Elves (2018) – Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the movie Elves directed by Jamaal Burden and starring Stephanie Marie Baggett, Deanna Grace Congo, and Amy Jo Guthrie.
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When a group of friends discover ancient elves locked in a cursed chest, they unknowingly unleash their wrath on the world.


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Naeen Playz says:

The editing is so bad

Koto Kiminama says:

Oh man. I HATE Uncoork’d. They’re like a poor man’s Asylum and that’s saying something.

Joshua Films says:

Oh shit there back with a new video reviewing a shitty movie OH GOD AND I WANTED TO WATCH THIS FILM

Reece Jordan says:

In the UK this film was released with the name Evil Elves & has a even more misleading cover. I bought it in a charity shop for £1 & still felt ripped off. I just couldn’t believe how bad this film was.

Nxldo XX says:

Hey guys check out SQUEAL (2008) .it’s a pretty good horror movie trust me u won’t be disappointed

Prettyboyred says:

Really bad movie. watching it now. Want my money back!

Cherzo says:

an awful Z Movie

mister roboto says:

Weird smiling is creepy kinda.

Jay Shupp says:

You guys need to see Ax’em. It may be the most technically terrible movie ever made. If Jay watches this, his head might explode. I’d love to see you guys rip this movie to shreds.

Joe Rios says:

Check out my short film “The Shadows” both actors Loren and Stephanie come out and are great in it.

Donnie Darko says:

HO-HO-NOOOoOooOOoOoo lolz

Chris Whetsell says:

Reminds me of “Terror Toons” with how terrible it looks. I can’t believe someone actually put money into a project like this with any expectation that it’s going to do well. And I’ll admit, there are Full Moon flicks that are super B-movies, but at least they’re funny or have some nostalgic charm to them, but this?! This looks BAD.

Ry theGuy says:

Elves (1989) is where it’s at.

Ivy Killa says:

Those 2 guys are way to young to make horror movie reviews on YouTube. They should be on YouTube kids or the Disney channel.

Dark Starr says:

I almost bought this movie but for once I listened to that voice that said dont do it!

MatteAwesome says:

Merry Christmas John and Jay!! 🙂


Jay Shupp says:

Loved this review. It was hilarious!

Christopher James says:

These film companies should send you a copy before release, so you can tell them how to make it better.

David Bowie says:

I knew when I saw this title that this was gonna be hilarious

Jeremi Paradis says:

Why do you never give zeros?

Sean Jump says:

Fun and informative, as always. Merry Christmas, guys.

jacob lol5 says:

bloodbath and beyond GO review the Pooka (2018) it Creepy

yeLa Bunny Ty Ortiz says:

This movie was Definitely a Pass

KweenyTodd says:


Brian Hall says:

+Bloodbath and Beyond
Jay, what do you mean you “almost walked out of?” Tell me you didn’t pay money to watch this _shit_ in theaters?

Noel N says:

John is a hot elf. But back to the subject–Elves looks like a big flaming dumpster fire. It’s a hard pass.

Marcus Whitlow says:

Holy crap, this movie looks so shitty that I almost have to test my endurance to see if I can sit through the whole thing. The box art kind of makes it look like a Full Moon release but that’s probably an insult to Full Moon…

Skip Donaghue says:

Aye, but the rack on the dwarf. You would. You know you would.

Love DicedTomatoes says:

There’s gotta be a million unmade scripts out there. If you don’t have money why not find a decent script that takes place in one or two locations, with just a few characters, and spend the money on a talented cinematographer, editor, and sound person.

keep taking the b8 lol says:

notification gang

Jose Mendoza says:

This movie is so bad

Susette O'Reilly says:

Merry Christmas guys.Will definitely skip this one!

Kyle Sweeney says:

Those horny little bastards I knew they were up to no good

Nikolas Mace says:

Can you look at all of THE THING Movies??????????????

sbarnett37tiger Barnes says:

I honestly can’t see myself making it through the trailer on this one lol


Isnt this same thing as Truth or Dare

Chayce says:

Why would they choose truth or dare to copy? Were people actually excited to see that movie enough to inspire a copy cat? I thought the trailers were garbage for truth or dare.

Insert Funny Name Here says:

Haha great review. That cover looked cool… feel bad for the people that put effort into that haha

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