Colossal (2017) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Horror Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru reviews Nacho Vigalondo’s COLOSSAL!

COLOSSAL (2017) was written/directed by Nacho Vigalondo and stars Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis, Dan Stevens, Austin Stowell & Time Blake Nelson. Music by Bear McCreary!

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TheSlayFer Ch. T. says:

I totally get it dude, when there are so many radical and extreme opinions that don’t leave a place for discussion and middle ground a film might as well just not exist because it feels like nobody is watching it for it’s worth but to please or condemn a group or groups.

prufrock1977 says:

Now I have to go watch 2 movies? You’re killing me, man! (Can’t wait—your track record is impeccable. If you say a movie is great, I have almost always enjoyed it.)

AngellusRavenix says:

Saw Colossal when it was in limited release out by me. Loved the movie. Totally worth the 1:15 travel time. I found it funny where she ended up as the final scene.

Plebian Maximillian says:

So what’s the state of Blood Splattered Cinema? if i remember correctly you were working on an episode on “Basket Case”?

Colton West says:

I fucking loved this movie and it slipped under so many people’s radars

Zacary Bruner says:

Colossal was fantastic. The turn it takes halfway through the movie was completely unexpected. I loved it. One of my favorites of last year.

trc2rockon says:

Heck YEA!  This was my 2nd favorite movie of 2017, and I’m SO glad you’re getting around to reviewing this one at long last!  And yea, I’m a fan of Vigalondo’s work.  Timecrimes is excellent, Extraterrestrial was pretty good although not as good as the other two, and Open Windows had some good ideas but came of as a little overwritten in the end.  I will also say, he had EASILY the best short in V/H/S: Viral (the one with the parallel universe).  And with this one, I’d say this is on par with Timecrimes as one of his best, and I’m SO excited to see what he does next!  Though, I will say, I’m surprised that in the spoiler section, you didn’t mention that (SPOILER ALERT) the fact that Jason Sudeikis’ avatar in Seoul when he enters the park is that giant mech/robot or whatever, since that’s pretty much why he’s over at the park drunk off his butt when Hathaway goes over there to stop him after sleeping with the other guy.  But yea, there’s so much to love with this movie, especially on repeat viewings.

derek evan says:

I agree with opinion overload. Those fuckin people don’t even care about movies or comics or whatever,it’s just another opportunity for “Look at me” because that’s what it’s really about to those people.

Malefizia says:

Dont worry about the audio, video is great.
U R not dumb, u r human, so sometimes shit happens.

wstine79 says:

I loved this movie. It was a Redbox rent one get one free special with LIFE. I knew Jason Sudeikis could be so cruel yet so likeable in this movie.

Ivanprime93 says:

I loved this movie, it is totally underrated.

Irrefutable Matt says:

100% with ya on the underlying theme of the movie sneaking up on ya… i also had the same experience when watching it… and think casting jason sudeikis how they did helps that too… because youve seen him in that role before… it does really deserve props on how well it mixes genres… i think i end up summarizing it as [spoilers]

a dark romcom about abusive relationships with a kaiju and giant robot destroying s[e]oul… and i arrived at that because if you actually watch a lot of romcoms the dudes are generally like stalkers for 90% of the movie but they play it for laughs…

like ” oh my gf broke up with me for being a jackass better stalk her, possessively ruin/sabotage all her new relationships, so i can win her back with wacky hijinks and grand gestures while not becoming a better person at all” and i saw this as perverting that trope and flipping it on its head… like the anti-romcom

Jacob Martin says:

I saw Colossal in theatres with a hand delivered plate of nachos, twas a good evening at the pictures.

zekroh6986 says:


Satria Kurniawann Djaenal says:

Ah…I remember this movie. Pretty weird, but fun.

Sam Bolyard says:

You had me at anne hathaway. Shes one of those actresses ill watch anything that shes in.

Maya Zulf says:

I loved this movie. My sibling sent me the trailer and said it sounded like something I’d make up.

Alienboy says:

Hey Guru, I would like to know what you thought about Dunkirk.

Christopher Lewis says:

This was a really cool movie with a twist you don’t expect. People controlling giant monsters was a cool idea

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