Emelie Movie Review (Babysitter Horror!)

Here is my review for the new babysitter horror film Emelie. Thank you Spooky Astronauts for the recommendation!


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My rating system:
Looped In Hell
2 Hours Lost
Purchase Worthy
Trapped on an Island

Opening Music: In Life’s Wake (Incinerator)


Dayraven Scream Crack says:

It’s like she had stockholm syndrome from her kidnapper

TheJTPitts says:

Interesting man! I’ll have to check it out. But get this!!! Collider’s just reported;
John Carpenter said: “38 years after the original Halloween I’m going to help to try to make the 10th sequel the scariest of them all.” Just curious about your thoughts?

Tommy NotJon says:

Okay, why did she make the kid watch her have her period though? and make them watch porn? lowkey pedo film…

dunhill1 says:

Ugh! I just watched it again and I like it even less now. The rushed ending without closure kinda ruined the overall movie. A few major overlooked plot holes also hurt this movie. First, why didn’t Jacob, the 11y boy ever dial 911? When Emelie dragged the battered up, but still alive Anna, outside, why didn’t Jacob lock the door and then call 911? When Anna finally woke up, why wouldn’t she run screaming to an neighbor’s house or dial herself 911? These large logic mistakes. Also, if Emelie just wanted a child, why would she not simply go thru the adoption process? If not, why not kidnap a baby/infant that cannot rebel like a 4y boy? None of these things were addressed by the director.

Naga says:

hi dude…where is your opening music from ? is it a song or a soundtrack???

dunhill1 says:

I have mixed feelings about this movie; I didn’t get the background or motive of who kidnapped and murdered the real Anna from the opening scene. Who was the man Emelie called asking for more time? What purpose was it for the mystery man to sacrifice himself my slamming into the parents’ car? We got no character development of the mystery man and how he was connected to Emelie. We also never saw how Emelie captured Anna’s identity. I was constantly wondering these things as the movie played out. I was not invested in Emelie at all since we got no back story on her or how she lost a child. That tampon scene was kind of perverted and pointless. Then we had to see the blood swirling around in the toilet bowl. Come on! And yes, the ending or climax was rushed. We never saw the parent’s enter the home or react to what Emelie did. We then only see her walking away down the street. No closure. The director could have done so much more like have the police catch her and interigate her where we would learn her background, then perhaps a court case, and a sentencing.

Phil S says:

I love spookyastronauts! Lol and good quick review! thanks sir! Subscribed!

s3lfFish says:

yup, I liked it too. Though I thought it could have been better. for instance her reason for getting a baby or revenge, or anything could have been more profound, the rreason why she does this is what could have made the entire movie way better. I’m not sure revealing that she’s was bad right from the start was good, but yeah there was a building tension. i felt the ending was rushed (and that’s where i come back to the reasons that motivates her, I was waiting for a revenge thing, something maybe the dad did to her or something that would have painted this perfect family darker) . I was waiting all in all for a bigger and better twist. That’ the only thing that could have elevated this movie to being more than just enjoyable

Tera La'Shun says:

I loved the Hand that Rock the Cradle… oh yes movie madness weekend coming up…. this movie sounds good and creepy.

spookyastronauts says:

Thanks dude! Your videos are slick! Great review, i’m so glad you liked it.

Psalms23 SneadsPd says:

Sara Bolger is chilling. She scares me.Its those eyes. She was awesome. Love the Batman V Superman poster by the way. Just saw it last night.

Mladen Kulic says:

what did you think of the videotape scene??

Morticia Gravesyde says:

I enjoyed this movie.  It was a bit too slow-paced in some spots for my tastes, and I absolutely could NOT watch the gerbil scene (fortunately, that was in the trailer, so I was ready on the skip for that)…but I thought the movie, on the whole, was a good watch.

Non Combatveteran says:

This movie is boring and to artsy

Fox Mulder says:

seems a lot like Orphan. I actually really like Orphan. I’ll have to check this one out

lelouchdslayer says:

I liked this one. There were two really disturbing scenes that stood out to me. They were the tampon scene and the movie time scene. Man, she was one deranged babysitter.

Alexandria Vaun says:

I love The Hand that Rocks the Cradle! I haven’t seen a film that compared to that one. I’ll def check this one out!

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