Dreamcatcher Movie Review (Stephen King Horror Movie Marathon)

Leading up to the release of IT this August we’re reviewing a bunch of Stephen King films and this one is even on Netflix! It’s DREAMCATCHER with a great cast that includes Thomas Jane, Timothy Olyphant, Jason Lee and the great Morgan Freeman. Yet, still manages to be a terrible Tom Clancy feeling monster movie with strange ties to the loser club from IT. You have to see it to believe it. What’d you guys think of DREAMCATCHER and what should we review next? Love your faces!

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Kyrdak L says:

Artax guys hehe, atrayu was the rider 😉 lol you guys kick ass! MICHAEL, MICHAEL, THERE’S DOING A STEVEN KING WEEK! oh my GOD, MICHAEL!

In Possibilities says:

Maybe Jason Lee’s career going sour has something to do with him become more and more brainwashed from Scientology? Just a thought.

Craig Norrie says:

have you guys not seen Punisher Warzone? Thomas Janes Punisher is great but Warzone is amazing!

Lord Of The Reels says:

The thing that’s REALLY going to bake your fucking noodles is this flick was cowritten and directed by Lawrence Kasden who wrote/cowrote Raiders of the Lost Ark, Empire Strikes Back, The Big Chill, Body Heat, The Force Awakens and more as well as being cowritten by William Holden who wrote The Princess Bride, Misery, Marathon Man, Butch Cassidy, All the President’s Men and The Sundance Kid. How did they fuck this up? :O

ChuBs 008 says:

Jason Lee was a pro skateborder at 18yr old

Gilbert Rivera says:

it’s a good movie

Csaba Tanaszi says:

i like you guys, but for me this movie is very enjoyable.

Paul Estrada says:

Holy shit that’s another name for Pennywise!! Mr brown, bob brown. Wow. I havent seen this before but I think I’m going to read it! One of the few King novels I haven’t read!! Great review guys I’m gonna have to find an experience this one. Im so invested in the expanded King universe, SO READY FOR “IT”

BisexualBadassery says:

King is a brilliant author but goddamn the movies are so hit or miss, mostly miss. the only movie I truly TRULY liked of his that I thought did almost total justice to the book(s) was The Green Mile, and of course The Shawshank Redemption (but I think that wasn’t a book, just a short story).

Wilmeiser says:

Can you review Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot(1979 original)?

It also has a sequel, “A Return to Salem’s Lot” it’s Tara Reid’s film debut so take that how you will…..

James Batten says:

On paper, this movie looked great. Too bad it didn’t stay on paper, Michael…I mean Georgie.

Sugar Shaine says:

Watched this entire video while on the toilet, great review guys and yes it was a great poop!

Nikki Lynn says:

goddamit, now I’m going to be going around saying Fuck Me, Freddy all damn week. and there’s a guy at work named Fred–awkward times ahead.

cliffdotcomdotau says:

“Dream Catcher” is the grown up version of the “Stand By Me”, how’d you not noticed the exactly same subplot of friendships for life thing!?

atd8vii says:

Strange strange movie this is. The source material is not all that compelling and the execution is weird as fuck. Having said that it looks very good visually and the special effects are pretty well done. But “shit weasels” and using a gun as a telephone was the deal breaker for me lol. It’d work as a B movie, but it definitely isn’t played for laughs.

And to answer your question, The Langoliers is definitely the worst Stephen King adaptation on the planet.

Russell Nash says:

maximum overdrive has the cheese that makes it a great terrible movie

Nick Mattio says:

Shoulda been called Chipotle 2015

5carecrow94 says:

I’m a huge King fan, but I just couldn’t finish the movie or the book. A monster that bursts out of your ass is more like a parody than anything else.

I'm Batman27 says:

The Langoliers was kind of a piece of goose shit, but I like it. Haven’t seen Dreamcatcher, though, and now I probably never will.

OhTheHorror says:

I liked characters in this movi (mainly Timothy and Jasom) but it just hit the shit WAY too hard. That being said, this movie is fuckining hilarious. As for Stephen King, I think Thinner doesn’t get enough love. The movie is Stephen King weirdness at its best. I love Jason Lee. I know he voices those IHOP commercials but haven’t seen him in much else. I think he’d make a DAMN GOOD J. Jonah Jameson though.

in6087 says:

i remember reading the book of this, i think it was the first one he wrote after getting run over and the pain just seemed to be threaded through it… it seemed like a fever dream but it just didn’t quite do it for me. i think i was just so disapointed that it wasn’t a dark tower book

Rexfellis says:

Thanks for doing this! It was a great story, but they totally fucked up the ending! A great premise that didn’t work.

Alex Nash says:

Maximum Overdrive for me is one of his worst movies but I actually enjoyed it. Serious campiness in that one. Dreamcatcher isn’t bad. As you pointed out it definitely has it’s good moments and those moments are really the only reason I enjoy watching it. My favorite King movie to date has to be Silver Bullet. Love Gary Busey as Uncle Red!!

The Wolf reviewer! says:

Brought to you by Castle Rock Entertainment.

Megan Linart says:

Never actually saw this before guess It was for the best lol Great review! Cujo is still my favorite Stephen King adaptation it is quite faithful to the book.

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