Death Spa (1989) – Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the movie Death Spa directed by Michael Fischa and starring William Bumiller, Brenda Bakke, Ken Foree, and introducing Karyn Parsons.
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Gruesome deaths begin to occur at a hip Los Angeles health club.


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docthemetalfreak says:

I would get this movie confused with Killer Workout. but if they put em both on the same DVD that might be interesting. then again it might be difficult to put anymore aerobic workout horror moviez in a collection. I kinda doubt Perfect would be on there. sure it haz Jamie Lee Curtis but I think it might be a drama lol.

Death Central says:

Great job guys!

mitch103178 says:

Love this movie! I have it on VHS. Let me tell ya. It was not easy to find. I probably paid too much for it. Totally worth it!

Jen LuvsHorror says:

I love this movie!

Ethan Pacheco says:

You guys have really opened my eyes to the horror genre(in a good way) keep it up

Sphinx says:

You need to do a review of slaughter high!

Bentraemer says:

review the r rated Intruder vs the Directors Cut of Intruder (1989) featuring Ted and Sam Raimi and a brief appearance of Bruce Campbell. It proves editing content can ruin films. The Directors Cut became my new favorite 80s slasher.



Christopher James says:

6:24 is that tomato sauce?

Nathaniel Fincher says:

Great movie!

Jason Williams says:

I think you guys summarized it best with the comments that this movie is about “Babes in Spandex n shit” and “Sweet Dance Moves and Killer Grooves”. Good cheesy 80s horror but might have gotten like you said, a little too wacky and paranormal. Maybe there wasn’t enough room for two workout gym movies, Killer Workout and Death Spa. I think a combination of the best of both movies would have made for one really good one! Like Jay said, not sure what I liked about it, but what I did like was definitely babe related! I do think the aerobics scene in Killer Workout is way better haha. Huge bonus points to Jay for the Iron Maiden shirt!! This is why BB&B is the best movie review channel.

Nick Hoffman says:

If you haven’t already, you should review the Silent Hill movie. Great gaming franchise and a decent movie adaptation.

KweenyTodd says:

I enjoy your retro reviews! Good job guys!

Max Powers says:

i just loved your reviews of retro horrors…
just keep on the good work guys…

Roger Morris says:

This movie is the reason why I will never ever join a gym. And the fact I am also very lazy.

Bourbon Ernie says:

This one is a classic.

Craigory 564 says:

Please review The Coed and the Zombie Stoner soon

dterryize says:

You want to see a classic: 70’s Race With The Devil. You’ll be impressed with what they did with so little.

DeathMonsterMunchie25000 FuckALastName says:

Ken Foree has been in some dope horror movies. He was in this, Leatherface 3, and the Halloween zombie remake.

By the way do you guys have any way to receive messages? I have a list of horror movies for you guys to check out lol

Kate Finch says:

80s horror is just primo stuff, I could put y’alls retro reviews on a loop and be happy

xenomorph warrior says:

Sorry I’m late I had school
And homework

SuicideKid1979 says:

Check out GET MY GUN by Brian Darwas! 😉

Screaming Shark says:

Nice review guys! The Blu ray transfer on this looks amazing!

LIVID - says:

Fast as fuck boi



Ry theGuy says:

I love this movie! Do Killer Workout next that one kicks ass too!

April Cost says:

You definitely need to do more of these. 80’s slashers are the best

Ashanti Berry says:


TheCarolinaCreep says:

The movie looks and sounds like a lot of fun. It’s added to my list of things to watch now.

Spookyboi 9000 says:

Great vid as always

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