Clown Review

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It’s hard to discuss horror movies about clowns without bringing up a certain horror movie, called Clown. Mainly because of it’s incredibly simple straightforward name, as this is actually a pretty damn recent production. Also, it’s not entirely the brainchild of Eli Roth despite what certain trailers will have you believe…

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volkermuller55 says:

In upstate NY the winters were 5-6 months long. I imagine that it’s the same in Iceland (where the lore for the demon was supposedly from)

Andreas Frixou says:

Fuckin cringe

JonnyDarko602 says:

I actually liked this movie but man I forgot how stupid the characters were

Braiden Rolling says:

Why did his bother
Go in there by him self now he was eaten and dead who I don’t now he got him so easy but his other brother died

Glenn Quagmire says:

“Unless kids run around bleeding on things alot” lmao

Randomyoutuber1202 says:

This guy looks like Jesus

josh swain says:

Hey, that’s the guy that directed Spiderman homecoming, nice

conman1374 says:

Wait he slit his wrist in the bathroom. Shouldn’t he be dead?

Paul Delaney says:

Decker – Love you man!!! Just amazing reviews. Thanks so much. ❤️

RussianDrago says:

Why do kids like clowns, not only do they look STUPID but their terrifying.

Sum Fuk says:

*N U R D*

Fighterpantsguy AKA FPG says:

I was watching this review, and just saw that this was produced by Harvey Weinstein

K9 says:

Lol jack off

PanicWinds says:

We already have Stephen King’s It so we don’t need this movie…

Walking Corpse says:

Well the clown could always work in a hospital haha.

warystatue33 says:

Death count and review
The blood in the maintenance is from the bully’s blood on the clown he probably snuck in from said room the blood in the tubes from the ball pit kid he probably draged his corpse in to the tubes so there are still four deaths

Daniel houle says:

I watched this with my friends and after we felt emotionally connecet to robbie

cancer says:

that kid at the motel is dumb as fuck.

Leonard Woods says:

What the hell is this Tokyo​ goul

Roblex Neeb says:

Nostalgia critic 2

Yuzhan Vong says:

You know something stupid technically a teenager would not count as a child to that thing as it is a medieval era monster and therefore anyone over the age of 12 would be an adult to it you have to be about sex or under to be a child

Juan C Camarena says:

Dude she get kidnap

Luke Jones says:

Decker review 2017 IT please

DrBrainzzz says:

I’m happy someone else finally brought it up. The whole “this is being panned for being too disturbing” is the stupidest crap I hear about horror movies. People wonder why modern horror movies are all cheap jumpscares and boring re-hashed crap, but the reason is because people are too afraid of any horror movie that breaks the mold, despite the fact that’s exactly what horror movies are supposed to do. HORRIFY you. Back in the day, Texas Chainsaw Massacre was considered absolutely terrifying. Why? Because not many movies depicted such horrific violence in that way. Despite it’s low budget, the movie was a hit because it horrified people. Same thing for Psycho. Psycho was one of the first movies to depict a murder on the big screen, and people were appalled. Now that bloody murders and gore have become circumstance as people were desensitized to it, it takes a lot more to horrify people, but anyone who DOES horrify people are critically panned for doing so. It makes no sense to me.
When I originally read reviews on Clown deciding whether to watch it, I couldn’t believe that one of the negative reviews said “Just because you can make a realistic prop of a child’s arm doesn’t mean you should”. Actually, in my opinion, yes it does. The monster in Clown was TERRIFYING because it was a child eating demon. And instead of it being a child eating demon by word of mouth of characters spouting exposition, it was shown to you. Quite graphically. While none of the deaths are “on-screen”, they did do the gore pretty creatively (something that surprised me compared to Eli Roth’s other films).
Closing out my small novel here, I like films that push the boundaries. That have an interesting and scary premise with a good delivery to create something that makes me afraid. That’s what horror is to me, I should be horrified. And I hate to see movies get destroyed for that. Some try too hard (look at Human Centipede 2 and A Serbian Film) to the point of being completely bonkers and worth nothing more than shock value, but movies like this push the boundaries enough to truly make something scary.

warystatue33 says:

A very pleasant horror movie much better than I expected.

TheMarionick says:

Hold on… Gotta finish my popcorn first. I know how gross this movie is.

Violet plays MSP says:

I’m sorry I need to say this

This guy looks exactly like jesus

PewPewWizard says:


MrRynoWorld says:

Ok now I have one thing to say since I’m about to turn 13 “F*ck clowns I beat the sh*t out of them. (JK I will scream like f*ck)

Mike Jacobs says:

at 13.42 in the video that was funny what you said.

Jack Rogers says:

I kinda wish this movie got a bigger budget and they’d done away with the children eating aspects so that they could make it more violent. Since children had to die they had to be pretty careful about how they presented the deaths, would’ve been awesome if the Clown preyed on teenagers or something. Then you can have a much more violent and savage monster.

Victor Kempe says:

This movie is so freaking awesome imo its so freaking underrated

Albert Bancroft says:

Clowns aren’t scary, unless you can’t get the outfit off

smartwicks says:

This movie is so sad the clown didn’t get the last child

Killua Blue lighting mode says:

It’s like it little brother

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