Drumdums Reviews TERRIFIER (New Clown Horror!)

Here’s my review for the brand new horror film starring Art the clown, TERRIFIER! Written and directed by Damien Leone, and starring Jenna Kanell and David Howard Thornton.
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BramSLI1 says:

Great painting! I think I’ll steer clear of this one. Great review, Lee!

taydestiny38 says:

Hey man, your wife did a great job with that portrait!! I haven’t seen this movie and I doubt that I ever will. I heard other reviewers rave about the torture porn, but lack of character buildup and I was instantly turned off. I don’t mind gore in movies from time to time…..but like yourself, I need a good story line and characters to care about, in order to intrigue me. Anyway, thanks for the review .

Sean Harrington says:

I would check out Stitches. It’s a comedy clown horror. Really good.

TheCaucazoid says:

To me this movie was a breath of fresh air from the zombies, vampires, etc.. Art not speaking makes this film more terrifying and his smile was just nightmarish. This is an 80s throwback and his is not torture porn, torture porn to me is Hostel, Frontier(s) and The Loved Ones, this is a slasher!!!!! A great slasher with no holds barred. I’m glad what Damien did to his movie, make a film in today’s society where if you get offended, we don’t care! This movie was ballsy, nostalgic, just an excellent slasher and again, a breath of fresh air from all of the silly remakes! Terrifier is the best slasher of the year and probably the best horror film this year! I love this gem!

Dereck Lawson says:

i loved this movie

duck1239 says:

I just watched it tonight and I absolutely loved it. This is my kind of slasher film, bloody and brutal. Art is the only movie clown that really scares me, the way he moves and those dam smiles just freak me out. Can I ask which scene you thought went a little over the top? Cause I never had that feeling during the movie, in fact I wanted it to be a bit more violent. I wanted to see a little more with the “upside down” kill and I was a bit upset they skipped over the skinning.

Angela Moore Sundby says:

I see your point especially in regards to not caring about the characters much. I did like it. The scene you refer to, even though I am into this kind of horror, I found a little too far too. But overall, I thought it was kind of…b movie plot with B movie acting. Cool bad guy clown. I like when these dont take themselves too seriously and try to pretend they are anythibg more than that.

Derek Goodin says:

Not a good movie but a fun one. Art is a pretty awesome killer tho. Creepy and sadistic as fuck

The Shawn David Show says:

its not a torture porn movie, Grow a dick.

Anis Zouaoui says:

you finnaly did it , this a really cool movie i watch it many times , actially there is a part 2 who does not have relation with the first

TheClementd13 says:

Hey you should watch “stitches”, best clown slasher ever !

Kenneth Smith JR says:

That Myers portrait is dope, your wife has great talent. And Art the clown in all hollows eve was creepy as hell, and was just unsettling from beginning to end. All hollows eve is a solid 7 out of 10 imo. Check it out if you can.

Sandra Weilbrenner says:

Watch deep red

Rebecca Rinehart says:

Your wife is super talented!

Robert Selesky says:

the clown gets a horror movie what the fuck killer clown that shit

Drew Jackson says:

Wow! Amazing portrait.

Thanks for the review..I’ll skip this one.

Alexandria Vaun says:

Wow Lee this time I’m completely opposite on my opinion of this movie (and that’s ok). You know I don’t like slashers, but I loved Terrifier. Yeah that one scene was gross, but so are scenes in Hostile. I really think the director was intentionally going for zero character development on the 2 girls. I see the focus being Art the clown. I loved how he was silent. I thought David Howard Thornton literally killed it as Art. His mannerisms and expressions were amazing. I have a thing for doll and clown movies…maybe that’s bc growing up in Vegas I frequented the Circus Circus casino lol. Sorry you didn’t like it.

Fatima Taboada says:

Is it on Netflix?

Zeds-World says:

Best new horror character since the creeper from Jeepers Creepers. The hanging girl scene was done in the same style as Hitchcock’s Psycho. I wouldn’t call this torture porn even tho the lack of plot and poor dialog kind of makes it the focus. Here’s hoping for a sequel that shows the backstory to Art the psycho clown.

j miller says:

Cool Paintings man I have not seen this movie yet not sure on this one i may skip it

Stay Metal Ray says:

can someone please tell me where to find this movie and where to watch it?

Danae Dunning says:

I wanted to like it, because I love Art in the All Hallows Of films, but besides him, the movie dragged, and the beginning seemed like it belonged to a different movie altogether.

First Alexander says:

Pennywise is interdimensional being from some other planet

Dereck Lawson says:

i have that shirt

Rich at the Metal Asylum says:

Great review, love your reference to The Decent and noting how great it is. Same for It.

Sean Mesler says:

The girl in the beginning is the girl from the end. Not from the previous film.

vhsbutthole says:

So many fantastic watches with Italian horror. I have been obsessed with it for years.

Rich at the Metal Asylum says:

But Art is great in All Hallows Eve.

Paul Neiland says:

Yes love that Italian /giallo horror has become a new favourite of yous, I’ve been hooked on it the last couple of years and still come across gems I’ve never seen, it’s great, now all we need is a giallo theme of the week on killer flicks, I’ll keep voting and hoping I day it’s win lol

Jeff Floyd says:

I liked the silence of art the clown

Sinister Cinema Reviews says:

Even though I adored the film I completely understand your points. If this isn’t your type of film it’d be a drudgery to sit through. Now I have a better understanding of what you do and do not like, and really the only reason I recommended it was because it’s a hot movie right now and knew it’d get a lot of hits. Thanks for the shout out, you rock buddy.

horror ghoul says:

I loathe torture porn. But I love slashers. They’re my fave sub genre. Terrifier does have alot of gore and very graphic kills. But honestly, I would not classify it as a torture porn flick in any way. Its a gory slasher, in the vein of Hatchet. I wouldn’t consider Hatchet torture porn and in that film peoples limbs and jaws are getting ripped off. Terrifier is on the same level of gore and brutality. But they are fun kills and there is alot of dark humour throughout, that breaks up the tension. Theres no long drawn out scenes, where characters are constantly being tortured. I would highly recommend checking it out, if you enjoy killer clowns and slashers.

1966tvbatman says:

DrumDums – good review. I have the opposite feel for the movie, though agree with you on some of the points. I loved Art as the silent killer. For my take of the film, you can find my thoughts here: http://smashortrashindiefilmmaking.com/at-the-movies/all-hallows-eve-2013-terrifier-2018/

knightbmb says:

I definitely agree with you on how the characters were developed and some of the kills were a little over the top. I loved Art though and in the end I did enjoy the movie. Great review Lee!

Phil 4 Real says:

Terrifier follows me on twitter lol

Stephen Amesquita says:

This guy is an idiot lol, this is not torture porn at all, try watching the two newest hellraisers, now those are tourture porn movies. This is just a straight up slasher movie. This movie was great!! No stupid cheesy love aspect in it and no stupid comedy.

jason grine says:

Wow really is ill tell you a movie thatvi thought was stright up cheap was Annabelle. That shit is not horror . and what so scary about a doll that dose nothing but sits there and only moves her head really thats scary????? LMFAO yes I get it its a posessed doll but guess what there was a movie called Christine about a poseed car and at least that car killed people drove it self wrecked then restored it self it didnt just sit there and do NOTHING!!! Like stupid Annabelle

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