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Candyman is a 1992 American horror film written and directed by Bernard Rose, based on the short story “The Forbidden” by Clive Barker, though the film’s scenario is switched from England to the Cabrini–Green public housing development on Chicago’s Near North Side. It stars Virginia Madsen, Tony Todd, and Xander Berkeley. The plot follows a graduate student (Madsen) completing a thesis on urban legends who encounters the legend of “Candyman” (Todd), an artist and son of a slave who had had his hand severed and was then murdered.

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RapperThatDraws says:

i grew up in chicago in the 90’s, and this movie really captures the look and feel of it back then.

Tails and Scales says:

I got this on blu ray. It’s not my favorite movie, but I feel it’s very underrated

Thrall Fan says:

death twitch are you interested in reviewing the puppet master franchise any time soon? Its very hard to find a good review on youtube.

jonnybaze says:

the real “candyman” killed his kid(s) and poisoned at least 1 of their friends with cyanide. for some bitch ass money, no less. watched a doc on netflix about it(and other urban legends) , very good movie. he started the whole poisoned Halloween candy myth.

Starr Clarke says:

I think in your review you got something just slightly backward. You said that he’d lost his power over time. I am fairly sure the film (and its’ creators) say that it isn’t he’s lost his power before Helen comes along and she brings him back. She takess AWAY his power by pointing the finger at some real gang members and making his believers lose faith in his existence. That’s why he comes to Helen and starts tormenting her. He wants his followers back. So yeah… either you might have misunderstood that – OR – you mis said something when what I just said is exactly what you meant.

Yankeefan24 says:

I was 7 or 8 years old in the early 90s when I saw Candyman, *sigh* I lost sleep very night ever since I watched that movie, the movie stood in my head, I thought he was real. I thought “Halloween” did it for me but Candyman took the cake. The movie motivated me to go to school and be around my classmates to forget about it but going home knowing that VHS was shelved there was even more frightening as if I was going to Cabrini Green. As a grown up now, I have the movie on DVD and I still watch it, I like the movie and it still scares me. Halloween and Candyman are scariest horror movies I’ve ever experienced.

videoj81 says:

Welcome back

HEART HERO 456XL65 says:

Hot piece of ass from class LOL

xRedrawandsoreXx says:

i only seen this movie 1 time kinda wanna watch candyman again now, good review man!!

ABNRich86 says:

@thedeathtwitch Did you know that the way Ruthie Jean died a person in Cabrini Green actually died in real life the same way but by gang members

DarkKnightFanBoy says:

I love this film, it scared the living shit out of me when I saw it when I was young. Still kinda does, actually. Also, the score/music for this film is amazing. It’s haunting and somewhat soothing at the same time! Great review bro!

Alton Williams says:

bro couldnt use the bathroom for a good few months

Scott Beebe says:

will you be reviewing the second candyman if there is another one?

Nightwalker says:

I love this movie too and saw it when it first came out in the theater so I guess I was about eight or so. I’m a big wrestling fan so Candyman to me was always like The Undertaker, I loved the character but he also scared the crap out of me which is a weird combination. I also liked the sequel but still think the first was the best and let’s not even mention that made for cable, Donna Derrico crap! I wonder what’s going on with this property? It was one of the only franchises to NOT get a reboot (yet) and they haven’t made a sequel in well over ten years!? Because they only made three films it’s one of the only Horror franchises to not get completely water-down with sequel after sequel, so I feel like there are some more interesting stories to tell with the character. I even have an interesting idea for a prequel.

rockerwoman says:

Killer flick. My best friend and I saw it in the theater when it came out. Scared us shitless. We shuffled to the bathroom together and slept together all piled up like scaredy cats! I agree that it’s underrated, though it did make waves when it came out.

Carl 90 says:

Great review of a very good movie. Please review The Shining, Eric. I want to know your take on it.

Armando De La Cruz says:

funny you say that about the cigarettes cause Hellrasier also had a lot of smoking in it.

Tiger Man says:

Awesome man! This movie scared me too when I was about 14 or 15. And this episode was one of my favorites, Eric 🙂 Couldn’t agree more. The acting in this movie was excellent. They really sold the story. The movie stills stands up today I think. And I still have not said Candyman in the mirror 5 times. Haha.

Jean Kirschtein says:


JAY LYFE says:

If I say Eric 5 times will he do some more videos.

Alex Coradini says:

This movie sucks so much, i couldn’t understand nothing of what was going on, the whole movie i was like ”the fuck is going on?”

reese packer says:

i look at Tony Todd and still think they missed out big time by nt casting him as Blade…Snipes was good as the action guy..but Todd brings a certain presence that Snipes lacks when he’s not doing the fighting stuff

Darian Castle says:

You mentioned the urban legend of alligators in the sewer. Have you seen the 1980s film Alligator that uses that legend to great effect? It’s actually pretty good . . . that is to say it’s fun to watch.


I watched this movie when i was eight years old. No wonder i’m so fucked up…

reese packer says:

i agree this movie had serious horror gravitas ..for me it was was kind of twist of Dracula in a way…..also Cabrini Green was where the old 70’s sitcom “Good TImes” was supposed to set

HorrorMovieReviewGuy says:

Nice vid man.

troublesome 96 says:

No horror movie scares me either only the exorcist

jon butler says:

I first saw this movie when i was 21 and it scared me just as bad lol

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