Chopping Mall (1986) – Blood Splattered Cinema (Horror Movie Review)

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Originally uploaded: September 30, 2011


This week it’s a blast from the Blood Splattered Past as The Horror Guru re-releases his review of CHOPPING MALL!

CHOPPING MALL was written and directed by Jim Wynorski, produced by Julie Corman, and stars Barbara Crampton, Russell Todd, Dick Miller & Kelli Maroney.

Oh yeah, and it has KILLER FUCKING ROBOTS! Because FUCK YEAH!


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The Boob Tube says:

Say what you will about these robots, but they do a way more effective job than Paul Blart.

michaelkeha says:

Much like Chukey and all killer dolls with how the villian is actually not exactly hard to kill in this case did none of the teens think to tip the damn thing over or push it off one of the upper floors?

Hispandinavian says:

Reminds me of the VHS rental era. The cover was scarier than the movie, and I got it because I was bored.

the toxic pixel says:

hahah I did it for the lolz

Irondrone4 says:

Ah, it’s just not a good day until I get my daily does of Bruce Campbell. He just makes everything better.

TheSatansBlackList says:

waitress more butter.

The ps4 Guy says:

Did he say gweetings

SteamPoweredTV says:

Wow. I haven’t seen that movie in years. And, I’m going to start saying, “waitress, more butter.”

Jackie McCann says:

I really wouldn’t mind seeing you review the 1987 movie “Dolls” one of these days, Guru. It’s one of the few killer doll movies that DOESN’T scare me, and I’m curious to hear your thoughts on it. 🙂

55bueller says:

Thank you guru have a nice day! Mwahaha

lilrog0909 says:

U mad bro? LOL

Maggie Koch says:

Also, do you plan on reviewing “the Initiation”?

Ronin Rider says:

Look up Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness, watch it, the. Watch its sequel Ash vs Lobo and The DC Dead all the way to the very end. Trust me, I guarantee you’ll be one happy horror camper.

Brett Shearer says:

You’ve one me over, officially subscribed.

Queen of the Grandenites says:

these were some old looking teens

PatchWorks says:

XD I saw how this video is different from the original.

Brett Shearer says:

Waitress more butter.

Anonymous says:

Damn good review keep this sorta thing up man.

wstine79 says:

And that is why people shopping on But those have viruses instead.

Ariel Mc fangirl Mendez says:

Hey you should review pride and prejudice and zombies.

Nathan Mcgee says:

Great video man! It’s been quite sometime since I’ve seen this one.

RchGrav says:

Wait.. is this a review.. or just a scene by scene spoiler laden recount of the movie interjected with your humor?.. I enjoyed the video, and the humor.. I just hope you don’t review new releases like this without saying ****SPOILER ALERT****.. Other than that I enjoyed watching.. thanks!

matty says:

Horror Guru, MOAR BUDDAH!

zekroh6986 says:

Honestly this is my favorite review, along with Evil Dead. It’s so awesome.

LeadAnchor says:

Hey Guru, not sure if you’ve seen it or anythings been said about it yet, but if you want a kick-ass horror/sci-fi about a killer robot, check out Hardware. The robot is badass, the music is awesome, the setting and universe built around it isn’t quite explored but is cool nonetheless and it’s got some great cameos too… among some other groovy things for all gorehounds 😉

JustSomeGamer says:

I can totally sympathize with the whole not renting a movie back in the day because the box art gave you chills. I think there was a movie I found sitting on a shelf in an old video store that literally gave me nightmares when I saw it as a kid….. I want to say it was one of the Hellraiser movies, but I cant remember xD its been like 10 years.

Cai Gausden says:

WHERE IS THE GINGERDEAD MEN 3! i have been waiting for months and months

the toxic pixel says:

keep doing what your doing man your jokes are so funny

rellik187redrum says:

it’s an ED 109

Kevin Michaud says:

I was disappoint

Ryan Burns says:

i like killer robots

Jack DeMarco says:

Keep up the amazing work guru! Would love to see you review the 1980s body snatchers or scanners

Jay Robitaille says:

LOL You made a Terminator reference. Then again would have been better if you showed the scarier looking robot army of terminators just to make the movie look bad (by using a much enjoyed action movie for the sake of comparison)

Vortex Interrogation says:

I love the killers in this movie!

I’m not gonna do it. I’m not gonna do it. I’m not gon- DOMO ARIGATO, MR. ROBOTO!!!!!

zekroh6986 says:

Whats the other robot movie?

Nitpick Critic says:

Nice Johnny 5 reference XD

giovanni alvarez says:

Whenever I see the poster for Chopping Mall I just imagine the story to be about a rouge cyber system using a terminator like cyborg and android mannequins to massacre a locked down mall full of civilians and the only survivors are a group of children ages 6-14, a clown girl and a crossdressing punk that have to take and evade them while an awesome John Carpenter/Tangerine Dream score plays.

Maggie Koch says:

I like this review. I always thought the title was a corny Corman-style play on words myself. As a MST3K fan, I have a love-hate relationship with this type of movie.

Cunthole Steve says:

waitress more butter!

Maddafi says:

Do you think you could perhaps do a review of The Hills Have Eyes? its pretty underrated. My personal rating for it out of 100 is 73.

Danno Kane says:

the title sounds like a pun the Cryptkeeper would use., hello kiddies I just been back from the chopping mall., where there items that cost a arm & a leg (laugh).,,.

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