DOG SOLDIERS MOVIE REVIEW – Unashamedly British Horror

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“There is no spoon.”

Morgan Owen says:

What’s your thoughts on Bad Moon? I thought Dog Soldiers was great and a better movie as far as the acting and story goes but loved the look of the werewolf far better in bad moon.

Bradley McKenna says:

Now a review of Mr H . First and foremost hes fucking gorgeous !!

MandaloreTheAdenn says:

Loved this movie when I watched it years ago. Glad to see you doing a vid on it.

thisisntmyceiling says:

My mental image of you was so different lmao

nowano kbi says:

Could you please do Howl? I thought it was great and your opinion would be extremely badass. Thank you and have a great day.

DeepEye1994 says:

Fucking favorite werewolf movie. I’ve seen the most popular werewolf films, and even though they weren’t bad, I just… felt like something was missing in them. This film, it may not be special effects-filled like the other werewolf films are with all the transformations, but it has so much heart and memorable quotes and moments, it knew it didn’t had a lot of resources so they did the best they could with the little they had, and I believe it paid off spectacularly. I don’t love this just as a werewolf flick, I love this as a movie first and foremost. And kinda like an Edgar Wright film, I notice new things each time I see it, it’s so rewatchable.

For example last time I saw it, I noticed how both Ryan and Megan turn into werewolves after they do something awful, with Ryan is when he reveals that the whole mission of the protagonists was just a bait to attract and capture a werewolf, with Megan is when she lets the werewolves in because she got bitten so she’s joining them. They turn into monsters after a final gesture that makes them give up on their humanity. Again, may not have a fancy transformation, but makes up for it with themes.

Daniel Aguirri says:

I love Dog Soldiers! Great Werewolf film.

colm duggan says:

seen this movie so much growing up sean pertwee is legend

andrew latham says:

If anyone gets the chance watch the movie with the actors commentary on it. When they recorded it they were apparently drinking beer and just sound like it’s a bunch of blokes having a laugh. Sounds like the crew really enjoyed making it. Liam Cunningham is bloody funny.

Cole Maloy says:

Jesus Christ Mr. H is jacked. Didn’t see that coming.

Joe Anguiano says:

LOVED this movie for YEARS! Great review. As an American, the British humor didn’t bother me at all over the years. 11/10 should watch!

James TunbridgeWells says:

I absolutely love this movie. When I was a new platoon commander my platoon and I went to the cinema for a day out. We went to see “Once were soldiers”. In the trailers was a British Army recruiting video. It was from the era when the ads were all “Your patrol is separated, the radio isn’t working, what do you do?” And the ad got to that point and then it said “It doesn’t matter when the enemy’s trying to eat you”. And then the trailer went from a spot on pastiche of the recruiting ads to full on carnage.

I eventually got to see it in Kosovo. We had this weird visiting cinema in articulated lorry, which opened up into a small cinema. I was there on the first night and then got called out for an emergency and then on I think the third final night I actually got to see it. It was amazing. And we all agreed they had got squaddies spot on. (Other than their webbing which wasn’t very well assembled.). Sean Pertwee is just superb. I recall a review at the time saying this was the role he was simply born to play. I don’t think I have ever seen a SNCO portrayed so convincingly on screen. Which is quite an achievement when he’s fighting werewolves.

Jeff Allen says:

I remember seeing this film on the Sci-Fi Channel back in the early 2000’s, maybe 2003 or 2004, after it came out and  I thought it was really good!!  Mr. H mentions Sean Pertwee, he has had a good career in the states playing Alfred on Gotham, which is going into its final season.

Lycan645 says:

A few years ago I heard that they were thinking of making a 2nd

Veldtian1 says:

Ginger Snaps is not bad, also Dogman Encounters Radio on You Tube with host Vic Cundiff is my favored go to source for real life accounts of these Cryptids.

saint nic cage says:

This film is soooo British it takes 3 sugars with its tea…dam near perfect.

Mazrim Taim says:

Anyone else spot the matrix joke at the end of the film?

British_Imperialism says:

It’s the best werewolf film out there! Nothing even comes close other than amrican werewolf in london

Philip Green says:

This and doomsday are two of my favourite films , and I much prefer them to the decent, I love a good siege film and this is one of the best I can’t praise this film enough the actor’s the affects the score are all top notch, and some of the cast of this also turn up in doomsday, great review sir .

Lemz Lemle says:

Sean Pertwee is honestly the main reason my friends and I enjoy the tv show Gotham


#LIAMCunninghamForObiWANkenobi by the way. #unrelated

James Watson says:

When I first watched saw this I saw it as pure entertainment, But after have a passing interest in the big foot phenomena. There is a belief that there are real werewolf’s just like the ones in Dog SOLDIERS that are seen by deer hunter in the USA. And even here in the UK, I know people would just laugh it of. But I have a gut feeling that this film has touched upon something that is very real, there is a case where a man was attacked by one of these things, the guy is still alive with the huge scar claw marks to prove it .

IamGrundy JLK says:

I have the movie its really good

Mad Matt says:

Yeah one of my favorite movies

Aries Thor says:

i didn’t know it was a British film.

Adam Davies says:

“I love it when a posh chick talks dirty”. I love this film!

weird science says:

Heyyyy it’s actually u lol hi dog soldiers is one of my favourite films

Chris Farnworth says:

Great film!! Shame Jason Statham turned this down and choose ghosts of mars instead.

Viral Malicer says:

A Great Movie that can hold it’s own against underworld.

Ricardo Morales says:

Predator… but with werewolves! in England!

Bro Fister says:


L The Detective says:

I’ll say this is how horror should be done. Really, the cinematography, the effects, and how it’s framed. Unintentionally funny at times, definitely imposing at others. It should be a model for other modern horror films.

colm duggan says:

marshal also created another movie with liam cunningham its also one of michael fassbender’s early movies before he became well known its called legion it’s an ok movie but not fantastic olga kurylenko also stars in it

Samuel says:

The dog was tugging on the bandage not his guts.

darkinuyasha2006 says:

Still my favorite werewolf movie.

RoAcH812 says:

such a badass movie. fucking loved this

Brian Prime says:

One of my favorite werewolf movie. I love to watch it a few times a month . This review is 100% accurate and correct.

Linda Ciccoli says:

OMG how did I miss your face reveal? You are one sexy mofo!

I loved DS from the first time I caught it on Sci-Fi Channel. Slow burn, low budget, Sean Pertwee…win.

adolfo zaragoza says:

Love Your Reviews. Will you ever review FrankenFish ?? It’s another Sci fi Channel Gem of a film.

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