Child Eater (2016) – Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the horror movie Child Eater directed by Erlingur Thoroddsen and starring Cait Bliss, Colin Critchley, and Jason Martin.
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A simple night of babysitting takes a horrifying turn when Helen realizes the boogeyman really is in little Lucas’ closet.


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reignofrock says:

Watched several of your ‘reviews’. Too amateurish. I love horror and I wanted to love you guys and the movies you chose.. alas.

Randy Sykes says:

He bloodbath review Wrong turmn

Pimp Minya says:

Wow! A movie about a Jew!

Randy Sykes says:

Wrong turn

That Guy In Green says:

I had to turn my brightness up to full on this video
Damn, I’m out of charge now

Malcolm Johnson says:

I loved the short (available on Shudder US) – not sure there’s a ned for a feature length film. The short barely had enough to keep things moving.

The Horror Miser Monty G says:

I believe this what The Bye Bye Man was supposed to be.

baris9012 says:

Going to watch this one with the boys for sure, great job with the review guys!


I’m to a big fan of horror movies but I really like how you talk about them.

Hey it’s me says:

Wrong turn!!

BoogeyMan Ben says:

Sounds really interesting. I really want to see this one. Great job as always guys

That Guy In Green says:

The black and white stalk thing is actually from roman mithos

matt says:

First comment boys!

Iamarobotbanana4 says:

This is a great channel.

Arcane Nebula says:

I don’t understand why people want to see every detail of every thing in a scene that takes place in the dark. Isn’t the fact you can’t see very well the point. Even if it’s not a scary scene, if it’s set in the dark why should you see everything. It removes immersion imo. Some are Really bad with this…pitch black hallways but you can for some reason see like it’s daytime

Toxicpunkette says:

I want to watch this, is it out?
I saw the buy link 🙂

Nicholas Rodriguez says:

Can you review # horror

harry buiquoc says:


Ava Highfill says:

“I wont play the kangaroo song anymore…”

Carnelust says:

“Not enough kids get killed” you say… Isn’t John a teacher!?

mary north says:

I understand why sometimes it has to dark. But some movies make scenes so dark you can’t see anything

Lewis Reeves says:

Can you guys review Men Behind the Sun?

Anthony Kulik says:

Excellent review

MRjackelBox says:

ok who would win the child eater vs hatchet and are you hyped for it the remake almost in the cinema are you hyped
also i have a theory Dr loomis from Halloween is the father of Michael Myers what do you thing mate also can i have a shout out i know it is a dick move to ask but i really do try with my videos

shannon holt says:

Omg great fuckin shirt!

Fear Knoxx says:

My name is Lucas

Franky1013602 Lopez says:

Have you seen a siberian film

Nousisce Viewing Channel says:

Well I would get scared the shizz out of me cause I’m 9

Neonghostwolf 88 says:

Gonna watch this for my homegirl Perri Nemiroff!!

DramaMoviezScalpel says:

Great review! That haircut has to go,it’s just horrible, Justin Bieber you are not

7coltman says:

Im still hoping for the wrong turn movies to be reviewed

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