COME WITH ME: Piercing (2018) Horror Movie Review

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Samson Pham says:

Haha meth dance…i love emma

Shawn Bailey says:

I agree I hate when people say that… it drives me nuts when just in general people start to backlash against something because it becomes mainstream, and vice versa when other people only like a horror movie because it becomes mainstream.

Corey Parks says:

Yeah,my first favorite actor&movie ever was Clint Eastwood’s “High Plains Drifter” when I was 4. Though listed Mystery/Western genre it actually has a paranormal twist as well. It’s must for those who’ve incredibly yet to see it either?

theONLYsunwolf says:

I’m kind of an ‘ending’ guy. I friggin’ hate when movies end abruptly without resolving everything. Seriously pisses me off. So I don’t think I’ll be bothering with this one. Thanks for the heads-up, though. Cheers. 🙂

Brocky. says:

YAY! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Assassination Nation. It was such a nice surprise towards the end of last year for me, I wasn’t sure what to expect going in but I was hooked from the moment those ‘trigger warnings’ popped up.

Amber Gulley says:

Hey Emma! Great review. Also, I’ve been meaning to ask if you’ve ever seen a movie called Frenchman’s Farm? It’s an 80’s Australian film. I rewatched it the other day because I hadn’t seen it since it came out, and it unsettled me more this time around. That’s probably going to sound pathetic, but I remember (specifically the main bad guy) terrified many people. If you ever get a chance to see it you’ll know what I mean. Looking forward to the next review!

W. Thomas Leroux says:

“That’s not horror” is them giving themselves permission to watch a horror movie.

Moo Moo Puppy says:

Is that a Heredity standee or a poster? I loved Mia W. in Stoker. I want some Hereditary merch.

Kelly Marshall says:

Have seen any of children of corn movies

sab walkswithpurpose says:

If meth heads are so scary, why hasn’t anyone made a horror movie with meth heads in it? Idea…

Samson Pham says:

Wow the guy mentioned on the radio is into everything:beastiality,necrophilia,incest.

Haritha Vunnam says:

Hi Emma, have you seen The Clovehitch Killer from last year? If not, you should check it out.

Jim Roberts says:

Quirky turkey…you are adorable!

sab walkswithpurpose says:

Please, Emma, make a video about the subject of horror movies being treated like crap in film circles and the media in general. Especially when they are GOOD! I think that this is the case in general for most genre films. I look forward to seeing something like this added to the overall discourse for legitimizing genre films and especially horror films, in general (when appropriate, that is…). 😉

JT Zimm says:

Loved Eyes of My Mother, even though it disturbed the fuck out of me. I ended up describing it to my friends because they wouldn’t watch it, but the curiosity got the better of them, and then THEY were disturbed…by me. Kinda like how my coworkers to whom I lent my Audition DVD were disturbed by me, even though I warned them repeatedly. So, I’m still looking forward to seeing this one, despite the abrupt ending, which I find to be a cop out in most films.

Moo Moo Puppy says:

I was thinking that hopefully, out over here in the US, but the release date is February 1st. I forget which movie ended abruptly that I’ve seen lately, but it doesn’t come to mind. I’ll have to go through my Fandango purchase history. Assassination Nation is the name of the movie I was trying to remember the name of.

SundaysEnd says:

I would love to see you do a ran of people who say good movies aren’t actually horror movies. That shit pisses me off so much!

Charlotte Hollingsworth says:

“if i die this could be found footage you guys” omg hahahaha

Lill Phino says:

Always love your reviews! However I would of loved to see the “meth dance” lol. Glad you’re safe!

Ben Sheppard -AO fitness ministry says:

Hey little oz sis. Bless you

Wolverine Scratch says:

I’m still trying to get over Bird Box

Random Horror says:

Dose anyone get a piercing in this one? And Melbourne I have family in Melbourne.

Richard Aaron says:

I love Audition but I love Asian films in general compared to what Hollywood puts out

silja lin says:

Regarding mainstream horror not being considered horror by some people: dude! Hereditary! People were like “it’s not really a horror movie cuz it’s not scary”. I will NEVER understand those people.

Craig Johnson says:

People saying ‘that’s not horror’ are showing how naieve they are about horror and how little they understand the breadth and depth of the genre. People think that horror can only be 16 girls killed by a man with a machete and are completely thrown by films with intricate plot lines, sub text, political and social commentary and decent acting. I also hate directors who say their films aren’t horror when they damn well are (hello Danny Boyle and 28 days later). Blimey that got a bit ranty then! Sorry!!

VivaVideo User says:

I just love these vlogs

Brocky. says:

Quirky Turkey?

I am stealing that!

Gabby Hernandez says:

That podcast episode you’re listening to is about Kevin Davis, and that crime happened in my city! It was INSANE when that news story came out.

Kyle Myers says:

Saw this on your letterbox. Been hoping for a review.

Not-Quite-Final Girl says:

If it shocks, scares, or shakes you in any way… it’s horror. Searching was horror for me as a parent. I hate that shit as well… don’t put horror in a box ❤️

Nada The Cynical Alien says:

The escape room delay is out of respect for a tragedy that happened in an actual escape room. 5 people died coincidentally on the day escape room was initially supposed to be released and was (in the US). Its actually weird because there are some eerie coincidences in the actual movie that sound similar to what happened to the people who actually died in an escape room.

Craig Johnson says:

Emma have you seen the film Satan’s Slaves? Its an Indonesian film from 2017 and is on Shudder (in the UK) – I’m 20 minutes in right now and it’s scaring the bejeesus out of me. Think you will like it

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