Christine – Horror Movie Review

Christine is a 1983 American horror thriller film directed by John Carpenter and starring Keith Gordon, John Stockwell, Alexandra Paul and Harry Dean Stanton. It was written by Bill Phillips and based on the homonymous novel by Stephen King, published in 1983. The story, set in 1978, follows a sentient and violent automobile named “Christine”, and its effects on Christine’s teenaged owner.


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The Death Twitch says:
Marcos Kain says:

I saw this movie for the first time in April at the Alamo Drafthouse and I thought it was all right.  There were a lot of great moments but for a Carpenter film, I was expecting a lot more in the suspense and music department.  That doesn’t make it a bad movie, I just didn’t think it lived up to the talk I heard for years about it.

Matter Fact says:

Such a dumb comical concept, made excellent with interesting characters, story, music, acting, effects, stunts and editing. It could have been really bad, but they worked hard and made a good film. If they tried to remake it today, with lazy cgi, it would probably suck.

Jacky Claiborne says:

I first saw “Christine” on HBO in January of 1986. The thing that I’m most fond of with Christine is the odometer that runs backwards, and generates a rejuvenating power. Last year, I had to have a knee replacement in my starboard knee. Two weeks before the surgery, I took a road trip to Atlanta from Charlotte. If I had been able to take that road trip in Christine, the odometer would have rejuvenated my starboard knee. I wouldn’t have had to have the surgery.
I also have some iconic dining chairs that I really cherish, they are Early American mate’s chairs, distinctive for their guitar shaped seats. Mate’s chairs are the original Pizza Hut chairs, and are today hard to come by. Four times a year, I would like to put those chairs in Christine, and make a run down to Columbia and back on I-77. It would be preventive maintenance for the chairs. Some dinner guests I have over are not as kind to the chairs. They might lean back on two legs, push them out from under the table with all of their weight on them, or slouch down in them. Those are three common things that are bad for those chairs. If any of them got their spindles broken, it would definitely be a rejuvenating job for Christine.

troublesome 96 says:

it would be awesome if john carpenter will make another Halloween film

Crusty Farts says:

Review Creepshow!

Zeke Housley says:

I kind of want to see Christine as a Transformer. Anyone else?

Derenzo 227 says:

Who knew a slow pased movie about a killer car would be such a masterpeace only john carpenter could pull that off wish directors today would take note on how to make a great movie without showing to much also great review eric

StvMcQueen1 says:

You had me, until you spewed the f-word and blew it. Clean up your mouth and maybe people will watch the entire video.

No OnE tHe OtHeR says:

I love this movie.

Filthy Pictures says:

Awesome review!!

Kaiju no Kami says:

I’ve never seen this movie but my local Alamo Drafthouse is showing it next month so I’m going to see that.  Sorry, I hope you don’t mind my posting here even though I haven’t watched your review yet just to avoid spoiling myself right now.  I’ll watch it after I see the movie. 

jalen walker says:

what’d you think of the last 2-3 mins of the film ( don’t wanna spoil it but I’m sure you know what i’m referencing ) ?  I always thought it was cool and its my fav. kind of horror ending

Patty Ngara says:

Arnie makes the movie he is so scary

#5F0202Fascist #5F0202FKi113r says:

Did you make that intro pretty sick intro

HandSome_AssWhole says:

classic film. I always thought they should’ve done a sequel / prequel about the previous owner that had her and the car being possessed by the last owner. that would’ve been a good film.

NoTurnaround says:

This movie is fuckin awesome!, underrated John carpenter classic that doesn’t get enough praise.

Nemoris Inferioris says:

It is a awesome classic. Love John Carpenter, but John combined with Stephen King is just insane. I rate the same. I was surprised you didn’t mention the Soundtrack/ score. Another masterpiece by John. Sounds so similar to Halloween 3’s score, which i also loved the score. BTW i love those old 50’s songs she plays. Sets the perfect mood and amount of creepiness.

SJ RANKS says:

Am I the only one who noticed that
Christine is somewhat of a combination of Carrie and maximum overdrive

The Scream King says:

Classic review from a classic badass John Carpenter flick.

troublesome 96 says:

when Christine catches on fire it’s awesome

Maddafi says:

I don’t think there are any real good killer car movies because there are very few of them. I can only name 2 others besides this one. Theres Maximum Overdrive which was also Stephen king and then theres The Car from 1977.
The car I think was probably the first killer car movie ever. That might be one to review if you can find it.

Mr.Yeahyuz says:

Nice review!

David Imrie says:

I cannot believe you have nothing to bad to say about Carpenter. Neither do I. When I was a kid, having his name above the title meant you were being treated to something special. I love the man’s work and music. Even his movies that did not do too well are being reconsidered as classics. By the way, Arnie does not work on Christine. It’s his love and presence which helps her regenerate in order to protect Arnie. It is a love affair. John Carpenter has probably forgot more about film than most directors know.

April Cost says:

I wish just once the movie would do the book justice.

Andrea Alston says:

I have got to see CHRISTINE part 2

Keshia Anders says:

I have theories about Christine.
Either she’s actually a Decepticon Transformer, or was possessed by the Spirit of a jealous girlfriend.

Gian says:

wait but at the end didnt the main character secretly drive christine killing everyone that gave him a hard time

Not Dom says:

Besides this got my boys the king and carpenter

Games And Movies Entertainment says:

I Never Saw This Movie But My Mom Told Me She Hates This Movie She is Not AT ALL into Horror But I Am into Horror❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️★★★★★★★★

Not Dom says:

Ohhhhh MAN I love this movie! Something about it was just awesome! It was a great classic in my eyes

Catspaw says:

Imagine if that kind of car existed the owner would be screwed because the car will know where you live you couldn’t get rid of Christine. But yet car models like Christine are very rare I haven’t watched this movie in a long time I’m going to have to rent it sometime.

Trey2dope says:

This channel needs more subscribers. Death Twitch woooord up.

CCMusic says:

Hey Eric! Love your work, man! How’s about reviews of the Psycho movies. And The Exorcist. >;)

Jack Torrance says:

This movie reminds me of a segment on that show “My strange addiction”, where this guy is literally in a relationship with his red car. Can’t remember what kind of car it is, but this guy actually has sex and makes out with his car. Very disturbing, even from someone like me.

Retroreviews Plus says:

i just seen this for the first time like a month ago….. such an awesome movie!!!!

Katie Morgan says:


That was my 1st old horror movie I ever watched!


Not one of my favorite Carpenter films or King adaptions, I never knew that the film went into production before the book was finished, that’s strange. According to Carpenter in his interview book his heart was not in this film, he made it because so many people was disgusted by The Thing, fans and critics alike, he wanted to show everyone that he can make various films, Great review!   :  )

Nemoris Inferioris says:

Love your (new?) Outro also.

troublesome 96 says:

they should of used a tank on Christine

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