as my first video back I wanted to try something a little different. I want to start incorporating more videos other than reviews on my channel (but don’t worry, I’ll still do reviews!) please let me know any requests you’d like me to do down in the comments!


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Richard Crow's says:

she doesn’t believe in demons and spirits but she believes in curses??? I’m sorry but this girl is full of b******* and shouldn’t be posting about videos like this if she’s making no sense.

Rayanne Florence says:

Are you a natural red head

Gin Woodruff says:

Looking extra gorgeous here Sarah <3

Organic Giraffe says:

you look 10 yrs younger in ur thumbnail

Izzy C says:

Quentin Tarantino is actually making a movie called Helter Skelter and Margot Robbie will be playing Sharon Tate

Kristen K says:

There’s way too much sympathy in this video for Roman Polanski. He’s a pedophile that fled the country and hasn’t served his sentence. The sympathy belongs to Sharon Tate. But I doubt that Sarah realized he was a sex offender.

Dianna says:

I really loved this video, the theme of it, everything. I don’t think I am a fan of horror, I watch this channel because of you but I liked this video more than the movie review ones bc it’s about real experiences and murder which is pretty real unfortunately. And I now know more legit stuff thanks to you 🙂

Bijinius Cross says:


Droopy Uzamaki says:

yo yall dont believe this dumb bitch, she dont believe in ghost n demons n try to downplay people how realy are bin in that possessed, this girl is the one how is liein dont believe this bitch, she will also till that the illuminatie is not real, fuck this dumb slutty bitch, she does this all voor attention, dumb gurl

cool kid says:

it’s fine and dandy that people are skeptics pero like… “bad luck” “coincidences” i don’t know man.. how long can you say that?

akobel says:

I am NOT SHITTING you my headphones started acting up during this video and turning all the way down multiple times and I was NOT touching them at all.

Kabyo Gee says:


Joseph Olvera says:

I respect everyone’s beliefs and opinions and can acknowledge why people would cast these things off as coincidence. However all these movies have a common denominator, there all about the devil and demons. Demons have been ingrained into just about every religion throughout history. I personally would rather not tempt fate, I think that there are far too many cases throughout history that point to the devil and demons being real. I honestly do think that there were other forces at play here that caused most of these misfortunes.

Julie Nolan says:

OMG I love that red lip. You should wear red lipstick more often ❤️

David Pierdomenico says:

The Possession: Jeffrey Dean Morgan said a lot of weird stuff went one during filming.

yall mind if i hit that death says:


Greg Asdourian says:

Return to Babylon, check it out.


Your cool the movies are great but to sell a a movie add a few lies and some 666 shit and and few real life deaths that were going to happen anyway even if the movies were never made that is called life and death .Nothing strange what so ever . keep the good work up and keep debunking these frauds :))

cobra emperor 107 says:

nice slayer shirt.

Aaron A says:

The AntiChrist and the Devil are actually meant to be two different beings, if i remember my theology right. The Devil is a fallen angel and the AntiChrist is his human servant.

Lucas Pigliavento says:

Okay roman palanski drugged raped a 13 year girl it wasn’t just statutory rape it was full on rape

Jake Skywalker says:

I don’t know about those movies being cursed but they scared the crap out of me, especially the Exorcist and the Conjuring.

Rose Wallflower says:

Love this kind of videos!!!

Julia N says:

Wich paint did you use in you hair?? It’s so beautiful

Kaylee Rodgers says:

love your shirt

Chris Hansen with dateline NBC says:


Jana L says:

Do you watch supernatural? Bc you totally look like Abbadon

Christi Ellington says:

You can add PASSION OF THE CHRIST, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, and the television mini series remake of THE SHINING ( which was filmed in the Stanley Hotel).
Also, the real skeletons in Poltergeist 2 was an accident. They ordered fake but were delivered real. Also, the guy that played the Native American in Poltergeist 2 died after filming. So, someone died after each one was filmed.
Last but not least… you may not believe is demons and demonic spirits, but they definitely believe in you. That weight on your shoulders, that unease feeling you get, that shiver throughout your body when you walk into a room or are in the presence of a particular person, that feeling you are not alone, that weird thing that just happened, it is not a coincidence and it is not your imagination. It is them attaching themselves to you, surrounding you, approaching you. Tell them they are not real. Ask them to prove themselves. Dare them to make their presence known. If you do, make sure you are ready for them. They will annihilate you.

Anna says:

Your hair is so beautiful how do you get it // keep it that colour or ??

HerbandCindy says:

I like it when you recommend Netflix or Amazon Prime “B” Horror movies. I appreciate your insights on this topic❣️

sicilianotoronto says:

The kids from diff’rent strokes were also all cursed lol

Zachary Holguin says:

Twilight Zone the Movie

Tristan Bottcher says:

Sexy bitch

Hope Stark says:

you’re awesome! I dig every video I’ve seen you do! keep being awesome!

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