Braid | Intense Horror Movie Review | Madeline Brewer

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Braid Movie Review analysis Madeline brewer Mitzi Peirone


The Southern Drawl Yacht Club says:

Love getting notifications for new spooky astronauts videos!

Jack Ellis says:

Survivor is everything!!!

Random Horror says:

Dreams are the nocturnal haven we go to where you have your own reality but sometimes unaware of that. I like this one. Hey I’m almost in my 30’s too.

Mr M says:

It looks good. Definitely going to check this one out. Thanks. I love you do so many reviews of movies I’ve yet to discover.

Ryan Frieman says:

Love me some twisted and disturbing!!

Fe H says:

I watched this movie and I’m extremely confused by the ending. Can you please explain what you interpreted it as?

daniel lozano says:

I love movies that make you think , that’s makes a movie , enjoyable . really like Dark Movies . that why I enjoy watching Korean Horror and Italian Horror

Nikita SantaMaria says:

Yet again bless you for bringing new movies to the surface others wouldn’t have known about. I cannot wait to check this out. Have you seen or heard of the French film High Tension? it may be up your alley

Jess C says:

This looks like a fun one, Madeline Brewer is totally killing it lately!

Dambreaker says:

All I can say is .. “Damn!”

Beside the Dying Fire says:

Was curious to see your take on this; I’m working on a review for it myself.

My biggest issue with this movie was it seemed like it felt it was “too cool” or “too stylish” to tell a real story. A lot of the camera angles / flashy editing / time jumps / color confusion etc. didn’t really “add” to it for me…for example there is one part where a scene is just upside down…like almost a whole scene. Why? What did that contribute?

I like stylish, ambiguous movie but for this one the “style” seemed more like a crutch than a contribution.

Nice review!

Travel With Me says:

Great review, I’ll have to watch two trippy movies in one consecutive sitting, Climax followed by Braid.

Regina Falange says:

I loved this movie!

Kimberley Sze says:

Ooo I can’t wait to see this also love your Channel

WorldOfSnakes says:

I love your channel, I’m glad I subscribed! I found you after watching that shit show Buzzwhatever movie with Gyllenhaal and coming to youtube for reviews. Good stuff!

Kalinna Vyacheslavovna says:

I was just about to look for reviews before I turn this on, perfect timing haha

Becca Nicole says:

I’ve been seeing the poster for this everywhere, didn’t know it was called Braid ! Interesting title and plot, I’ll have to check it out.

IPlizard Swaders says:


JustCallMeKeebler says:

Yup, you convinced me. I’ll be checking it out asap. Thanks, Emma!

InfinityGh0st says:

Great review Emma! This looks pretty engaging and seems to have some real style to it.

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