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This week The Horror Guru & Count Jackula review CULT OF CHUCKY!

CULT OF CHUCKY (2017) was written/directed by Don Mancini, produced by David Kirschner & Ogden Gavanski, and stars Fiona Dourif, Michael Therriault, Adam Hurtig, Alex Vincent, Jennifer Tilly & Brad Dourif.

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brad cha says:

her name is nica not nico

Jon Stewart says:

Andy should have had a better plan at the end. The plot was so clever.

GL Knight says:

When it comes to Ronny Yu, you kinda forgot the Bride With White Hair, which I swear to God more people need to know about (which also uses the slow motion thing, because it’s a technique that Tsui Hark introduced for his films to make them more like manhua panel art, which is what Warriors of Virtue is supposed to be: a kid’s moral battle as filtered through martial arts comics).

Side note: sequels to Ronny Yu properties do kinda improve after he leaves the project. Compare Bride with White Hair 2 (which he directed) with Seed of Chucky and Warriors of Virtue 2 (both of which he didn’t direct).

03bgood says:

Cult was not that bad. People are just so ungrateful these days. Now Curse was a better film, but Cult was kinda good. At least they didn’t go overboard with the comedy. The multiple Chuckys was cool and I like it when Andy tortures the original Chucky head. The ending was the only problem I had with the film. The film ends abruptly and feels a bit incomplete. Overall, good film but could’ve been better if some of these issues were fixed.

Heretic says:

at frist i thought glen and glenda was the girl on the date with andy and red head guy in the nut house

shawn wall says:

Great review guys probably the 1st review not to completely shit all over the movie.

steve ipa says:

CAWABUNGA DUDES Chucky is the dogs bollocks .

valcliff b says:

Count, whatchu been up to over like the last month? You got a different venue for future content?

brad cha says:

Andy’s mom is alive and married to the cop from the first movie, because in the end credit of curse of Chucky Andy answers a phone call and he said “hi mom” and “hows mike doing” (mike aka the cop) and something about his or her birthday

Jeremy Jenkins says:

I liked Cult of Chucky. And I guess Nika has to be killed now or something?

Matty H says:

Did you guys see the post credits sequence??? There is a surprise cameo!

Gregorio Cruz says:

The third Ninja Turtles movie was originally going to have the subtitle of Turtlea in Time. Thank God, they dropped it.

Rotted Pumpkin says:

This movie is out! Why am I just finding out about this?!

Blackie STYL33 says:

Always loved Chucky since Bride. I remember as a kid thinking I would be terrified but instead I straight pissed myself from laughing hysterically. This movie was just as entertaining and hilarious as well as cringe worthy at times lol and kudos to Alex Vincent coming back as Andy. Thought it was cool that they portrayed him as a this action type badass in the beginning. The Chucky’s arguing was just icing on the fucking cake lol I love when one of them goes, “I should kill him, look at my hair!!” And the other two just fold quickly, “Oh yes of course! So sorry!” Lmao

Joseph Mark Green Production says:

I love Cult of Chucky and it’s now one of my favorite Chucky films. I saw Cult of Chucky at Frightfest and the also showed a short called The Dollhouse before it started about what it was like for Fiona Dourif growing up with Chucky in her life.

Zachary Haith says:


Are you excited for Kyle coming back? A couple issues I have with movie. You wonder how he’s possessing many dolls and they explain with one stupid line, “I learned it online”. Whatever, maybe I’ll let that slide. Why is he still messing around with dolls, why not people? Also throwing out the rule of the longer he’s in a doll the more he becomes human and feels pain. Maybe it doesn’t pertain to the possessed dolls but why does one rip his arm off and is fine but the fresh short haired one is filled with blood and guts? This franchise is getting very complicated.

Jason Krueger says:

Just a nitpick, but it’s Nica, not Nico.

I do agree that I don’t particularly like the cliffhanger endings of this new phase/trilogy. I like the first three where they conclude that specific chapter in the franchise and Chucky dies at the end; none of this stuff where he’s still alive and he’s “won.” I mean, it’s a change of pace to have Chucky come out on top instead of being killed each time, but it still feels like kind of a waste of time when you know it’s only a lead-in for the next movie.

Seed of Chucky wasn’t erased or made non-canon. Chucky mentioned “the Tillys” in Curse, and there was originally going to be a line from Tilly referencing Glen & Glenda at the end of Cult, but Universal told Mancini to remove the line from the script. You can find that interview here on YT from the Syfy Wire or something.

As for the endings in Curse, the way I interpreted it from Chucky’s dialogue is that he did in fact possess Alice and went on a killing spree, but ultimately someone fought back and gravely injured Alice’s body, so Chucky somehow managed to hop back into his original doll body. Then Chucky went after Andy and that doll is still the one held captive in Andy’s woodland cabin (hence the scars). What isn’t explained and is still confusing to me is when exactly Chucky found the duplicate soul spell and when he put that plan into action. Cult takes place 4 years after Curse, and Chucky says he found the spell “a few years” ago when speaking to Nica, so it probably happened closer to the ending of Curse. But depending on when, there could have been multiple Chuckys running around while Alice and Andy were dealing with the “original” Charles Lee Ray version. We just don’t know yet what’s really going on, or how it works, and hopefully the 8th installment answers everything since I think that one is going to end this trilogy and then they’re going to do the reboot.

This is a long comment, but there’s a lot to theorize about with this movie due to how open-ended it is. Overall, this one felt like a fusion of the Andy era Chucky and the Tilly era Chucky.

Ronda Collins says:

I feel like it’s been long enough since Seed of Chucky where they could and should give us Glenn vs Glenda. They would be at least in their late teens right now. It’d be perfect.

Mega MovieZ says:

I wanted to love this but there were SO MANY PLOT HOLES and script issues that made it less enjoyable for me

Adam Fair Land says:

My thoughts exactly. Its so bizarre that the Chucky series is the most consistent and took the most care!

Chris Morgue says:

Since he used the regular chant on Alice and had all the scars, I feel like he used Alice’s body to go killing, but was injured and managed to transfer it back before dying, then he realized it was to close a call and found the spell to split his soul. He then split his soul between two dolls and left the new one with Tiffany while he went after andy, thus the original chucky was the one in the safe. Side note: it seems like all the chuckys don’t have a psychic connection of sorts otherwise they would have tracked Andy down when he hid away in that Cabin.

Ron Villanova says:

I’m first!
I honestly loved this one
Chucky was awesome as usual and I love that ending

Straight Jacket Studios says:

Maybe the eightth movie is going to be “Chucky goes to Hell”. I’m just guessin’

Anthony Kulik says:

Don Mancini stop with the fucking cliffhangers its fucking annoying. Wow cult of chucky was awful, Andy was wooden and boring, but i did like how they tied movies together. But it had a very unclimatic ending. Disappointing, i felt unsatisfied. 2.5 out of 5

Ghost Face says:

Seed of chucky is canon cause there’s a part when tiffany refers to herself as tiffany and Jennifer. Still don’t know where Glen and Glenda are

thatshot8 says:

I would argue that Bride of Chucky is pretty good.. one of the greatest blends of comedy and horror. And good rewatch value.

David Hartding says:

I saw it yesterday on Netflix with my wife and loved it. I wouldn’t have even known about it if I didn’t see your unboxing video last week.

Clara says:

Plss review “The sacrament”

Gabriel Mendez says:

Now they need to connect hack/slash with this since he shows up in the comics but that’s just cause I wanna see a hack/slash movie

Anthony Kulik says:

Ur absolutley right u should’nt have to create a new movie to complete the continuity, they should JUST MAKE GOOD, well written movies in the first place. I did not like Cult of Chucky.

Nas says:

You gonna review Victor Crowley? (Hatchet 4) I watched it last night, and it was a masterpiece!

Mega MovieZ says:

Curse was excellent but Cult was meh

Holly Kay says:

Bride is my favorite but I feel we have the same opinion on the whole thing 🙂

Jon Stewart says:

I think this one was actually as good as the first.

Sean Darbe says:

IS the problem bendis overcrompresed story telling?

fluffyguy611 says:

Seed of Chucky is the worst one man and you may not give a shit about my opinion but fuck it I’m still going to express it

San Qiang Li says:

Heeeyyy…I saw the unboxing of this…

KweenyTodd says:

When Chucky says that to the doc, I just lost it. So Fucking funny!

Strider Reborn says:

Your not wrong, There is a Gay Tryst in “Curse”.

Jon Stewart says:

Andy should learn voodoo to fight Chucky at his own game. That would have been smart.

Jackie McCann says:

I think one of my favorite lines is when Andy pretty much recounts the entire series and all the shit he went through: _“I was six. My babysitter was murdered. … Along with my teacher, and my caseworker, and 37 other people over the years. That I’m aware of…”_

Bradley Calvert says:

Everytime Chucky was on screen I was all smiles. I loved Fiona’s impersonation of her father too. She nailed that laugh!

Nathan Mitchell says:

Alright mate subbed for a while now great reviews a while back I asked for your opinion on a film Unkindness Of Ravens have you seen it yet if not please do a review like to know what you think cheers mate

HorrorGal says:

Loved hearing you two discuss Cult. I enjoyed it too…it was a fun ride and I can’t wait to see where they take it in the next movie.. I think that the “casual” Chucky fan probably doesn’t get as much from this film as a fan of the franchise (and artists involved in it) do.

Charles Stanford says:

So basically Chucky made horcruxes.

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