Canada Day Faux Horror Movie Trailer Reaction and Review

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Bloodbath and Beyond reacts to the trailer for Canada Day Faux Horror Movie Trailer.



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Logan G says:

I love this trailer and your guy’s review for it. I’m American and i get a lot of the humor. Canda is one of the places i want to visit the most

KweenyTodd says:

I wanna watch this! Lol! Happy Canada day!

mister roboto says:

Will it be directed by Kevin Smith? Yes sure.

Taylor Dudley says:

I’m UK and I got I’d say about 70% of them, although again, milk in bags? LMAO

Tim Ross says:

Very much enjoyed. I got a lot of the jokes, and I would definitely like to see a Canada-meme-centric horror movie.


Kevin Smith make this happen.

Robo Lizzzrd says:

Let’s not forget Canada’s greatest asset, our weird heads that flap open and closed like trashcan lids. We also have grand marriage ceremonies that involve large amounts of butterscotch pudding.

Just Johnny12 says:

I’m American and never been to the great white north, but I got all the jokes. I really want to see a full length feature of this! It feels like a Canadian version of Dude Bro Party Massacre III.

Kara Kamikaze says:

As an American, I got the being polite joke. And I laughed at free health care, and then considered maybe moving to Canada so I don’t go broke if I’m ever sick.

Aside from that, I realize I don’t know a lot about Canada. We didn’t really cover that in World History when I was in high school.

Dominic Salgado says:

Hey Jay Nice Purge Anarchy Shirt!!!

Jason Robertson says:

Happy Canada Day. Hope there is drinking and meat products involved in your holiday as well. Off to google how the hell a milk bag seals and how to even put it in a fridge without taking up a whole shelf.

Jen K says:

Sending this to my best friend in Canada

narzq says:

that glass on the table must be a highball jack n coke! Lol

Billy Pop says:

Where i am in canada we dont have milk in bags and doughnuts arent a thing.

Steve Cicchini says:

You missed the reference to Ryan Gosling & Ryan Reynolds with Officer Ryan

james minor says:

funny as hell

elyxandra says:

Can’t believe you didn’t comment on the reporter’s name. Anne Gables is an obvious one boys! Hope you both had a good Canada Day

omsmada says:

the text and voiceover were basically ripped from the fake Thanksgiving trailer from Grindhouse

Tipsy Nerd says:

Should of taken a shot every time they Canadian’ed all over you in this trailer.

Yuhao Yang says:

What is Canadian Day? Is it your national day?

Isaac Netero says:

How does it stay fresh? Y’all just takin whole bags of milk 2 the face??

Tipsy Nerd says:

Happy Canada Day!

J.D. Bocanegra says:

I’m from San Antonio TX and I remember drinking milk out of a bag when I was in elementary school

Nicolas2465 says:

As a Canadian as well this was pretty funny but c’mon..the acting and such was pretty terrible, but it looked nice

Maniac Music says:


Shahrazad Zoubi says:

Happy Canada Day my fellow Canadians! Canadead haha

David Moore says:

I got all the jokes but I kinda cheated because I’m an American who just happened to grow up in Canada, Welland Ontario, to be specific.

Bret Baker says:

I would most definitely watch this.

Andria Bezaire says:

My husband grew up in Canada and I’ve lived in metro Detroit my whole life, so I got everything in the trailer : )

Mitch R says:

As an American who desperately wishes he was Canadian, I thoroughly enjoyed this. I would kickstart the fuck out of a full movie by these guys. Happy Canada Day, boys.

BethO says:

I am from the US and I got it. I have been to Toronto and it was beautiful!

mrsnickers21 says:

I would watch it. Also needs a moose, preferably stoned on a rampage.

Taylor Dudley says:

Milk bags?????????? learn something new everyday….

Nicolas Vincent says:

Happy Canada Day! Take off eh?

swampthing94 says:

Happy Canada Day!

Aaron Abbott says:

Milk in a bag??!!?

Happywax tv says:

Happy Canada Day guys…………EH!!!!…..LOL

Tina Ann says:

Happy Canada Day, neighbors to the North. I can’t say I got every joke & reference but what I picked up on was funny. I would watch this movie if it was made.

lmk001 says:

I got a lot of the jokes. I’m sure not all of them. I have been to Toronto. That’s as Canadian as I get.

MrIamcrusty says:

Happy Canada day boys

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