Creep 2 (2017) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Horror Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru & Count Jackula review CREEP 2!

CREEP 2 was written by Mark Duplass & Patrick Brice, directed by Patrick Brice, produced by Jason Blum & Carolyn Craddock and stars Mark Duplass, Desiree Akhavan and Karan Soni.

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MiscellaneousSoup says:

Two vlogs in one day!

Samuel Stark says:

The amount of wheezing laughs from Jack… oh yes, he loved this movie so much haha


5:12 ummmmm

Dove Calderwood says:

They have a third one planned, it’s happening

7 Realms Productions says:

I think you were looking for the word minimalism. “Creep was an exercise in minimalist film making.”

Phillip Marlowe says:

I really liked the movie, although there were a few things I feel they should have done differently. The strip scene with the lady and the Three-Stooges-ending.

Lord Thanos says:

I loved the first, glad I saw your video pop up or i might not have known!!

Showtime_Kick123 says:

I love these movies so much

Christian Di Leo Reviews says:

Check out Super Dark Times on Netflix!

Word Unheard says:

Mark Duplass and Patrick just like my tweet, in which I praised Creep 2 on Duplass’s page. Man, you’ve just gotta love social media sometimes.

Malefizia says:

You guys HAVE to make more movie reviews again, old and new ones!! Awesome vid as always 🙂


Is the word you’re looking for minimalist?

Austin Schank says:

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this in previous videos, but the music you use for the spoiler warning gives me life.

Dokka Chapman says:

Wait….. this isn’t a sequel to the brilliant London Underground horror flick? F**k that then.

Robert Brentzel says:

Restrained resources …

Jeremy Jenkins says:

Creep 2 is fucking weird and…WHAT A TWIST.

Also, there’s going to be a Creep 3. Mark Duplass is going for a trilogy.

Patrick Brice says:

You guys are awesome. Thanks for this!


I loved this film. It’s not as unsettling as the first one, but I do think it’s funnier. I would call it a romantic comedy for horror fans.

Katy Teacher says:


petitwallaby says:

I re-watched the first Creep after watching Creep 2 and I do like the second one a bit more because it’s better paced and structured and the back and forth between Sara and “Aaron” is just delightful! But they are both really enjoyable! I just love how they created tension by not being afraid of silence, you know? Sometimes, the characters are just staring at the camera without talking until you feel super uncomfortable… Just genius!

Daniel Giles says:


Clara says:

YESSS!!!! Thank u for this Great review <3

Cowboy Wizard says:

I liked it. I’m sure a P.3 is on the way.Great review guys!

GL Knight says:

Calling it now: in Creep 3, Joseph mentors a kid who is just as fucked up as he is, making it an obvious parallel to fatherhood.

Word Unheard says:

I literally just watched this movie last night, so amazing timing, HG and CJ! This movie, to me, was so much better than the sequel in every way. Mark Duplass’s villain is so goddamn charming. Even though he’s completely unhinged and you have very little doubt that he could kill you at any moment, you can’t help but be captivated by every word he says, even if the majority of it is bullshit. Oddly enough, everything he told her in the begging, I honestly think, was 100% truth.

Until she showed up and until he really started being comfortable around her, this wasn’t the same character we saw in the original Creep. His murders were no longer bringing him pleasure. He was just going through the motions at this point. And I really believe that he meant to die that night, filmed by that woman, for the climax of his documentary.

But she sparked something in him he hadn’t felt in a while, joy. Hell, even then he meant to still die. Only he wanted her to die with him. Mark Duplass has created a character unlike any other in recent memory. You’re either laughing, as if you’re watching a very comedy (which it is a lot of time) or your flight senses kick in and you’re wishing the woman would get the hell out of there as fast as she can.

Speaking of the woman, she did a great job with her role too. I could not figure out where this movie was headed. I thought maybe she might actually join him or trying to trick him. She was fearless and very open to confrontation. This movie left me wishing that the third one had already been made and that I could watch it immediately afterwards. I just hope we don’t have to wait another three years.

Chillz McKillz says:

are you the cocksucker that put down alien covenant. eat shit fat fuck

The ps4 Guy says:

Comepletely off topic but could you review “the vatican tapes”?

Thomas H says:


Brian Cordie says:

YESSS, I was waiting for this video to come out, I watched it as soon as it hit Netflix and have been trying to be patient for your review ever since. I love how charismatic Joseph/Aaron is, a guy like him makes me understand how a creep, bad joke intended, like Charles Manson could persuade people into to a vile world. I agree with most everything you guys had to say, I hope they make a third, I believe the main actor/director said that has been there intention since the beginning, if the movies do well enough.

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