Escape Room is a brand new 2019 horror film about a collection of rooms in which to escape. Here’s my review. #EscapeRoom #Horror

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malcolm adderley says:

Earl this smacks of a Goosebumps version of Saw! Which ironically was co-written by the Trojan Virus of James Whann, the Duke of The Jump Scare Movement. Like Tribute bands, the love might be there however, the talent clearly is not. I can only recall about less than a dozen well made PG13 flix. Americans stink at it, the British are amazing though with the 60,70’s Amicus/Hammer company combining mood, interesting acting choices and a great script mostly. This is probably a Canadian tax write off Cheapie, that collected ashes and dust! I’d use it to ninja at a Croc who wanted to lunch at my dog. The Sketcher and Cheerleader says even Spiccoli can’t get high enough to see this garbage. Rent Ring 1 instead modern classic goodness.

ricky99la says:

This movie is a PG-13 version of SAW V. Almost identical.

Derek's Horror Corner says:

Awesome review, I love how you always try to find positives to say for every movie! When you said it’s like a PG13 Saw I knew right away this wasn’t for me. Why are January movies almost always bad?

Pod Man says:

Maybe this could be like Ouija and improve in the sequel. Those were pg-13 horror too

Alex Smith says:

I don’t understand why people hated it or say it’s stupid. It was a good movie plus I wouldn’t consider it a horror movie more like a thriller with horror elements and I think if you go into it knowing that it definitely makes you enjoy it more. Good movie, good characters, the traps were good not saw level but the way they had it relate to everyone’s back story was good.

Tisha says:

Lee, I’m glad I watched your review before I spent my money seeing it in theaters. Usually we have the same taste in films. If I watch it I would get it on Redbox or wait til Netflix adds it.

alex hovis says:

I felt the same about Cam (Netflix) because there was no real ending.

J H says:

Why no spoiler warning…. I wanted a review not the goddamn movie spoilers

Destination Station says:

Mindhunters with Val Kilmer, Christian Slater, & LL Cool J. Not really a game type horror film but a great whodunit with elements of Saw. There’s a killer called the Puppeteer on this island where a group of FBI profiler agents are being tested through a series of different crime scene scenarios simulations. The agents begin being killed by a killer that has studied their weaknesses and profiled them. Once things begin to get crazy they realize they’re the only ones on the island and they’re trying to figure out which agent is the Killer. You can see that Saw took a few inspirations from the film. Great thriller! It would be awesome if you watched it and reviewed it. I’ll send you the movie if you Review it on your channel. I think you would really get into it.

J Movies & Media says:

Are you seeing Replicas? I want to really see it and want to see YouTubers review it, but I’m afraid people are going to bag on it.

John Kyle Stanton says:

Hum, I guess the Engineer in you didn’t let you enjoy it as much as I did, lol. The best escape movie is Cube!

Joel Barish At the movies says:

Does Telltale counts?

Color Positive Movies says:

I felt the same way. Was entertaining until the ending. I wish I could have escape the end…

Mr Hat Movie Reviews says:

I really enjoyed the movie except the end explanation and final scene. I’ve done escape rooms before and they’re harder than this movies puzzles

R.I.P. says:

Is the movie considered scary?

brandon meacham says:

Someone said they saw a little Cabin in the woods here too.

Beavispdx says:

Definitely Cube and Saw vibes, but the first movie I thought of when watching the trailer was David Fincher’s The Game — the way they got invitations reminded me of it

Chaos Is Coming says:

people escaping from escape rooms that are trying to kill them is TIGHT

Michael L Rakes says:

I’ve always wondered why January gets tapped for movies that arent really projected to do well. I guess its the hangover from the Holiday Season? But I had a feeling this one wasnt going to do anything special, although its good to know that its not a complete waste of time i suppose lol

As always, great review Mr. Lee!
Oh and I was going to ask you if you had seen this movie, You Were Never Really Here (2018) with Joaquin Phoenix? I heard Drewsky McGillicuddy do a review on it and checked it out on Amazon Prime. It is truly amazing. Surreal but a powerful revenge type of film

Andy Mann says:

Redbox rental for me.

ramon baugh says:

I did enjoy the movie, I mean I was really digging this movie up til the final shot with a final line and I flipped my lid! I mean you had a decent way out, them going after this group of people behind the rooms it should have ended with that cut to black. Nope we get a test for what is going to happen to them during their planet flight and I’m like “Ruined everything” It was going to make my top 10# list of the year so far but nope.

Horror Freak says:

You should do more videos with Dave Mcrea. He’s the best!

Walter Johnson says:

I liked the first Cube movie.

Awkward Arsic says:

I agree the movie is really stupid but I had a lot of fun with it. Solid 7/10 for me. Main reason is the movie had a solid pace, and the production design with all of the puzzles was well done.

Priscilla Baez says:

Just Saw It With My Family Tonight & We Enjoyed It Very Much, We Felt That It Had A Twist Of Saw & The Belco Experiment, But We Can See The Final Destination & Cube Comparison’s As Well. 🙂

Evan Acree says:

Okay Lee, when you review Happy Death Day 2U in February, can you title your video review: “DRUMDUMS THINKS HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U IS A FEBRUARY HORROR MOVIE” Thank you.

Just pulling your strings of course. Completely get when you label this as just “another January movie.” The good thing about going into these types of films is your expectations typically are set at a low bar since it’s a January release.

Lisa Loves says:

I’m dying to see this one. It looks fantastic. Anything remotely compared to SAW or Cube and I’m in!! Great vid Lee!

Nicole Barton says:

The plot isn’t even original; it’s been done before.

anthony cheesman says:

Cube meets saw meets finall destination

Jenny Baby says:

No “US” trailer reaction/review ?

Renegade Hero says:

Yeah, I knew this movie would be stupid. The concept of a real escape room could be cool, but I don’t think a lot of people will get it right. The only puzzle horror movie I can think of that was good is The Game with Michael Douglas, that one was a nailbiter.

The Count of Monte Cristo says:

Cube. Recently with a game master I might say belko experiment but it wasn’t puzzle based. Just more of locked in a building and having to follow rules. Although I don’t I don’t recall if they ever said why they were doing the experiment

Slasher Junkie says:

fun review Drumdums even though I didnt like the film at all…. I felt the exact same way you did just dumb movie, characters were boring minus Zoey. Ending was just awfully put together as well and unfortunately will probably spawn sequels.

Gregory House says:

Sounds like a cheesy reboot of Cube.

Thomas Supinger says:

Haven’t seen this yet but may check it out since I have the AMC a list and there isn’t a whole lot out right now. Another gameplay movie I like is Cube.

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