Bannister from Spring Break Massacre and Sigma Die and I also love Tim Sullivan as Sister Mary Chopper. This movie is both funny,dark and awesome at the same time.wicked awesome review

Belo Boomb says:

hey guys how i can download this movie??

SrslySirius says:

What font are you guys using for the lower thirds?

Scott Probert says:

This looks like a fucked up movie but I’ve got to watch this,,,,, the gore is really cool better then sweatshop and 100 years

Sage V says:

Yay lesbians! Lol

movie junkie says:

jessica sonneborn was in a new one we just saw called one night of fear you guys see this ?

Ryan Oliveira says:

I want to see a gay man on this panel

Steve Padios says:

Timmy funny I have to show father Cummings hahah

Platypus of Death says:

I have to see this movie, even if for no other reason, just because of the title.

morg says:

I love the way Jay and John have different things they love right off the bat

Daniel Kuehn says:

Jay’s a bit of a creep huh LOL

Matthew McDonald says:

One of the actors was also in Gutterballs which is very good in a B Movie way

docthemetalfreak says:

ok this kid Timmy decidez that after masterbating he wants to go show Father Cummings. how can that not be an ironic situation in some wayz? maybe its me having an idiotic thought. again ill just show myself to the door.

Tayla Drago Hester says:

You know that chubby guy with glasses in this movie, looks a lot like the person in the 1,000 Ways to Die episode where he let out a big fart and lid a guy on fire. Just so he could win a farting contest in college.

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