Down a Dark Hall (2018) Horror movie review!

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Nigel Gotty says:

Your going to love Nick cage new film “”mandy”” it’s fucking nuts

Shayan Hussain says:

I’m assuming you’re off your holiday and if you are, can you please review the nun? I’m so eager!

Murder Addict says:

ayyy 1st

hmmm mnm says:

I was literally planning to watch this movie this weekend oh my God hope it’s a good one

David Ortega says:

I guess ill just watch it

Mr Zambarel says:

I’ve seen a lot of horror movies but nothing came close to ” The Descent ” , it’s truly a Masterpiece in my opinion. It was made in 2005, so you might have seen it already but I’m really curious to know what do you think about it.

Isaías Córdova Cuevas says:

Good content. Keep it up

Raiders AK says:

Movie was ok for me. With some of the garbage coming out lately this was better than expected. Uma’s accent was the worst part of the movie for me, when she spoke I lost interest.

Tom Himself says:

best thumbnail face ever

Ava Deutsch says:

It did look like a bad remake of Suspiria… I can’t believe I never realized that while I was watching this film lmfao

Jim Cowhand says:

My daughters are just at the age where I’m starting to let them watch PG-13 scary movies. We just watched “The Ring” I might watch this one with them next weekend. Stephenie Meyer was a producer? They love Twilight (of course)

divaducks says:

even though there were some dark moments, for some reason it felt more like a goosebumps, kid movie. i groaned through a lot of it, but some parts were decent. i wasn’t really a fan, but it filled some time and was a little entertaining. good review!

luis GTX says:

You chose always the best horror movies

Raven House Mystery says:

As always, thanks for the review, Emma. Whether a film is good or bad, it is nice to hear what you think, since I had not even heard of this film before your review. It frustrating to take a chance on an unknown film, only to find out it is not a hidden gem.

Recently, I saw both “House Of Frankenstein (1944)” and “She-Wolf Of London (1946)”, getting an early start on the Universal horror before Halloween. My cousin (who lives in another state) and I try to see as many classic horror films for October and we compare notes. Every year, we seem to find at least one film that the other hasn’t seen (or forgotten about) and it seems to keep the horror marathons fresh.

JustVerina says:

I read this book by Lois B Duncan ….where you watch this?

Boyd Crowder says:

This movie has a great cast. I will check it out, soon. Thank you for another awesome video ☺

Haritha Vunnam says:

You might want to check out “Summer of 84”. It is a decent horror flick which came out this year.

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