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otubedajoana says:

I really enjoyed this movie. Internet horror is my kink. 2 shallow thoughts about the movie 1) There is something very endearing about Madeline Brewer 2) I want that phone case *sighs and goes on AliExpress*

Lila T says:

Also, thanks for including that interview link!! It was a very good read after I watched the movie!! ❤️❤️

Nick Chaplin says:

Great movie…it kept me interested throughout ..Actress knocked it out the ballpark…plus I dont know what these people are smoking…actress looks nothing like you…its still a complement…your wonderful

Xox VirgoSamantha xoX says:

It was such a unique plot twist, especially at the end. I loved it!

John R. Carter says:

@spookyastronauts Blumhouse is killing it with the movies there putting out. I watched this Friday night and it was great. The ending was great. Deal solid movie. Great job you were spot on in your review.

Jasper Fen says:

I noticed this on Netflix and I gave it a pass because it’s frankly not my type of film. Your review is so stellar I think I’ll give it a try anyway. Thanks as always.

Ben Eales says:

I saw this at LFF and it’s one of my favourite films of the year. This movie was incredible and every single second had me invested.

InfinityGh0st says:

Awesome! Just caught the trailer on Netflix a few hours ago and have to say I was a little skeptical at first. The “social media/technology” horror genre has been pretty disappointing; Black Mirror being the amazing exception and standard setter. Thanks for the recommendation Emma! Have tonight’s movie picked out now.

Rohit Meena says:

Nice tats. Adds more to the gothic-type background with candles and skulls.

And great review.

Shady Blogger says:

the music in the background is distracting. great vid!

Joshua Barrio says:

the story is kinda interesting. the actress did a good job especially during birthday scene & kitchen scene with her mom. but once she gets control of account again why didn’t she find out bank deposit info. discover who is behind the fakes and help the other girls. plus she decides to start all over knowing it could happen again.

Fudgestick says:

I watched this on friday and boy was it a great surprise!

man_of_steelbook says:

Don’t know if I missed the point but the whole plot seems pointless to me. I mean, is there any logical explanation for all the things that happen?

Wes Fry says:

I loved this concept. I’m so excited for it! Love ya Emma!

Daphne White says:

WOW Emma, great review NOW I gotta go watch it!! Thanks

Paul Hynes says:

Did not get it who was her doppelgänger??

Carrie Keely says:

Love the review, I totally agree. The trailer auto played on my Netflix earlier and I thought what the hell I’ll give it a watch and it was AMAZING!! An absolute rollercoaster!

texasofmyheart says:

I know what I’m watching tonight!

KweenyTodd says:

Very cool. I get tired of seeing sex workers portrayed less than people. I will check this out!

texasofmyheart says:

Ok. I just finished the movie…

Why did she start a new account at the end? Isn’t she putting herself at risk of being taken over again? Didn’t she learn anything?

Jess C says:

Totally agree with this one, it was SUCH a great surprise!

Mladen Kulic says:

The actress looks a lot like you to the point where i felt weird watching the movie.

Lisa Loves says:

Will give this a try. I saw it pop upon Netflix. The IMDB reviews put me off a bit, but quite often they’re totally wrong.

DarknessDemon8 says:

I thought it was a good movie 3 in a half out of five.

Random Horror says:

I literally saw this advertised on my Netflix and watching the trailer I was intrigued and you have just pushed me further in I will daffantly watch this now and review it. Great stuff from you!

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